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Thursday, 3 November 2016

'Pope' Francis makes a fool of himself and was encouraged by Lutherans and Swedish Government!

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As we remember, ‘Pope’Francis went to Sweden to participate in the celebrations marking Martin Luther’s revolt against the Catholic Church. This shows us again who Francis is!

He is a false prophet, a non-Catholic heretic who pleases deluded liberals and whose main mission is the final obliteration of the Catholic Church and Catholic sensibilities.

Make no mistake, Bergorglio is not in it alone. He is in this work of destruction with ALL those men who claim to be Catholic Bishops and priests who are under him! NONE of them is a Catholic!

They are ALL foot soldiers in this great work of Satan! Francis himself is standing on the shoulders of his predecessors: John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI! These men claimed to be pope and each of them contributed to the one single mission which is the final destruction of the Catholic Church!

They are/were successful in what they are doing because millions of people who claim to be Catholic think these men popes and so follow them in their false religion! That is a success in the camp of the Devil!

Regarding the latest trip to celebrate the grand heresiach, Martin Luther, the Lutherans themselves decided to make a fool out of Francis just for a show.

In this making of the fool out of Francis, I see the Hand of God at work. God again provided the opportunity for us all to see that this man, Francis is NOT a vicar of Christ!

Reading the preparatory articles for the Francis’ visit to Sweden, I noticed an important detail that the Vatican and the media failed to give due prominence and which the perpetrate fraud in to keep up the deceit.

It was Francis who asked to be invited to the celebrations of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and not the other way around, as has been insinuated in almost all pro-Vatican news reports.

The clear affirmation of this came to light in an article by Enzo Bianchi, founder of the ecumenical monastic community of Bose in Northwest Italy. Indeed, Bianchi states:

“Pope Francis, with his capacity to make prophetic gestures, manifested his desire to take part in the commemoration to be celebrated at Lund. And, in response to his audacity, the equally hard and courageous decision of the Lutheran World Federation was to welcome the unexpected request and formally invite the Pope.” (L’Osservatore Romano, October 31, 2016, p. 7)

So, if Benzio is objective in his report, as surely he seems to be, it was Francis who went running to the Protestant heretics and begged to be present at the beginning of the year of glorification of the great heresiarch. It adds further gravity to this act of apostasy. Remember he plans to repeat the visit in 2017!

The interview of Antje Jackelén, the woman ‘archbishop’ of Stockholm, confirmed Bianchi’s scoop when she explained that the initiative for the visit came from the ‘Catholic Church’, (note all the inverted commas throughout the article please) along with the LWF. Her words sound like:

“We are glorifying Luther’s revolt against the Pope; but if a Pope wants to come here to take a stand with us against the Papacy, it is his choice… He will be just one among many.” See a Video of this here

Can you beat this?

It was also very shocking to see the extremely cold welcome Francis received from the Swedish government when his airplane landed in Sweden. Present were the Prime Minister and two other members of the government, a 15-men platoon to present arms and a small military band to play the anthems. To this feeble reception committee should be added four Protestant representatives and five Swedish ‘Catholic Prelates’ who had the obligation to be there to receive the “boss.” (see video here)

None of the general public, no folkloric Swedish groups to wish him a good stay, not even a group of ‘Catholic’ children to be kissed by Bergoglio, the most prodigal baby-kisser of modern times. After some formal handshakes and the perfunctory performance of the anthems, he entered a shuttle that took him to his lodgings.

I would say that this kind of cool reception is the minimum one might expect, without running the risk of breaking diplomatic relations, for a president of some small island in the Indian Ocean arriving in Stockholm, but not for the supposed ‘Sovereign Pontiff of the world’s largest religion’, who is also the head of the Vatican State. 

From his room – strangely located in a medical facility – he went to visit the royal family. King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia received Francis with a remarkable frugality. The picture below reveals the lack of solemnity they chose for the man claiming to be pope. I would not be surprised if Francis would have requested such a display of his usual false simplicity. 

King Carl Gustaf receives Pope Francis

 But, if he did not, what the Swedish sovereigns offered the Pope – two pears and few clusters of grapes in a bowl, three plastic bottles of water with a vulgar glass, plus the proletarian table displaying these meager “offerings” and the general nakedness of the ambience – seems to be a means chosen by the royal couple to show their scorn for the Papacy. Their message appears to be: “Since you begged us to receive you here, this is what we have to offer you. It is what we would offer any beggar. In other words, we could not care less about your Papacy.” 

Next in the line of humiliation is in the address of ‘bishop’ Munib Younan, president of the Lutheran World Federation in Malmö, as well as in that of its secretary, ‘pastor’ Martin Junge in Lund, there was not one single honorific mention of the titles of the ‘Pope’. None of his titles – Vicar of Christ, Roman Pontiff, Your Holiness, Sovereign Pontiff, not even simply the Pope or the egalitarian Bishop of Rome chosen by Francis to replace the Pope – was used by the Lutheran dignitaries( as if they know he is not pope! Just saying). This omission by the religious authorities also reveals a desire to belittle the ‘Papacy and the Catholic Church’.

Thus, there is a common denominator in the receptions of the Swedish government, the Crown and the Lutheran religious authorities. All stressed by means of symbolic protocol that the ‘Papacy’ was not welcome in Sweden.

But not only this: As soon as Francis entered the Lutheran temple of Lund, a demonstration – probably orchestrated by the same religious authorities and the government – took place in front of it with remarkable organization and order. Among the protesters were several dozen youth wearing white habits and miters, with the clear intent to ridicule the ‘Papacy’, as shown in the picture below.

Protest agains Pope Francis in Sweden

Another symbolic fact: Francis initially did not plan to say a ‘Mass’ for ‘Catholics’ in Malmö. As reported in the heretical newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, it was the resentment of the ‘Swedish Catholics’ that forced Francis’ hand.

In fact, since the whole ‘papal’ program consisted of events with the Lutherans, the disgruntled ‘Catholics’ showed their disappointment and complained. Only at the last moment did Bergoglio decide to say a ‘Mass’ for the ‘Catholics’. In that ‘Mass’, however, he did not lose the opportunity to give them the bad counsel and poison. He asked them to work together with Protestants.

The conclusion is simple: Francis shamefully self-invited himself for a commemoration against the Papacy, was scorned as much as possible, and left recommending the few ‘Catholics’ of Sweden (1% of the population) to follow his humiliating example. 

What else can we hope for? Francis has been fooled! We pity those who call him pope and think him Catholic!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of St. Malachy, within the Holy octave of Christ the King, 3rd November 2016

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