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Monday, 4 July 2016

Catholicism for Protestants

Protestants and their hated of Catholicism!

I was shocked when a friend who is a rabid Protestant of the Brand called “Pentecostalism” told me that Catholicism is a cult.


Surely, this friend has NEVER experienced Catholicism but she was viewing the Catholic church from the prism of Novus Ordo Religion. This is what the world does anyway; billions of people really have never experienced Catholicism!


The point is that Protestants do not even know anything about what they are opposing! They simply do not want to be catholic! That is the Devil at work.


The devil knows that if this much people know about the Catholic Church really, he will lose many candidates for hell.


Surely, outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation!


I recently had lengthy discussions on Facebook with a “Pentecostal” who simply is afraid of the truths I revealed to her about the Catholic Church. She was so shocked that she blocked me on Facebook!


The lengthy discussion was about many things. I took time to explain a lot to her but she resisted all through and continued to call the Catholics “idol worshipers” without trying to substantiate that accusation!


This book, “Catholicism for Protestants” is a good read for those Protestants who are curious to know stuffs about the Catholic Church! Buy the book here

This is not an endorsement of the author’s recognition of Novus Ordo religion as Catholic, but he did a lot of work on trying to explain Catholicism to Protestants!


Is Catholicism a cult? Do Catholics worship Mary? Why do Catholics have statues in their churches? The truth may surprise you!  It addresses many of the common questions Evangelical Protestants have about Catholicism. It is ideal for Protestants seeking more knowledge about the Catholic Church, and for Catholics seeking a quick refresher course on fundamental Catholic teaching. It's an excellent book for Catholics and Protestants alike!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on 4th of July, 2016

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