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Thursday, 28 July 2016

How the Vatican promotes Illicit Sex!

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When Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three shepherd children at Fatima She showed them Hell and told them that most people go to hell due to the sin of the flesh!

The Catholic Church has always taken care to instruct people on the sin of the flesh, developing ways of avoiding it and numbing the concupiscence of the flesh.

But the Novus Ordo religion that is occupying the Vatican whose head in Francis and which pretends to be the Catholic Church repeatedly promotes sex and supports homosexuality and other sins of the flesh!

When I published the piece “How Vatican promotes indecency”, some rushed to submit their condemnation of me stating that I am on  a moral high horse.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

These expositions should help people realize that the Novus Ordo religion at the Vatican CANNOT be the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Francis CANNOT be a pope in the Catholic Church!

Right now, Novus Ordo religion has gathered young people at Poland in what they call “World’s Youth Day”. This is the annual jamboree of sin where young people are allowed to flirt with each other while they are being indoctrinated with the abominable doctrine of the Novus Ordo religion.

In this year’s edition, the Vatican released an explicit material, which they say is to teach young people about sex!

Just click here to see the slide show of this Vatican production and decide whether this can be coming from the Catholic Church or you go to the program’s direct site. But know that you will be looking at explicit and dangerous pictures

But surely it is coming from the Church of Mortal Sin, the Novus Ordo religion and promoted by its head, Francis!

There is no doubt that Novus Ordo religion knows that human weaknesses lies especially in the sin of “illicit sex” and fanning the concupiscence. So it has invested great deal of time in promoting it.

When the French X-rated movies ‘Blue is the warmest Color”, Vatican radio endorsed it and asked people to go watch. read more on this here

Now, this is the Vatican that says it is the Catholic Church and is asking people to swim in sin and go watch an explicit sex film.

Now this latest release of this sex material for youths has already drawn ire from within the Novus Ordo religion itself from those deceived foot soldiers who thinks they are in the Catholic Church. They are not able to see beyond their nose to know that they are in the Church of mortal sin!

The American pro life site Life News immediately wrote an article against it. See it here. But can the Vatican bulge from its mission? No! They are running out of time and so they must send in more millions of soul to the devil.

The entire project did not even mention the word “Mortal sin” once or suggest that the parents have a hand in training this children, educating them about the sinful nature of illicit sex. No! The program wants to teach teenagers about sex. Full stop.

The material did speak of chastity and dignity but at the same time, it promotes young people dressed up as harlots and in perpetual need for provocation.

That is the usual double-speak of modernists! They pretend to speak the truth and yet the entire thing is rotten with the Devil’s finger!

But what is the true Catholic Church teaching about education of youth on the matter of sin of the flesh?

This is what Pope Pius XI Wrote about the Church’s position:

Another very grave danger is that naturalism which nowadays invades the field of education in that most delicate matter of purity of morals. Far too common is the error of those who with dangerous assurance and under an ugly term propagate a so-called sex-education, falsely imagining they can forearm youths against the dangers of sensuality by means purely natural, such as a foolhardy initiation and precautionary instruction for all indiscriminately, even in public; and, worse still, by exposing them at an early age to the occasions, in order to accustom them, so it is argued, and as it were to harden them against such dangers.

Such persons grievously err in refusing to recognize the inborn weakness of human nature, and the law of which the Apostle speaks, fighting against the law of the mind [Rom 7:23]; and also in ignoring the experience of facts, from which it is clear that, particularly in young people, evil practices are the effect not so much of ignorance of intellect as of weakness of a will exposed to dangerous occasions, and unsupported by the means of grace.

In this extremely delicate matter, if, all things considered, some private instruction is found necessary and opportune, from those who hold from God the commission to teach and who have the grace of state, every precaution must be taken. Such precautions are well known in traditional Christian education….

(Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri, nn. 65-67)

From this we see a clear understanding of what must be done to defeat the flesh. But The Novus Ordo religion extending the heretical teachings of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” tries to free the young people and allow them to have sex any time they want while pretending to promote chastity! That is the deceit of Satan!

Look at what Pope Pius XII told Catholic Women Action:

Finally, with the discretion of a mother and a teacher, and thanks to the openhearted confidence with which you have been able to inspire your children, you will not fail to watch for and to discern the moment in which certain unspoken questions have occurred to their minds and are troubling their senses. It will then be your duty to your daughters, the father's duty to your sons, carefully and delicately to unveil the truth as far as it appears necessary; to give a prudent, true and Christian answer to those questions, and set their minds at rest. If imparted by the lips of Christian parents at the proper time, in the proper measure, and with the proper precautions, the revelation of the mysterious and marvelous laws of life will be received by them with reverence and gratitude, and will enlighten their minds with far less danger than if they learned them haphazard, from some unpleasant shock, from secret conversations, through information received from over-sophisticated companions, or from clandestine reading, the more dangerous and pernicious as secrecy inflames the imagination and troubles the senses. Your words if they are wise and discreet, will prove a safeguard and a warning in the midst of the temptations and the corruption which surround them….

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Women of Catholic Action, Oct. 26, 1941)

Again Pope Pius XII Addressed Midwives on this same issue and said:

Banish from your heart that cult of pleasure, and do your best to prevent the spreading of a literature which considers as its duty the description in full of the intimacies of married life under the pretext of instructing, guiding and reassuring. In general, common sense, natural instinct and a brief instruction on the clear and simple maxims of Christian moral law, are sufficient to give peace to the tender conscience of married people. If, in certain circumstances, a fiancée or a young married woman were in need of further enlightenment on some particular point, it is your duty to give them tactfully an explanation in conformity with natural law and with a healthy Christian conscience.
This teaching of Ours has nothing to do with Manichaeism and Jansenism, as some would have people believe in order to justify themselves. It is only a defense of the honor of Christian matrimony and of the personal dignity of the married couple.

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Midwives on the Nature of their Profession, Oct. 29, 1951)

While it is possible to look at the Novus Ordo religion at face value and conclude that it is of Satan, many millions of people are still there trapped in the errors and yet claim to be Catholics!

Our duty for these is to constantly admonish them and pray for them so that they leave that path of hell.

In 1950, Fr. Leslie Rumble published a little guide for parents on how to instruct their children in sexual matters without offending their tender ears or endangering their innocence while keeping it age-appropriate. The text is available online in full and free of charge:

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast day of Sts. Nazarius and Celsius, 28th July 2016

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