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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mrs. Clinton and her hatred of Catholicism: Issues to consider

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The uproar arising from the Wikileaks revelations that Mrs. Clinton’s political allies are haters of Catholicism and have mused about corrupting it through left wing infiltration provides a comedy for those who really knows what is happening here!

The truth is that the entire episode mirrors the Freemasonic play on our intelligence. There has been a completely successful infiltration of the Catholic Church which was in obedience to the Masonic instruction to infiltrate and destroy the Catholic Church from within. For more on this click here. We cannot pin point the exact date when the Masons started to send thousands of young men to enter Catholic seminaries to become usurper ‘priests’.

 This infiltration has happened so successfully that in 1958, a Mason in the name of Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII) actually reached the papacy. Although his claim to the papacy was false, since he never obtained it, it goes to show how successful the Masonic operations have been.

The Masons went ahead to develop false new doctrines and sensibilities among Catholics and the successful eclipsed the Catholic Church replacing it with a counterfeit which the whole world still thinks is Catholic. But surely it is not since it does not have the same beliefs as the Catholic Church.

Right now, the huge false religion which millions think is Catholic is still making itself known as Catholicism. Mrs. Clinton and her foot soldiers knows that the Catholic Church has been eclipsed and yet they pretend that it is still the Catholic Church that is in Rome and Catholic parishes worldwide.

The revelations of Wikileaks serves as a pretend mechanism to deceive people into thinking that an infiltration will happen in the future while it has been accomplished in the past. The next infiltration will be the banishment of all Christian ideas from private lives and this is progressing with speed with Francis and Obama supervising it.

Obama has been making efforts to make sure that Catholics forcefully pay for abortions and contraceptives so that in another generation or two, abortion and contraceptives will be something widely accepted by those who call themselves Catholics. Francis has been promoting communism and endearing himself with Cuba with the approval of Obama. He has also been ‘building bridges’, removing barriers that will unite all religions towards a one world religion of Satan. These little steps may seem negligible but in the scheme of things, they are huge steps for the final destruction of the Christian idea.

Mrs. Clinton is on the fast lane of becoming the USA’s president despite the uproar about her secrete hatred of the Catholic Church or the perceived Catholic Church. When she becomes the president, she will have the full power to finish off Catholicism in people minds wherever it may be found. Majority of people who think themselves Catholics do not know that they are false religionists using the name of Christ. It is this name that Clinton will fight against completely. This may seem far fetched. But people should remember how Josef Stalin’s Purges happened in Russia with full support of the citizenry. Also remember the communist purges of the US in the ‘60s? Once Traditional Catholicism is identified as the problem militating against social progress, the USA is filled to the brim with haters of Catholicism. These will not hesitate to support purges!

But Clinton is not the first hater of Catholicism. Billions of people hate Catholicism including those who claim to be Catholics! Those who call themselves ‘Catholics’ agree with the Destroyer in Chief at the Vatican, Francis as he continues to create evil new ways of finishing the very idea of Catholicism. These so-called Catholics hate Catholicism  just as Mrs. Clinton hates it. So, Mrs. Clintons leaks will not affect her ascendency to the presidency since these fellow haters of Catholicism will vote for her with glee because they are deluded and are united in hatred of Catholics without knowing it.

Other haters of the Catholic Church are the Protestants. Despite their left wing pretenses of religious liberalism and indifferentism, they usually abandon their liberalism when the Catholic Church is mentioned. They go all out to fight against it since it is the Catholic Church that stands out against their relativistic ideas of life.

At the end, the Catholic Church loses! The Novus Ordo religion continues to progress towards nothingness with its deceived millions. Mrs. Clinton will continue to make sure that Catholicism does not arise while pretending that the religion in Rome is the Catholic Church.

But surely, Mrs. Clinton is part of the game played on the collective intelligence of the people of the world by the Masonic forces. The most unfortunate aspect of it all is that she will still win in spite of whatever she does or says because the establishment wants her. Trump on the other hand will fail since he is showing signs of fighting the establishment.

We admonish true Catholics to brace up for the worse in a Mrs. Clinton presidency!

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of St. Theresa of Avila, 15th October, 2016

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