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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Coming Financial Meltdown and the coming persecution of Catholics remaining in this world

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There are many doomsday scenarios available to people to ponder on. There is the idea of an all-out nuclear war between USA and Russia over USA double deals in Syria. There is also the idea that a highly sophisticated Space aliens might invade the earth and take over everything. There is also the idea that anarchists may release a virus currently being prepared to infect people with degenerative diseases leading to a total wipe out.

Many of these are not going to happen. Indeed some of it borders on fantasy. But there is a clear and present danger arising in the world today which will definitely lead to chaos which will initially start in the Western World and then spread throughout the world.

There are Masonic filthy hands written all over the coming crisis. The purpose of this is to first obliterate Catholicism, since the Vatican II take over did not quit do the job in order to enthrone the reign of Satan.

The purpose of this reign is to make sure the entire population of the world goes to hell! It is the Catholic Church that is the obstacle to this move given the sacramental channels She still provides for this world. And so, if the Russians keep ignoring USA’s deceit in Syria thereby postponing any possible limited nuclear war, then the highly compromised financial sector will be used to foment a social collapse that will lead to militarization of society at which point Catholicism will be banned! This will of course be fueled by the presence of Muslims in Europe! Are you still wondering why they are allowing millions of Muslims to immigrate Europe and America? You are in the know now!

This will force Catholics underground repeating the Roman persecutions. The difference is that the coming persecution will be far worse.

Most people who have swallowed the leftist education and those who listen to the gibberish coming from CNN and Fox and other globalist networks will dismiss this as a comedy or fantasy. But read in between lines to see that a global chaos will arise when people lose all their monies forcing a one world government designed to contain society and any idea of Christ or His true Church will be obliterated.

Already we have seen Hillary Clinton’s Hench men discussing how to finish off Catholicism and Mrs. Clinton, just like Obama is an apostle of the anarchist and Satanist Saul Alinsk who taught that death, chaos and disorder can be viable means of social control.

No wonder the globalist are up in a frenzy to impose Hillary Clinton as the next USA’s president to make sure their coming plans work. They are making sure that Donald Trump will not win since he can potentially stop the plan hatched in the inner rooms of the UN and USA’s EU’s secrete bunkers.

The lady they are all waiting for is the biggest bank in Europe, Deutsch Bank.

Deutsch bank has her tentacles worldwide and has entangled the entire European Banking sector in a deadly embrace. When it collapses, all will collapse including the big banks like Citi group in New York and it is impossible to bail them out since the debts are in trillions of dollars!

Deutsche Bank is blood in the water… and the sharks smell it.
Yesterday (17th October 2016), Bloomberg reported that major hedge funds were reducing their exposure to the German banking behemoth. The smart money is headed for the exits, dangerously. The players are hoping for a silent exit. Not possible.

That caused the Deutsche bank’s U.S.-listed shares to hit a new all-time low of $11.27 yesterday. The stock closed down nearly 7% for the day (18th October 2016).

And that’s just the most recent bad news for Deutsche!

Earlier this week, Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Mason in Chief of Germany, anticipating the collapse of Deutsche, said that Germany wasn’t going to bail it out. That’s on top of $14 billion fine recently imposed by the U.S. Justice Department that the bank can’t afford to pay. Its current market capitalization is just a meager $16.8 billion. With a Bank this large, this figure should be in hundreds of billions of dollars. But right now, it is not!

This torrent of negativity has the talking heads of Freemasons pretending that this is a normal collapse and not an orchestrated collapse, warning that Deutsche Bank is careening toward bankruptcy, bringing back memories of Lehman Bros of US  collapse in 2008.

But it’s more than that. Lehman Bros is a small bank compared with Deutsche and its collapse will make the collapse of Lehman Bros feel like a walk in the park!

What investors are finally realizing is that Deutsche Bank is insolvent, and if they act together, the dooms day will arrive.

Deutsche has astounding leverage of 40 times. Leverage is the proportion of debts that a bank has compared with its equity/capital. That means Deutsche has 40 times more debt than equity/ capital. Remember, Lehman Bros. was only 31 times leveraged when it imploded in 2008.

The huge concern for investors right now is whether the bank can make enough profit this year to start overcoming its liabilities. But it’s trapped in a low-growth economic environment. And it’s being choked to death by the European Central Bank’s negative interest rate policy (NIRP).

Because of NIRP, EU banks like Deutsche Bank effectively have to pay the central bank to hold cash on their balance sheets. At the same time, they can’t charge high rates on the loans they make. As a result, they’re getting squeezed on net interest margins, which decimates profits.

Plus, Deutsche has more than $72 trillion of risky derivatives exposure. Derivatives are the complex financial instruments that cratered the global economy in 2008. Deutsche Bank’s derivatives exposure is four times the size of the entire EU economy. Can you beat that? I think not!

And it acts as a counter party to virtually every major bank in the world, across almost all asset classes.
That means its interconnectedness with the rest of the financial system is a colossal problem. If Deutsche fails, it will bring many big international banks straight down the toilet with it.

The bottom line is Germany and the EU aren’t going to let Deutsche Bank go under no matter how much fear about it right now. It’s far too systematically critical. Its collapse would be like Lehman Bros. on steroids.

The Eurocrats will soon float anti-bailout posturing like Merkel did earlier this week. That will give them political cover post-bailout when they tell their constituents they had no other choice. The situation was too dire in the end.
And despite Merkel’s protests, the rescue plan is already taking shape…

German news weekly Die Zeit on Wednesday reported that German and EU officials were working on an emergency plan for Deutsche “if the worst comes to the worst.” Change “if” to “when” in that quote for a more accurate assessment.
Look, no one knows what shape the rescue will take id this is not a mere pretense. It may be hampered by the new EU rules passed in January that require shareholder bail-ins before any taxpayer money is used for bailouts.

But make no mistake, European Central Bank and/or the EU will step forward with a new Ponzi scheme to rescue Deutsche Bank. They can’t afford not to. It’s far too large and far too dangerous.

That will prevent a major collapsing in the short term and keep the stock market artificially levitated.

Then artificiality will come off. The silence will come and then the tumble. There will be flurry of activities everywhere as governments tries to re assure the citizens and fail.

Riots will start and then the killings and then there deployment of the military and the going underground of Catholics who will be blamed.

If you think that this will not happen, think again! This WILL happen!

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of St. Luke the evangelist, 18th October 2016

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