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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sedevacantism and the Catholic common sense!

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Sedevacantism is a description of the state of the Catholic Church today! Every right thinking person knows that today, the Catholic Church is in eclipse and the Monstrous evil religion at the Vatican is NOT the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To know why this evil religion cannot be from Our Lord, click here. and Here

Meanwhile, Sedevacantism means that the See of St. Peter in Rome is vacant. The vacancy of St. Peter’s See came about when the Masonic forces falsely elected one of their own, Angelo Roncali (John XXIII) to act as pope after the death of the last true pope, Pope Pius XII in 1958. Since then, the Masons have foisted series of evil men to pretend to be popes and deceive the world. These evil men include Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Francis.

This masonic false pope, John XXIII, went ahead to obliterate everything Catholic in the new Masonic religion he developed from the shadows of Catholicism. The ploy is to deceive the elects and those elects who are deceived are deceived because of their lack of knowledge of what the Catholic Church is.

Today, nearly the whole world is deceived into thinking that the Vatican represents the Catholic Church and the man called Francis is the pope. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many people agreeing that the Vatican has lost the faith nevertheless say that the Vatican remains the center of the Catholic Church ruled by a ‘true pope’ named Francis! These people developing a funny new theology to back up their false claims condemn the obvious. 

They condemn Sedevacantism which the entire Church theology supports. Central to Sedevacantism is the doctrine that ‘A heretic cannot be pope since a heretic is not even a member of the Church’. But these funny people, especially those associated with the Society of St. Pius X suggest otherwise. They say that a heretic can be pope until he is demoted in a tribunal. That is indeed funny since a heretic is already demoted by Divine Law.

One of these funny people, most notable Bishop Williamson, a former Bishop of Society of St. Pius X continued to peddle this false and funny idea that Sedevacantism if false!

In his recent eleison comments found here and here, he once again condemned sedevacantism in the most comedic way, giving away himself as someone deficient in theology.

A true Catholic theologian in the person of Bishop Donald Sanborn has now responded to demolish once again the funny theology of people like Bishop Williamson.

Watch this video to see this total demolition and also learn more about the state of the See of Peter!

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast day of St. John Cantius, 20th October 2016.

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