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Saturday, 4 March 2017

‘Pope’ Francis is a Supporter of Sexual Abuse of Children!

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As we all know, the Novus Ordo religion takes as one of its strong point, pretense! It pretends to be Catholic and then it pretends to be on some moral high ground while in actual fact it supports immorality for the greater glory of its master, the Devil!

‘Pope’ Francis represents the best example of Novus Ordo religion! Despite his open show of apostasy and immorality, many people still think him pope! This goes to show the state of the world and the mind set of those who think themselves Catholic but who are in a false religion!

Many have read with approval the many strong words ‘Pope’ Francis has spoken and written against pedophile ‘priests’ who sexually abused their victims, mostly children.

Even recently in a preface to the book My Father, I Forgive You by Daniel Pittet, a victim of Novus Ordo clergy sexual abuse and who believes that Novus Ordo is indeed the Catholic Church, issued two weeks ago, he wrote: “How can a priest at the service of Christ and his Church cause so much harm? How can someone who devoted his life to lead children to God end up instead to devour them in what I called a diabolical sacrifice that destroys both the victim and the life of the Church? …’’

Francis recently admonished that “We have stated that it is our duty to be extremely strict with the priests who betray their mission and with their Hierarchy – Bishops or Cardinals – who might protect them, as has happened in the past.” (Aleteia

These are strong words that make a reader suppose that the ‘Pope’ really wants to put an end to this plague in ‘the Church’.

However, when it comes to applying the words to the deeds, Francis has been inconsistent, contradictory and hypocritical. This is what anyone can conclude after taking the time to read a summary of news reports about the approach to pedophile priests taken by the present day Vatican under Francis’ direction.

Let me analyze some recent cases, the first being that of ‘Fr’. Mauro Inzoli, of the Diocese of Crema, Italy.

He was one of the leading figures in the Communione e Liberazione (CL) movement, which is an important conservative movement for youth with a remarkable presence on the Italian Novus Ordo religious panorama. He also was rector of the Shakespeare Language Institute, president of the Food Bank (Banco Alimentare), ‘pastor’ of Holy Trinity Church in Crema and leader of the local Fraternity of the CL program. 

Inzoli – defined by the court judge as “very well known and charismatic” – abused the authority that came with his position and took advantage of his frequent contacts with youth to induce a large number of them to have sexual contacts with him. His victims were so numerous and his proclivities so notorious among the young people that Inzoli’s advances toward minor age boys became a motif for jokes among the youth.

What was his technique to induce boys to let him touch and caress them? He would use religion to justify his depraved tendencies and tell them that the way a father shows religious affection for his son is for the former to touch the genitals of the latter. It was an Old Testament practice, Inzoli alleged.

The debauched priest used any opportunity – vacation trips with youth, visits to hospitals, spiritual direction and even the confessional – to seduce his victims. He also kissed and embraced boys and had other sexual contacts not specified in the news reports. (See La Repubblica, November 25, 2016)

Complaints about this known behavior were sent to the religious authorities by the ‘priest’s’ victims; they went up through the system until reaching the Novus Ordo Congregation of the Doctrine(Destruction) of the Faith. By this time the Novus Ordo CDF had taken over the cases of pedophile abuses by ‘priests’, thus far treated with too much complacence by the ‘Congregation of the Clergy’. In 2012, Mauro Inzoli was defrocked, made a non-priest as if he were a priest in the first place. (The Week, January 3, 2017).

This was done by the arch heretic, Benedict XVI, who, nevertheless, was not exempt of complacence himself a secret supporter of pedophilia. We remember that Benedict XVI allowed the prominent abuser, Stephen Kiesle to remain at his post in America for years leading to abuse of more than 30 Children! Also he, Benedict XVI allowed up to 19 Novus Ordo ‘bishops’ to remain at their posts after it was discovered that these people covered up hundreds of ‘priests’ who abuse children.

In June 2014, contradicting the strong words he had often spoken, Francis undid that permanent punishment issued by Benedict XVI and readmitted ‘Fr’ Inzoli to the priesthood. If he were to be truly against pedophilia, will he think of reinstating a rogue ‘priest’? He alleged mercy and prescribed a life of penance separated from public ministry and young people.

This, however, did not prevent Inzoli from attending public events, as he did at the Convention for the Traditional Family organized in the Lombard Region in January 2015. Has Francis spoken up again the public appearances of this predator? The answer is no!

Independent of this extremely scandalous Vatican leniency, a civil law suit against Mauro Inzoli continued its course, and in November 25, 2016, the court judge of Cremona Letizia Platè found him guilty and sentenced the ‘priest’ to 4 years and 9 months in prison. This sentence was based on evidence presented by 5 victims, who were at the time of the abuses – from 2004 to 2008 – between 12 and 16 years of age. The sentence added that “an extensive number of victims of minor age” was abused “since the middle of the 1990s” but their cases could not be prosecuted due to expiration of the statute of limitations. (La Repubblica, November 25, 2016; Il Giorno, November 25, 2016)

Obstruction of justice 

Another action of the Vatican extremely symptomatic of its cover up for Inzoli was its refusal to deliver the complete dossier of data about the defendant that the court requested.

This accusation was made by Senator Franco Bordo, responsible for initiating the civil lawsuit. The ‘Holy See’ refused information regarding all the years Inzoli was president of the Food Bank and had contacts with countless upscale social, political and economic personalities of the area. According to Bordo, those data were kept under a sort of “State secret”. (La Repubblica, March 3, 2015; La Repubblica October, 12, 2016). If Francis wee to be true to his condemnation of pediphilia, won’t he ask that the information be given to the judges?

The conclusion on the case of Fr. Mauro Inzoli is that Francis is taking a schizophrenic approach regarding pedophile ‘priests’. He says one thing and does the opposite. We  are not making a generalization based on only this single case. We have already analyzed similar procedures in other cases Francis is dealing with.

The ‘Australian ‘Cardinal’ Pell supervises series of abuses as ‘Archbishop’ of Sydney, now he sits on one obscure Vatican office, working for Francis. When the Australian government demanded that Pell come back to Australia to answer questions concerning his transferring pedophilia ‘priests’ from one parish to another, Pell refused the invitation and Francis allowed the man to remain at the Vatican.

Meanwhile Francis has said that any Bishop found to have been transfering abusive ‘priests’ from one parish to another should resign. Right now, Pell is still keeping his office at the Vatican without resigning and Francis is there posing as someone against Child abuse!

We plan to continue to examine Francis hypocrisy in these cases in a coming article including looking at how John Paul II of unfortunate memory is a mentor to both Benedict XVI and Francis is supporting pedophile. The conclusion will be the same: Strong words, complacent measures.

Presented by Malachy Igwilo, 4th of March 2017. Feast of St. Casmir and Lucius

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