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Saturday, 8 October 2016

There is NO Catholicism remaining in Germany! It is Rotten! It has gone to the Devil!

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We remember that the German ‘Bishops’ conference warned Francis that they are not a branch of Rome and can do whatever they please as far as giving the ‘communion’ to divorced and remarried people. What have they done/ They are freely giving communion to divorced and remarried and homosexuals. What has Francis done about this? Nothing!

This same German  ‘Bishops’ conference has adopted a "translation" of the Bible that purportedly denies the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. To deny this de fide doctrine makes one a heretic when though each of them have already become heretics earlier than now. But this latest act is only confirming that by their action, they proclaim themselves once again a den of heretics.

One of the principal goals of the heretical Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) was to promote the heresy of Oecumenism, previously damned by the Catholic Church as syncretism, the false doctrine that "all religions are equal" and "we all worship the same god." In order to accomplish its goal, the Anti-council and its Anti popes, including the current Francis-Bergoglio, had to reduce Our Lord Jesus Christ from God to a mere prophet. 

In order to bamboozle ignorant and trapped members of the Novus Ordo religion into heresy, Novus Ordo religion started a frantic programme of "re-translating" the Bible and introducing heresies into it by "translation."

As Novus Ordo religion became more and more ignorant of the Sacred Languages, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, whereas Catholics before 1962 often took at least Latin in school, this goal became easier and easier to accomplish. Some of the best examples of phony Biblical "translations" are the New Jerusalem Bible, the New American Bible (officially used by Novus Ordo in the United States), and the New English Bible (officially used by Novus Ordo in Great Britain).

Novus Ordo new German Bible, released on September 20, 2016, is a new version of the "Oecumenical Bible," or "Unified Translation" (Einheitsbersetzung)," which since 1962 is supposed to please both Protestant and Newchurch heretics. It will become mandatory for all German-speaking areas starting in 2017. 

But, actually, the Protestants turned out to be smarter than the Novus Ordo religionists, because they rejected this false "bible" and returned to Martin Luther's original German version. At least the Lutherans were honest about what they stand for! They have always remained staunchly in their heresy, following Luther towards hell!

In addition to the phony "translation" implying that the Blessed Virgin Mary did not remain a virgin, the German phony bishops have fabricated a woman apostle, Junia. The original Greek version uses the name Junias, the -as ending in Greek denoting the masculine gender. Compare, for example, the Greek (and Latin and traditional English) for the name of the greatest prophet, Isaias. Thus, heresy is concocted by these criminals by the deletion of one Greek letter, sigma.

In the centuries before the birth of Christ, because the Jews could no longer understand Hebrew (they had been using a Babylonian language since their captivity there in the sixth century B.C.), an official Greek version was made of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint from the seventy scholars who made the version, which the Catholic Church regards as authentic. It is the version from which Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself quotes in the New Testament. In that version Isaias 7:14 (rendered in the official Catholic Douay-Rheims version as "Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son") uses the Greek word parthenos, which unambiguously means "virgin," as the classical Greeks themselves applied the word to their own virgin goddess, Pallas Athena, the patroness of the city of Athens.

In Italy,  two 'nuns' have abandoned their ‘vows’ which they made in the Novus Ordo religion to be nuns! The two nuns after abandoning their vows, got married as Lesbians! Can you beat this? The German diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart actually praised the move and asked that a homosexual/lesbian rite be developed by the 'Catholic Church' to take care of these unions! They even produced a video to show their devilish ideas. Watch this video below!

So we can easily see that there is not Catholicism remaining in Germany! It is Rotten! It is gone!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of St. Bridget, 7th October, 2017

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