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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A List of what you need to know about the Homosexual Apostate, 'Pope' Paul VI

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The Novus Ordo Vatican II religion says that Giovanni Montini, aka Paul VI is a blessed in heaven. But he is a Devil's scion and that once again proves to us all that the Novus Ordo Vatican II religion occupying the Vatican and Catholic parishes worldwide is a Devil's religion!

The election to the 'papacy' of 'Card'. Montini (21 June 21, 1963) was due to the intervention of some representatives of the High Jewish Masonry of B’nai B’rith.

On June 29, 1963, eight days after the election of Paul VI, in the Pauline Chapel, and in a chapel of Charleston (South Carolina – USA) a double black Mass was celebrated in order to enthrone Lucifer in the Chapel of St. Paul, the heart of Catholicism.

At the end of this sacrilegious Mass, the participants of the Pauline Chapel swore:

“To transfer their soul into the hands of the Almighty Lucifer”;

“To be a willing instrument and collaborator of the Founders of the ‘House of Man on Earth”;

“To form the ‘New Age of Man”;

“To erect the ‘Universal Church of Man.’”

After the Black Mass, what did Paul VI do for all 15 years of his Pontificate?

From his trip to the Holy Land, in 1964, Pope Paul VI began to wear the Ephod, the symbol of the denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

In 1964, Pope Paul VI, in the presence of 2000 Bishops, definitively deposed the Tiara on the altar, rejecting the three papal powers, as if to signify that he no longer wanted to govern the Church.

Reading the “Montinian Trilogy” of Father Luigi Villa, one discovers that Paul VI:

– Has invented a new Christianity taken down from the Cross;

– Replaced the “Cult of God” with the “Cult of Man,” which replaced the primacy of the supernatural with the primacy of the natural and temporal;

– Replaced the primacy of the “Law of God” with the “primacy of conscience”;

– Replaced the primacy of the “Kingdom of God” and “eternal life” with the primacy of the “world”,

“Peace” and “Heaven on earth”!

– Has invented a Christianity that sees Christ as a “liberator,” not from sin but from suffering and from servitude;

– He invented a Gospel confused with the “Charter of the Rights of Man” and placed it at the service of “social justice”; the “Rights of God,” were abolished to the benefit of the exaltation of the “Rights” and “taste” of Man;

– He reduced the evangelization of the supernatural “docete” to a “dialogue” that is based only on human means and does not aim at conversion.

– He invented a Christianity that while worshiping Man, proclaims “Religious Freedom” as a fundamental and absolute right for Man, and has promotes a false love for Man on which Paul VI founded His “Religion of Man”:

«We must ensure to the life of the Church a new way of feeling, of wanting, of acting»;

«Religion must be renewed»;

« It is no longer necessary to attract souls to have an interest in “supreme things»;

«Do not work for the Church, work for humanity»;

«Shan’t modern man come, one day (…) to lend his ear to the wonderful voice of the Spirit which throbs in it? Will it not be the religion of tomorrow?»;

« Our humanism becomes Christianity; our Christianity becomes centered on God; in such sort that we may say, to put it differently: a knowledge of man is a prerequisite for a knowledge of God!»;

« Man reveals himself to us a giant. He reveals himself to us divine not in himself, but in his origin and in his destiny. Honor to man, honor to his dignity, to his spirit, to his life.
King of the Earth and now Prince of heaven as well.»

On December 7, 1965, Pope Paul VI, in front of the entire Conciliar Assembly, delivered the speech in which he proclaimed the “CULT OF MAN”: «To know God, one must know man.»

«All this doctrinal wealth of the Council is aimed at one thing: to serve man.»

«Secular humanism and the profane finally appeared in its terrible stature and have, in a sense, defied the Council. The religion of God who became man has met the religion of man who has become God … We more than anyone else; WE HAVE THE CULT OF MAN!»

«… Man turns out to be divine. He is revealed as divine not in himself, but in his principle and in his destiny.»

Msgr. Montini said to P. Felix A. Morlion, OP: « «A generation would not even pass before peace would be made between the two societies (Church and Freemasonry).»

On March 20, 1965, Pope Paul VI received in audience the leaders of the “Rotary Club,” a Masonic organization, and said: «the form of association of this para- Masonic group» was good, and that “it was a good method, and so “the purposes were good as well.”

In 1965, Pope Paul VI received the Head of the P2 Lodge, Licio Gelli, at the Vatican.
Later, Pope Paul VI granted Gelli to be appointed Commander of: “Equitem Ordinis Sancti Silvestri Papae” [“Knight of the Order of Pope St. Sylvester”]…
Paul VI gave the eulogy of the Grand Master of the Palazzo Giustiniani, Giordano Gamberini, written in “La Rivista massonica” (The Masonic Magazine).

Paul VI also wanted the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy, Prof. Giordano Gamberini, (one of the founders and “bishop” of the “Gnostic Church” Italian, which is the “satanic church”, founded in France in 1888) on the Executive Committee for a “Concordat Bible.”

Count Léon Poncins reported: “with Paul VI, we [Freemasonry] had won!”
The high initiate, Marsaudon, on the subject of Montini wrote: «You can talk about the reality of the Revolution, which advanced from our Masonic lodges, extending beautifully over the Basilica of St. Peter. »

Paul VI removed the “censorship” of Masonry, whereby the Grand Master Lino Salvini was able to say: «Our relations with the Vatican are great. »

During the Pontificate of Paul VI, Masonic laws such as: abortion, divorce, separation of Church and State, and the degradation of the Seminaries and Religious Congregations have been passed. At the UN, Paul VI entered the “Meditation Room”, the sanctuary of Freemasonry, at the center of which there is “an altar to God without a face.”

During his trip to the Holy Land in 1964, on the Mount of Olives, Paul VI embraced the Orthodox Patriarch, Athenagoras I, a 33rd degree Mason!

Paul VI gave “His Pastoral” and His “Ring” to the Burmese Buddhist and Mason, U’Thant, the UN Secretary General.

On March 23, 1966, Pope Paul VI put his “new Conciliar ring” on the finger of Dr. Ramsey, a secular and Mason and then, he gave him a “blessing” and all present as well.
In 1971, Paul VI received in a public audience, at the Vatican, members of the “Masonic Lodge” of the “B’nai B’rith, which Paul VI called, «My dear friends.»

The high initiate Mexican, Carlos Vasquez Rangel, revealed that «Angelo Roncalli and GiovanniMontini were initiated on the same day into the august mysteries of the  Brotherhood.»

Paul VI – according to experts in heraldry and nobility – was a descendant of converted Jews. In addition, he had been “initiated” into the Lodge of B’nai B’rith.

Prince Scotersco wrote that the election of Card. Montini to the papacy was due to the intervention of some representatives of the High Jewish Masonry of B’nai B’rith.

The most prominent and powerful collaboratotors of Paul VI were Freemasons.
Among these:

– Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, his personal Secretary from 1967 to 1978;
– Cardinal Jean Villot, for many years Secretary of State of Pope Paul VI;
– Cardinal Agostino Casaroli the man to whom he entrusted his Ostpolitik;
– Cardinal Ugo Poletti, representative of Paul VI in the Diocese of Rome;
– Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio, Prefect of the “Congregation for Bishops”;
– Cardinal Joseph Suenens, one of the great electors of Paul VI;
– Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, to which Paul VI entrusted the Liturgical Reform;
– Cardinal Franz Koenig, Archbishop of Vienna;
– Cardinal Achille Lienart;
– Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, president of the IOR, linked to the Mafia.

Other evidence of Paul VI’s membership into Freemasonry are:

– On the tile N. 12 of the “bronze door” of St. Peter’s Basilica, there is a “five-pointed star” inscribed within a circle imprinted on the back of the left hand of Paul VI.

– The Monument to Paul VI, on the Sacro Monte of Varese, glorifies the three betrayals of Paul VI to Christ, the Church and History.

– The odd signature, that appears in the official portrait of Pope Paul VI, in addition to representing the Mark of the Beast, the number of the Antichrist and the declaration of war on God, indicates that Paul VI is the Second Beast arising from the earth of the Apocalypse of St. John, namely: the Supreme Head of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria.

– The Templar Cross is surmounted by a “torch” on the pallium of Paul VI which is a symbol of the Supreme Head of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria.

– Visible Masonic symbols, including a square, compass, and triangle, designed by Msgr. Montini are engraved on the tombstone of Judith Alghisi (Jewish mother of Paul VI, who died in 1943), in the cemetery of Verolavecchia (Brescia). These symbols express the geometry of the blasphemous and satanic Masonic Triple Trinity, the deepest and most carefully guarded secret by the Unknown Superiors of Freemasonry. The meaning of this representation is none other than the “predestination” of Mgr. Montini as the future Patriarch of the World, that is, as the future Supreme Head of the Order of the Illuminati of Bavaria [chosen] by the Unknown Superiors.


During World War II, Don Battista Montini worked for military intelligence of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) (the forerunner of the CIA), as well as with the British and Soviet Intelligence, and transferred their information that served the Allies in order to detect the strategic objectives of bombing. Montini had secret meetings with the communists, despite the official anti-communist position of Pope Pius XI and Pius XII.
In 1938, Monsignor Montini had a confidential meeting with the Communists,
Donini and Sereni; in 1944, he entered into negotiations with Togliatti; in 1945, with the Communist, Eugenio Reale.

In 1954, Pius XII received the evidence of the betrayal of Msgr. Montini with the Soviet Secret Services from Colonel Arnauld and he deposed him as the Secretary of State.
In the archives of Card. Tisserant, there were the “Letters” of Montini that reported to the KGB the names and the activities of the priests who clandestinely exercised their priestly ministry among the oppressed and persecuted people of the communist countries.

In the archives of Card. Tisserant, there was also the Marxist “creed” of the then Mgr. Battista Montini.

In 1954, Pius XII also discovered that Msgr. Montini “had hidden all the dispatches relating to the schism of the Chinese bishops.”

In 1954, in Milan, Montini gathered around him a clique of traveling liberal minded companions, anarchists, communists, socialists, gangsters and members of the “avant-garde” literary and artistic community

In September, 1965, another scandal occurred with the fraudulent removal of the “Petition of 450 bishops” who wanted the Council’s condemnation of Communism, but Paul VI did not want the Council to condemn it. A true betrayal!

Paul VI never intervened, nor condemned the campaign in favor of Communism and the exaltation of black racism, while he always remained cold when faced with the misfortunes of Christians unjustly enslaved.

Paul VI opened the Church to “dialogue” and cooperation with the Communists. His betrayal was manifested in 1971, with the forced removal of the great Cardinal Mindszenty whom Paul VI prevented from publishing his “Memoirs.”

Paul VI had meetings with Gromyko and Podgorny. He had long secret sessions with Monsignor Nicodemus, Archbishop of Leningrad and top secret agent. It turned out that Berlinguer, at that time Secretary of the Communist Party of Italy, was the secret
diplomatic agent of Paul VI at the Communist government in Hanoi.

Paul VI, in an appeal to China, expressed his joy at the announcement of the Cultural Revolution.
Under the pontificate of Paul VI, the betrayal of Cardinals Mindszenty and Slipyi, and millions of victims of Communism, especially in Hungary, Czechoslovakia, South Vietnam, Angola, Mozambique, Uganda was consummated …

The “Church of Silence” was a crime of condemnation for “witnesses” who were killed for witnessing and defending Jesus Christ!!

The “openness to the East” of Paul VI was a real slaughterhouse for the Faith! That “openness,” called “Ost-Politik,” became the biggest betrayal of all time, because Paul VI used the Church for subversive purposes, to make Christ a “social revolutionary” for human well-being.

The “Church of Silence” annoyed the “Silence of the Church” of Paul VI. For this reason, at the behest of Paul VI, Card. Slipyi, after decades of concentration camps and forced labor, was asked to come to the Vatican to be locked right away in a prison, where, as he said to me, during my “visit”: «Every moment is fixed in my mind, the odyssey spent in the Soviet camp, and my death sentence, but in Rome, behind the walls of Vatican, I have experienced the worst of times.»

Paul VI deposed Cardinal Mindszenty from his position as Primate of Hungary, because he never wanted to accept dialogue with Communism. The Cardinal, in a meeting in Vienna, told me: «Believe me … Paul VI delivered entire Christian countries into the hands of communism … but the true Church that is still ours, has been forced into the catacombs.»

The pro-communism of Paul VI brought about Communism’s victory in Italy.
His “Ostpolitik”, in his pontificate, was aimed and led to a marked rapprochement with Bolshevik Russia.

His “Populorum Progressio” (March 26, 1967) had a completely Marxist flavor, because his “Justice” meant “Equality” and because he wanted the fusion of religions.


Witnesses of the homosexuality of Paul VI are: The homosexual writer, Robin Bryans who wrote of the homosexual relationship between Msgr. Montini and Hugh Montgomery. Homosexual and former Ambassador, Roger Peyrefitte, who spoke of his homosexuality by saying that Paul VI, Archbishop of Milan, was in a secluded house to meet guys ad hoc.

The “New York Times” who also had the name of a famous Italian actor, Paolo Carlini, who had become a frequent visitor of Paul VI to his private apartments in the Vatican.
Abbé Georges de Nantes who exposed allegations of homosexuality against Paul VI, citing a variety of sources. The writer, Franco Bellegrandi, who wrote on the following facts: – the blackmail of Montini by the Soviets to force him to reveal the names of the priests and bishops secretly sent by Pope Pius XII across the Iron Curtain;

– the process of “homosexual colonization” of the Vatican during the reign of Montini;

– the nightly interventions by the police of the Archbishop of Milan, Msgr. Montini who was found several times on the streets of the city in civilian clothes and in dubious company;

– the authorization given by Montini to his lover Paolo Carlini to come and go as he pleased from
the apartment of the Pope, in the Vatican;

– the blackmail of Montini by the Masons, threatening him to reveal certain facts about his homosexuality,
unless they would obtain from him the approval of cremation, always denied by the

– Card. Pietro Palazzini possessed two large folders full of documents that show, conclusively, the impure and unnatural vice of Paul VI. The homosexuality of Paul VI was instrumental in the paradigm shift that saw the rise of the “Homosexual Collective” in the Catholic Church in the United States. In the midst of these [in this Homosexual Collective], there were: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Cardinal Terence James Cooke, Cardinal John Wright, Archbishop Rembert Weakland George, Bishop James S. Rausch, Bishop George Henry Guifoyle, Bishop Francis Mugavero, Bishop Joseph Hubert Hart, Bishop Howard James Hubbard …


Paul VI was a Pope who has ruled the Church, so he cannot be excused for the complete self-destruction of the Church, of which he alone was primarily responsible. The destructive action of the pontificate of Paul VI can be summarized as follows:

– The demolition of the Holy Office, the guardian of orthodoxy;

– The repeal of the “anti-modernist oath”;

– The abolition of the Index, which forbade the reading of books dangerous to Faith;

– The scandalous passivity before the Dutch schism;

– The authorization of an Italian edition of the Catechism of the Dutch heretics;

– A visit to the Assembly of the “World Council of Churches”;

– The breakdown of the liturgical treasure;

– The lutheranization of the Mass;

– The public tributes to Luther;

– The demolition of encyclicals, which condemned Communism, Modernism, Freemasonry;

– The demolition of religious and clerical life;

– The constant appointment of liberal and progressive bishops to vacant sees in the whole Catholic world. Paul VI has replaced “religion”, the principle of union among men, with “freedom.” With Paul VI and Vatican II the “disunity” among the hierarchy has entered the Church, so we no longer have one Church, but two different churches: the “Church of Christ” and the satanically inspired “Universal Church of Man.”

Immediately after his election as Supreme Pontiff, Paul VI began carrying out the rebirth of the “New Theology” by recalling the biblical teaching of the Jesuits, Lyonnet and Zerwhick, already condemned by the Holy Office, then, asking them to be part of the Biblical Commission, along with Cardinals Alfrink and Köenig, and four other progressive modernist scholars, who, on April 21, 1964, released an “Instruction” which was the rejection of the “canonical warning” of the Holy Office defending the historicity of the Gospels.

Paul VI made Michele Sindona, his “confidence man” who ran the money of the Sicilian Mafia, the Propaganda 2 Lodge and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Paul VI decided on the “resignation” of Bishops at 75 years, and also members of the Conclave at 80 years for the Cardinals. Paul VI took away all forms of devotion and public prayers. He was almost never seen praying.

Even at Fatima, no one had ever seen or heard him reciting a Hail Mary!
The same can be said of “morals”. Under his pontificate there has been a complete collapse. Even the marriage of priests has increased with his consent, complicity and even cooperation. Paul VI introduced, then, even divorce by mutual consent.
Paul VI did not condemn the evil and satanic Dutch Catechism, desiring that poisonous book to spread throughout the Church.

Paul VI welcomed terrorists and slaughterers of women and children at the Vatican. In fact, in 1970, he received the three terrorist leaders of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. Under Paul VI, “Thomistic Scholasticism” and the “Tradition” of “Natural Law” were discarded and replaced with the theological methods of scientific thought, such as Phenomenology and Existentialism. Under the pontificate of Paul VI, the priests became effeminate figures, not very chaste, sentimental, easygoing, and ecumenical. They do not condemn any errors or who is teaching and spreading them, and are incapable of leading a battle against the evil for the pursuit of the good.

Paul VI presided over the complete secularization of thousands of priests validly ordained, giving them a dispensation “pro-gratia.” Paul VI weaken the celibate and obligatory Priesthood through opening the way to a permanent noncelibate diaconate and the acceptance of “lay ministers” to assume the roles of “Lector”, and to open
the way for “Lay Rite of Communion.”

Paul VI decided get rid of the cassock in exchange for civilian clothes. Paul VI has eliminated all the Minor Orders: the Tonsure, the Ostiariato, the Exorcistate,, the Subdiaconate; he allowed “concelebrations” of Anglican Bishops, he has tried several times to delete the  “cloistered life”; he allowed “Communion in the hand” and also allowed girls in miniskirts to administer Communion.

Paul VI abolished the “Latin” in the liturgy, forcing the national language and even the “dialects”, he ruined sacred music with the use of “drums” and “rock music”; he made the altars into tables for a Protestant “Supper” – turn toward the people, against “Humani Generis”; he demolished the dogmas, he obscured the Sacraments and weakened the Commandments; he blessed the “Pentecostals”, dancing and screaming in St. Peter.

Paul VI with his “updates” to adapt the Church to the world, he emptied the seminaries, the religious novitiates; he gave the Church “unionist priests,” “leftists”; he has reduced the message of the Cross to a vile humanism; he has suppressed many Holy Days of Obligation; he removed abstinence from meat on Fridays; he has issued a “decree” for the “mixed marriage”, without a demand for the Catholic baptism of their children.

Paul VI sent Cardinal Willebrandt, as his legate, to the Lutheran Assembly of Evian, giving praise to Luther; he destroyed the “triumphalism” in the Church, creating the slogan: “The Church of the Poor.”

Paul VI was in a fury to destroy the Catholic States (Italy, Spain, etc..). Paul VI, because of his pride, his sensuality, his materialism, and his secularism, never did anything serious and challenging to rehabilitate the de-Christianized Europe.

Paul VI destroyed the excommunication “latae sententiae” of St. Pius X, against clerics who challenged the decree, “Lamentabili” and the encyclical “Pascendi”, and demanded that no one should even speak about excommunication. Although Paul VI had no theological training and lacked a supernatural spirit, he still changed and defiled the entire Catholic religion.

In 1978 Paul VI said, «The present time … is the time of a storm! The Council has not given us … tranquility, but, unfortunately, has caused confusion.» Paul VI, with the Motu Proprio “Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem”, stated that “men of mature age, whether single or joined in marriage may be called to the diaconate.” It was a papal gesture which was a prelude to the Priestly Ordination for the married. Paul VI, with the Motu Proprio “Matrimonia Mixta”, took out the solemn pledge of the non-Catholic spouse to baptize and educate their children in the Catholic Church. It was a Legislation that was passed, then, in the “Code of Canon Law” of 1983 (can. 1125).

Paul VI, with the Instruction “Memorial Domini”, authorized the Episcopal Conferences to grant the distribution of Communion in the hand. It was another sacrilegious act!

Paul VI, with Instruction “Fidei custos”, authorized the “laity” to distribute Holy Communion, counter to the mission that Jesus Christ had reserved for the Apostles and the clergy. Paul VI, as he accepted the friendship with dissidents, heretics, worldly, rebellious, atheists, and members of all religions, had a constant hostility and inflexibility with the defenders of the Catholic Faith.

Paul VI refused to receive 4,000 traditionalist Catholics from around the world, but received at a public audience, however, a group of Talmudic rabbis and the Patriarch of the Bonzi. Paul VI, under the guise of an “aggiornamento,” even doctrinal, opened the doors to all kinds of heresies.


The “New Church” of Paul VI was summed up in these words:

– Had to change Her true and deep concepts [beliefs];
– Had to replace “docete” with “dialogue”;
– Had to be freed from dogmas;
– Was to become the “Church of Man”;
– Had to learn a new way of praying;
– Had to have a new liturgy;
– The Church had to be de-Christianized to be “absolved” from Her past;
– Had to accept the primacy of secular and the religious;
– Had to replace the “perennial philosophy” with another “revolutionary philosophy”;
– Was open to the world, to all the false religions, non-believers, atheists;
– Had to accept an ecumenical syncretism based on modern philosophy;
– Had to leave the supernatural to a simple religious attitude;
– Was to become a counter-natural religion;
– Was intended to create a Masonic “New World Order”;
– Had to be protestantized to facilitate Her transformation into a “Universal Church of Man”;
– Had to adopt a policy of non-intervention, in advancing the self-destruction of the Church.

Paul VI, in 1963, declared: «It is not surprising that after twenty centuries … the true, deep and full concept of the Church, which Christ founded … still need to be more precisely proclaimed.» In his encyclical, “Ecclesiam Suam,” Paul VI wrote: «The Church makes “dialogue,” and this “dialogue” must characterize our Catholic task. » He wanted to open to all religions and ideologies of the world that became at once his collaborators in his “self-destruction” of the Church, to replace it with the satanic “Religion of Man”!

Paul VI forced the Church to learn a new way of praying, singing, a “new liturgy”, a “new attitude to the world,” a “new relationship” with the brethren of other Churches and Christian denominations, with the “Jewish brothers”; with non-Christians, with non-believers …

Paul VI wanted to protestantize the whole Church, and then dissolve it into the Masonic “Super-Universal Church”, i.e. a synthetic religion, called the ORU, or “Organization of United Religions.” Paul VI put into effect the policy of “non-intervention” to abdicate his duty to intervene in the prevention of the self-destruction of the Church that He Himself was orchestrating to be at the service of Humanity and to reconcile all beliefs and all religions into one “Universal Religion.”


Paul VI believed that the dogmatic Church was a major obstacle to ecumenism because the “truth” revealed by Christ, to establish unity in Truth, was, however, an obstacle to unity of religions! Paul VI, with the Constitution “Missale Romanum”, and then with the “Novus Ordo Missae” of April 3, 1969, replaced the ancient Roman Rite of the Mass with his “New Mass,” all Protestant material.

The “Mass” of Paul VI is the intentional destruction of the belief and of the intrinsic value of the “Eucharistic Sacrifice,” of the “Real Presence” and of “sacramentality” of the ministerial priesthood, namely: [it is] the destruction of all essential dogmatic value of the Holy Mass.

The Ecumenical Mass of Paul VI “desacralizes” Holy Communion, by receiving it standing, in the hand and distributed by laymen: it attacks the “Propitiatory Sacrifice” of the “people of God” with that of the Priest (becomes only a “Presider”) with the rite where the “reform” was inspired by a Masonic syncretistic ecumenism. The Mass of Paul VI was harshly criticized by the two Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci, because “it departs in a remarkable manner, both as a whole and in detail, from the Catholic Theology of the Holy Mass”. Paul VI was forced to change his heretical definition, but, in the “new definition” that he made, he added only a weak reference to the “Holy Sacrifice”, without changing anything in the rest
of the liturgical text.

With his “New Mass”, Paul VI has imposed the “errors”, already condemned by the Council of Trent and Pius VI, who condemned the same mistakes of the “Synod of Pistoia” against the Jansenists. Paul VI, after deletion of the “Minor Orders” and “Sub diaconate”, made sure that, little by little, the “secular” would take the place of priests, just as did Luther and like the Protestants.


Montini had no “Marian sensitivity.” He was always absent from the traditional festivities of the coronation of Mary, pilgrimage to Loreto, and public recitation of the Rosary. Paul VI even attempted to limit the worship of Mary, to please the Protestants.
In Milan, he said: «The proposal for a new title, namely that of “Mediatrix,” attributed to Mary seems “inappropriate” and even “dangerous” ….»

«The extension of this title does not seem to promote true piety.» The “Mediation of Mary” was totally obscured by the Vatican at the behest of Paul VI.

There was no Christian symbol, not even the Cross, on the coffin of Pope Paul VI.

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast Day of St. Placid and companions, 5th October, 2016

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