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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Is the SSPX a lying organization? You need to find out!

Is the SSPX a lying organization? You need to find out!

The crisis that has bedeviled the Catholic Church has elicited various responses. The most prominent response is the SSPX, and then we have the Sedevacantists and the Stay at Home Catholics! In all of these, it is the SSPX that has the largest following simply because there is a general lack of understanding among Catholics about ecclesiology! If there were to be deep knowledge about the nature and geography of the Church, no one will be in the SSPX! SSPX managed to convince people that it’s response to the crisis is true! But is the SSPX true? When matched with Catholic Theology? The answer is NO! People simply do not see the SSPX as a heretical organization when evidence abounds for this! SSPX practice full Catholicism but mixes this with all the heresies of Novus Ordo. They recognize Novus Ordo Mass, priesthood, sacraments and canon law, and “95% of Vatican II”, when, clearly, these are heretical in as much as they were designed to please heretics!

Last Sunday (13th March 2016, Passion Sunday), a priest of the SSPX Fr. Jenkins held a conference to once again present lies about Sedevacantism to the lay members of Lagos SSPX! He told the lies freely knowing full well that people will NOT know the truth! The SSPX in Nigeria knows that the average member of the SSPX knows nothing about the crisis in the Church! 98% of them simply do not like the Novus Ordo Mass and just wanted the “real Mass” that was why they were attending the “real Mass” at Mr. Patrick Oke’s residence in Ikoyi. But given some personal disorders and acceptance of obviously false apparitions by Mr. Oke, the people left Mr. Patrick Oke in search of a more institutional arrangement that will guarantee the Mass without any personal aggrandizement!

Now, most people are with the SSPX, but have they all learnt what the problem with Vatican II is? Have they read the documents? Have they really known what the problem with the New Mass is? The New Rite of Ordination? And Other Sacraments of Novus Ordo? They have not! They are not to be blamed in some cases because in Nigeria intellectual rigor is seriously lacking. People generally are not able to make critical assessment of things following a sound logical sequence. Also, the Catholic Church in Nigeria started on the shaky footing, that is started without serious catechesis for the lay people and so the crisis met the people without deep knowledge of the Catholic Church!

The priests of the SSPX in Nigeria know this and they capitalize on this to propagate the lies of SSPX! The people of SSPX make no effort to learn, at least as the discussions on the SSPX whatsapp page and on Facebook page of members have shown. One member told me that Christ recognized the Scribes and Pharisees as being in authority despite being heretics! Can you beat that! In other words, this person wants us to recognize Francis as pope despite his daily heresies because Christ was okay with heresies as we have seen in His dealings with Scribes and Pharisees! This is Buncum! Ask yourself, can Scribes and Pharisees be heretics without Baptism? Were they Catholics? This member is going about trumpeting this and no body, with clear catholic principles is there to counter him in this spread of nonsense!

The latest promoter of lies sadly, is Fr. Jenkins. The SSPX authorities in Nigeria have been told that a “prominent” member has left the SSPX and have joined the “EVIL” sedevacantists! So they needed to resurrect some lies to keep the ignorant laity in the pews. They do not want the SSPX to pack and go from Nigeria, at least not yet! A priest has to sell his conscience and tell lies in order to remain in the game! Does he think this is a political party issue? Well, don’t blame the priest too much! This crisis has messed up faithful Catholics’ head. Only a few have their heads in good health. So I really do not blame the priest, completely. We simply ask God to end this crisis soon so that we all can return to being really good and serious Catholics! It is because there is no pope ruling that Catholic Church today that we are here bickering and engaging in he said, she said. We hope the Catholic Church will return again to the center with her pristine Liturgy and theology, soon!

My purpose here to counter the lies of Fr. Jenkins and set the records straight for posterity. It is not to really make Sedevacantists out of SSPXers. This is not a project to make them Sedevacantists, after all they have been told that sedevacantism is EVIL! Please they should avoid evil by all means! There are people who are capable of knowing the truth and yet are not interested in it as long as they pray the rosary, say the novenas and attend mass. They have no business with learning the Church! So, whether they hold the wrong faith and recognize a false pope, they do not care! Also, note that I have nothing personal against anybody! The tone of this write up is blunt and I call a spade a spade, but there is nothing personal about it. So forgive me in advance, if you can!

Lie number one
Fr. Jenkins said that the Sedevacantist position is a false position to take in this crisis when nearly all the Church has descended into the heresy of Modernism! Is this correct? Find out! During the period of Arian heresy, nearly all the Church descended into heresy! So it is possible that nearly the whole church can leave the faith due to heresy leaving just a few! It is this few, this handful, that are properly Catholics! So when Fr. Jenkins said that the problem with sedevacantism is that Sedevacantists said that every other person is in error except them, know that this is possible! But you know the truth? The Sedevacantists are simply being faithful to the teachings of the Church and acknowledge that there are people who, due to invincible ignorance are really not in error since there is a problem in their cognitive scheme! It is people like Fr. Jenkins and SSPX members that are in error due to culpable ignorance!

Please pick a copy of 1917 Church Law and Check number 188 sec 4. This law shows that if someone in authority lapses into heresy, the person loses his membership of the Church and his authority ipso facto. Ipso facto here means that it happens at once, by that actual fact! We are not to wait until the person is presented before a council or a tribunal. This is a lie of the SSPX! The person may be physically sitting on the Chair of Peter or in any other cathedral but he is outside of the Church like Francis and his 5 previous predecessors are! This means that the seat is EMPTY! VACANT! This is Church law!

Ask yourself, should we stop using Church law in order to please SSPX? Or Fr. Jenkins? Or start using the law designed by John Paul II of unfortunate memory? Which SSPX Accepts? You answer that!

This law depends on Divine Law. When someone commits heresy, it is by Divine Law that he is outside the Church! Such a person loses his office if he holds any! It does not depend on the person losing a case at a tribunal! Look at the history of the Church to see how heretic Bishops have been treated. It was not mere resistance. We see resistance where heresy is not involved. Immorality can make people ‘resist’ the pope as we saw in the reign of Alexander VI. He lived immoral life and some of his cardinals and bishop resisted him. But if heresy were to be involved, it seizes to be mere resistance. The history of the Church bears witness to this.

When Archbishop Nestorius was preaching that Mary is NOT the Mother of God, a layman shouted him down in PUBLIC! At that instant of preaching this heresy publicly, Nestorius became a non-Catholic! He did not need a tribunal! People, Catholics acted accordingly! A member of his diocese St. Cyril of Alexandria wrote to the Pope to report that people have already deserted the Bishop and his heretical cathedral. This saint was reporting the state of things to the pope! This is a historical fact! This letter is available!

Nestorius retaliated and excommunicated many people! Was this excommunication valid? Did the Church agree with them? No! He was a heretic and so he lost his office and so his comedy in excommunicating people was null, utterly void! St. Robert Bellarmine wrote about this too when he said:
“The Authority of our See has sanctioned, that the bishop, cleric or Christian by simple profession who had been deposed or excommunicated by Nestorius or his followers, after the latter began to preach heresy, shall not be considered deposed or excommunicated. For he who had defected from the faith with such preaching, cannot depose or remove anyone whatsoever.” (from St. Robert Bellarmine, De Romano Pontifice: On the Roman Pontiff,)

If Nestorius was still keeping his office, why were his excommunications null and void? I think it is the SSPX that should answer! It took years before the heresy of Nestorius was condemned at the Council of Ephesus! Before this council, Nestorius was already outside the Church and had lost his office. Every Christian knew this except the followers of Nestorius. According to Fr. Jenkins, at least from what he was suggesting to SSPXers, this man should have remained in office to keep up his poison until he faces a tribunal or a council?

So is the Sedevacantist position wrong? Answer the question! The Church theologians have long preached the same thing. When a pope preaches heresy, he loses office! I will not go to an extensive quoting of theologians to show that this is true. Many people refuse the Sedevacantist position because they are looking at their friends in the SSPX. They say to themselves, “ah we all cannot be wrong! All these SSPX Bishops cannot be wrong. So I am in the right place”! This is a comedic position to take. Take a glance at Church history to see that great prominent people have preached heresy and good priests and good lay people have followed them into heresy! So no matter who you are imitating and you are in SSPX? You are in Error, in heresy! You are living a lie! You are NOT a Catholic! Pronto!

SSPX also teach that individual Catholics have no power to judge, that is to judge when a pope is in heresy or not. That is another bare faced lie! Each Catholic, following the Church can determine heresy if a person proclaim such in Public! We do not judge intensions but as soon as there is a public heresy, the individual can judge and know. It was a lay faithful that stood up and challenged Nestorius in Public! What would SSPX say about that? Lefebvre himself said in his Easter homily at Econe in 1986 that “we may be forced to say that the pope is not the pope”. How can Lefebvre say that if as an individual he cannot make private judgment about a pope who relapses into heresy?

Lie number two
When a faithful asked Fr. Jenkins where Sedevacantists got their Bishops. He suggested to them that the Sedevacantist Bishops are invalid because a mad man, Archbishop Ngo Thuc consecrated them! This is a white sepulcher lie! Why tell this lie? The people he was talking to do not know Archbishop Thuc and those that know do not know about the issues concerning Thuc!

Archbishop Ngo Thuc was staying in Rome in 1963 during the abominable Second Vatican Council when he got news that his brother, President Diem of Vietnam has been assassinated by the communist in a military coup! So knowing that the communists will come after him, he stayed back in Rome.

Fr. Jenkins hinted that Thuc had gone mad because of his travails under the communists! This is not correct! Thuc did not suffer physically in the hands of the communists! Except perhaps he lived through the Vietnam War and survived it! Maybe this is suffering that made him mad? So what was Fr. Jenkins talking about? He just said that to tell people that a mad man cannot effect a valid sacrament! But nothing could be further from the truth! Thuc was lucid. If he were to be mad he wouldn’t have gone to work, with the permission of apostate Rome in the Dioceses of France and later USA!

It was when he got to Palmer de Troya in Spain that he was influenced by the devout but eccentric Clemente Gomez who he consecrated as Bishop and later consecrated four of his followers to the Bishopric as well.

Are these consecrations valid? Yes! A Sacrament is valid if it takes place! That is if the form and matter were present and the intension of the consecrating cleric is to do what the Church does!

The problem here is that the character of these bishops stopped being Catholic! Gomez himself claimed that Blessed Virgin Mary was talking to him and so he held a conclave to elect himself pope since the See of Rome is engulfed in apostasy! This conclave included many lay people. So Gomez and his followers formed what is now called Palmerian Catholic Church and they have a pope and valid Bishops! But Are they Catholics? No! They are not Catholics due to several heresies against the dogma of the Church! This is just like the various “orthodox” churches in Eastern Europe. The ‘orthodox’ people have valid Bishops but are they Catholics? No! They are in schism from the true Church! They are also in heresy!

When Thuc was consecrating these people, he did it for the cause of Sedevacantism but the bishops deviated from the faith. Are we to blame Bishop Thuc for this deviation? If we blame Bishop Thuc, then we must Blame Lefebvre for the Mess that is Williamson and Fellay today. Please watch the latest Fellay interview to see that Fellay is NOT a Catholic! Can we blame Lefebvre for this? No!

See the interview here:

After the consecrations of the Gomez group, Thuc consecrated Michel-Louis GuĂ©rard des Lauriers as Bishop. Now, Lauriers was a consultant theologian to Pope Pius XII and is an expert in the Dogma of Assumption! He was a Sedevacantist! If Thuc consecration was invalid or that Thuc was mad wouldn’t this theologian know? He would have known! Also, after the consecration, Thuc wrote out the testimony of the consecration in Latin! Can a mad man do this? Write in correct Latin? No!

Even the Arch heretic, Josef Ratzinger who later claimed to be Pope Benedict XVI, acting as Prefect for the apostate Congregation of the faith wrote that Rome is against this consecrations and issued excommunication decree on all that were involved! If Thuc were to be mad, and his consecrations invalid, Ratzinger could not have issued excommunications to a mad man! Ratzinger and his band of heretics in apostate Rome knew that the consecrations had taken place and they are valid. It is just that they did not sanction it, hence the excommunications!

If Fr. Jenkins holds that Thuc was mad and so, his consecrations are invalid, then we have a big problem in our hands! It means that Fr. Jenkins is totally dishonest and a risk to souls. But thankfully, I know that Fr. Jenkins cannot believe such nonsense! He just added that as a political gimmick to keep people in the SSPX and then, a member stood up to thank him for lying to them. What an irony!

So, know that it was from the valid apostolic line that the Sedevacantists have got such holy and erudite Bishops as Dolan and Sanborn. They are valid Catholic Bishops!

The entire issue about Sedevacantist Bishops is God in action!

Fr. Tony Cekada reported his conversation with Lefervre before Lefebvre expelled him. In Fr. Cekada’s own words

“During a conversation with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1980, I hinted about my worries over finding a bishop after his death who would ordain traditional Catholic priests and confirm our children. The archbishop — at that time he hadn’t indicated whether he would one day consecrate bishops — tactfully replied that the question worried him, too, and that “Deus providebit” — God will provide”.

This is prophetic! God provided and today, there are Sedevacantist bishops that are training VERY good priests in the Catholic tradition who are preparing souls for heaven!

We conclude then, that Archbishop Thuc has got many enemies because he ordained several people Bishops due to his protests against apostate Rome! Fr. Jenkins did not talk about his disagreements with Apostate Rome! Thuc was like Lefebvre! Lefebvre ordained Bishops just like Thuc and if Thuc is mad for this, then Lefebvre must also be mad!

Thuc eventually recanted his sedevacantism and returned to apostate Rome! He even celebrated the invalid Novus Ordo Mass!, just like Lefebvre celebrated the invalid Novus Ordo mass from 1970-1971. Lefebvre himself tried to go back to Rome as well! Even though he did not eventually, due to protests against this from within his organization! Thuc had no organization to protest his moves. Thuc again left Rome out of fear for his life and due to the continued evil perpetrated by apostate Rome. He ran to America and spent the rest of his life living at the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington being taken care of by some trusted Vietnamese priests. These priests have also written about Thuc. None said he was mad!

The SSPX has got many questions to answer and true Catholics are asking these questions daily. A member of Lagos SSPX told me that SSPX is of God that is why everybody is criticizing them! This is a childish submission! The Devilish US president, Barrack Obama receives plenty of criticisms, does this mean that he is of God? Answer it!
If the SSPX recognize Francis as Pope, Vicar of Christ on Earth, why are they resisting him? Insulting him? Can Catholics do that? If Francis were to be a true Pope, then SSPX would be in schism. Luckily SSPX is NOT in Schism but is HERETICAL for recognizing a heretic as pope and then recognize the false religion of Novus Ordo as the Catholic Church! They are putting souls at risk of hell by this nonsense! This position has no basis in Catholic theology!

SSPX said that Novus Ordo Mass is valid! If it is valid why would people travel across seven Seas to attend SSPX Mass on Sunday? Why not enter the nearby Novus Ordo parish and hear mass? SSPX says no you cannot do that because “Novus Ordo mass is a dungeon of the faith”, that is it a Mass that kills the faith! Now the question is, can the Catholic Church be killing people’s faith? The answer is no. This means that the Novus Ordo Mass is Not a valid Catholic mass and those that attend it are NOT Catholics! SSPX, who is fooling who?

SSPX as a rule gives conditional ordination to “priests” that move from Novus Ordo to SSPX. But now they say no, they can’t give all unless there is a reason to doubt the initial ‘ordination’! Now, Fellay would not allow such conditional ordinations again, lest he offends apostate Rome and they will not welcome him back to hell!

The Missal the SSPX uses for mass was the truncated 1962 Missal of anti Pope John XXIII! Who truncated this Missal? Annibale Bugnini! The same Freemasonic Bugnini they condemn for developing the Novus Ordo Mass! When I attended a real mass celebrated by a Sedevacantist priest in Lagos, I was shocked at the smallness of the Missal used by SSPX and yet people praise SSPX for holding on to “tradition”! Which Tradition are they holding? Clearly they are holding on to Novus Ordo tradition which started with anti Pope John XXIII in 1958!

There are SSPX people I know who suffer from various degrees of evil manipulations and attacks and so require exorcism! But will they even ask the SSPX for this? No! SSPX do not believe in the Devil! If they ask they would be told to pray more and wait for the crisis to end since a bishop would have to give his permission before this can take place! Meanwhile these faithful will go from one Novus Ordo priest to another while their problems deepen!

It is truly a pity that the SSPXers are not able to see that SSPX is a lying organization COMPLETELY! One lay member has already told me that no matter what, he will be with the SSPX! He is willing to risk his souls to remain in Error!
You need to wake and study the Church and see that you are putting your soul at risk being with the SSPX. A member told me that he will stay at home with his rosary! That is good, but it is not yet time for that! There are still valid Catholic masses available. Just look around. Our lady said She will save the world with the Rosary and Brown Scapular, that is when there will be no masses again.
Become a Sedevacantist. That is follow what the Church teaches and you will see that Sedevacantism is the next option!

But reject this call for  Sedevacantism people, after all you are told that Sedevacantists, like me are evil people and so you need to end all relationships with me and make me your enemy! Say that I am in Freemasonry! I am the Devil! Someone has already suggested that on Facebook! GOOD!
Do you know that Lefebvre would have become a Sedevacantist if he were to be alive today? Here are some sayings of Lefebvre!
I recently finished reading a book written by SSPX Bishop Tissier on the Biography of Lefebvre. The book is well researched but it was just a propaganda book. He did not do justice to the true life of Lefebvre. If he had done that, the whole idea that sedevacantism is evil, will stop and people will see that SSPX is just lying to make people flee from sedevacantism!
Lefebvre on Sedevacantism
These are some quotes by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre showing that Sedevacantism is NOT a Bad idea after all!

(1)   When asked “what do you think about John Paul II?’
“It is possible we may be obliged to believe that the pope is not the pope”
Talk magazine   30th March 1986
Comment: here Lefebvre says it is possible that we may be forced to become Sedevacantists. He did not say we will wait until a council is held to judge who is a heretic and who is not.

(2)   “It is impossible for Rome to remain indefinitely outside Tradition. It is impossible.  For the moment they are in rupture with their predecessors. This is impossible. They are no longer in the catholic Church”.
September 4th 1987 Homily at Econe
Comment: Here Lefebvre say the apostates in Rome are no longer in the Catholic Church. Here Rome here means Pope John Paul II. If John Paul is no longer in the Catholic Church, this means he stops being pope, hence sedevacant! That was Lefebvre talking! Meanwhile SSPX will say that sedevacantism is evil! So is Lefebvre evil?

(3)   “It is inconceivable that the successor of Peter could fail in some way to transmit the faith which he must transmit, for he cannot without, as it were, disappearing from the papal line, not transmitting what the popes have always transmitted”
September 19th 1977 homily at Econe
Comment: This means that if a pope stops transmitting the truth, what he ought to transmit, he disappears from being pope! Ask yourself, is fancies transmitting what he ought to?

(4)   Question: What do you think about the Catholic Church with the pope preaching heresy?
“In this very exceptional case, the Church would be in a situation similar to that which prevailed after the death of a pope”
Interview with Le Figaro Newspaper August 4th 1976
Comment: It is clear that Lefebvre believes that if pope is preaching heresy, the Church will be in Papal interregnum, sedevacant, just as there is sedevacant when a pope dies!

(5)   “ I would not say the pope is not the pope. But neither would I say that you cannot say the pope is not the pope”
Interview with journalist on August 29th 1976 in Lille France
Comment: Here Lefebvre is not blaming those who are Sedevacantists. So where did SSPX get their idea that sedevacantism is evil?

(6)   At the consecrations of the Four Bishops in 1988, Lefebvre’s co-consecrator, Bishop Castro de Meyer was telling people “we do not have a pope” and Lefebvre said nothing to counter that!

(7)   In 1980 while visiting his seminary at Oyster Bay, He expelled 3 Seminarians for sedevacantism. But the very next morning he asked them to remain and then warned them to keep their positions private and never to go against the Society’s position publicly!

(8)   “While we are certain that the faith the Church has taught for 20 centuries cannot contain error, we are much more further from absolute certitude that the pope is truly the pope”

Comment: here Lefebvre was suggesting that we are not sure about the pope any more. When we are not sure, what can be done? Is this not sedevacantism? Ask yourself, when you are not sure whether a sacrament is valid or not? What will you do? Theology says we must conclude it is not valid. That is the safest course to take! So here not, the safest course is sedevacantism!

(9)   “Heresy, Schism, Ipso facto excommunications, invalidity of election are so many reasons why a pope might in fact never have been pope or might no longer be one”
Interview with Le Figaro August 4th 1976
Comment: Have you seen where Lefebvre was suggesting that we have to wait for a tribunal before a pope seizes to be pope? He clearly had a Sedevacantist mindset!

(10)                       On Vatican II Errors
“The Church that offers such errors is both schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic”
July 29th 1976 conference
Comment: The Conciliar Church is NOT Catholic! Yet Fellay and co wants to join it!

(11)                       “To whatever extent pope, bishops and priests adhere to the new church; they separate themselves from the Catholic Church”
July 29th 1976 conference
Comment: So a pope can adhere to heresy and so separate himself from the Church? This is sedevacantism! This is Lefebvre talking! Is a pope Separates himself from the Church due to heresy, his seat will become VACANT!

(12)                       “To whatever extent the pope depart from tradition, he becomes schismatic, he would breach with the Church. Theologians such as Bellamine, Cajethan, Cardinal Jounet and many others have studied this possibility. So it is not something inconceivable”
Interview with Le Figaro August 4th 1976
Comment: here Lefebvre is saying that Sedevacantism is possible! But his own SSPX say that Sedevacantism is evil! Who is being a fool here? Lefebvre or today’s SSPX? Answer that!

(13)                       On the Assisi Affair
“The recent acts of the pope and bishops, with Protestants, Animists, and the Jews, are they not active participation in non-Catholic worship explained by Canon 1258? In which case I cannot see how it is possible to say that the pope is not suspect of heresy and if he continues he is a heretic, a public heretic. This is the teaching of the Church”
Interview in talk magazine March 30th 1986
Comment: Again he knows that a pope can become heretic by such a thing that happened at Assisi. He did not say we have to wait until we hear judgment from a council or a tribunal! Lefebvre was a Sedevacantist! But he was hiding!

(14) “ if it happens that the pope is no longer the servant of the truth, he would no longer be pope”
Conference at Lille August 29th 1976
Comment: Clearly he is supporting sedevacantism here!

(14)                       Will you become Sedevacantist?
“you know for some time, many people, the Sedevacantists have said there is no pope, but I think that for me it is not yet the time to say that because it is not sure. It is not yet evident”
Talk Magazine March 30th 1986
Comment: here Lefebvre said it is possible that he can officially become Sedevacantist. He just said it is not yet time. If he were to be alive today, do you think he will hesitate? Why then are SSPXers saying that Sedevacantism is Evil? When Lefebvre is willing to become one? Clearly it is the Devil at work, attempting to hide the truth!

Choose today whom you are going to serve! Will you become truly Catholic? Or will you remain in a heretical organization like SSPX? Will you just sit on the fence? Go read about what happened to Angels that were sitting on the fence when the great battle was raging in heaven. If you wish to remain with the heretical group, SSPX at least be honest about it. Do not lie and say evil things about Catholics who are following the Church in Sedevacantism.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, be Our Salvation. Amen
Malachy Mary Igwilo
Given on Wednesday of Passion Week, 2016


  1. keep away from sspx and the novus ordo church. you have your soul to save in the true church founded by Jesus Christ true king and God.never deny your faith.

  2. please go to the site and read about my plea for spiritual help and read Satis Cognitum papal encyclical and read how sspx is a FRAUD and never a true Church.

  3. sspx is a lying organization. None of its "Bishops" have a diocese and none of its " priests" have a parish nor jurisdiction like the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. SSPX was not founded by CHRIST, not apostolic, not infallible, nor indefectible, and thus not CATHOLIC !!!!