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Saturday, 9 July 2016

How the Vatican promotes Indecency

The Vatican of today is surely NOT Catholic. It promotes all sorts of heresies and grievous sins that those who think it Catholic, are dangerously mistaken!

The Vatican also promotes indecent dressings or at least keeps quiet about it while souls go to hell for such indecency!
This picture, below,  shows a high ranking Vatican official called “Cardinal” Muller (note the inverted commas please) hobnobbing with “punk” girls who are very badly dressed, in full view of the world:

Gerhard Ludwig Muller with punks

The following two pictures were taken at a “papal Mass” event of Benedict XVI and they think it is all okay?

Punk devotees 01

The picture below was taken at a "Mass" by Francis where bikini clad people received "communion"!

World Youth Day 2013 - Rio 01

The next picture below is that of a Supposed “religious” performing in Italian Idol and behaving in all indecent manners in full view of the Vatican!

Suor Cristina hugs 2

In all of this, many have asked what is really wrong with these indecency especially as it concerns dressing? The writer Maria Hovat has indeed x-rayed some of the Catholic answers to indecent dressings and we have to present her ideas here for proper dealing with the indecent craze.

There is a tendency to think that the invention of Novus Ordo religion in 1958, that is, the spiritual sphere, is not connected or id different from the cultural revolution, that arose from American and which has invaded society in the temporal sphere – as if they were two separate things. No. There is a link between all the evils of today’s world and the invention of the false religion of Novus Ordo which now occupy the Vatican.

Many true Catholics complain of the abandonment of good dress, taste and customs, and the abolishment of the hierarchical and aristocratic tonus in liturgy, decor and ceremonies in matters of religion.

It is important to note, however, that the same egalitarian revolution is taking place in the cultural sphere. To be conquered, the cultural revolution has to be fought on both fronts. By cultural revolution I mean the movement that is trying to upset and overthrow the values that are cultivated by a Catholic, sacral and hierarchical society and to replace them with the opposite, totally Masonic and secular.

At the same time Vatican II was “opening” the Church to the modern world, the hippie mentality or if you like the emerging “hip-hop” mentality of the ‘1960s was working its own revolution on the Morals and good customs in civil society, supported by the forces of Aggiornamento from the Vatican.

These three photos may help better than words to explain the kind of headway this cultural revolution has made in the last 30 years. May they also serve as a warning to Catholics, who sometimes swallow parts of the revolution in the cultural sphere even while they defend good principles in the religious sphere. 

A Civil Demonstration I 1972

An italian Rally for divorce from the 70's

In this first photo, we can see a lady and a man carrying placards at a demonstration calling for divorce in Italy. Even though the lady is championing a revolutionary principle in religion, she is still following the traditional good customs that had endured into her days. She wears a conservative suit, with the appropriate blouse, stockings, purse and heels. 

Her well-coifed hair is pulled back in what one imagines would be an elegant twist or French roll. Her outfit is set off by tasteful jewelry that reflects a desire to appear distinguished and noble The man at her side with a placard is also still well-dressed, with a suit, a buttoned-down shirt and a hat. The only point that clashes in the ensemble is the pair of sandals. Even in this concession to the future casual style, his sense of proportion and propriety still require him to wear socks.

Therefore, we have persons with quite worldly ideas who are at the same time still very conservative in their clothing. They still possess with all naturality a certain distinguished bearing reflective of the aristocratic Catholic culture. In short, bad ideas but still good manners!

30 years Later look at a demonstration in 2002

A Boston protest against Cardinal Law

This second picture shows several ladies 30 years later in Boston defending a good cause. They are demanding that the Church take measures against pedophile "priests". The placards they carry express their indignation over the cover-up by the "ecclesiastical authority". 

But a momentous change in dress and demeanor is manifest The three ladies are wearing pants, which are inappropriate for women for reasons of both immodesty and egalitarianism. As for modesty, according to the sound Catholic teaching of the past, trousers are immodest apparel for a woman because by their nature they emphasize a woman’s form and invite immodest regard. As for egalitarianism, Cardinal Guiseppe Siri made a superb warning in 1960. He noted that the wearing of men’s dress by women is “the visible aid to bring about a mental attitude of being ‘like a man’” since the clothing a person wears “modifies that person’s gestures, attitudes and behavior.” To see the full text of Cardinal Siri statting Church position of women wearing trousers, Click here

Let it be noted in passing that I have no personal animus against these ladies demonstrating for a good cause. The vulgarity of their clothing as well as postures and stance simply serve well to illustrate how far the revolution in clothing and manners has progressed in 30 years. 

This is evidenced particularly by the lady in the center, with her untucked blouse rolled up at the sleeves, tennis shoes, and not-so-feminine way of standing. The younger lady to her side is less expressive of the vulgar, perhaps because she is prettier, more slender and nobler in bearing, even though her apparel could receive the same critique as the former. The bag at her feet betrays a certain masculine and modern spirit: one imagines her slinging this heavy attaché case across her shoulders and striding off with manly steps when the demonstration is over, as if she were on a camping trip. This modern way of being and walking for women clashes with the Catholic way of being and walking of the lady pictured 30 years ago. 

What is happening Now?…..

 Poorly dressed pro-life students

These third picture shows a further step in the process. Unfortunately it is not rare today to see youth who embrace conservative causes such as the pro-life anti-abortion campaign or even attend religious functions and at the same time have absolutely casual and egalitarian clothing and manners. 

The apparel these two young pro-lifers in the first picture wear in public would not even be the worthy pajamas of the demonstrators of 30 years ago. The young man wears a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled under, either for coolness’ or vanity’s sake (to get an even tan on his arms while he marches for life). Mini dreadlocks rim his face, framed by thick sideburns. His hemp choker holds a wooden cross and he wears a bracelet on his wrist. 

The young woman wears the matching unisex T-shirt, less jewelry and shorts – with no apparent concern about covering her not-so-elegant legs. She drinks straight from a gallon jug container without any intermediary cup or glass, as the good manners and customs of Christian civilization teach us to do. The empty gallons in the back of the van piled on other miscellaneous traveling gear are heaped together without order or discipline. What we see are the clothing, attitudes and ambiences of the modern age to which we have become accustomed. Everything is spontaneous, casual and relaxed. Gone is any apparent concern for ceremony, good manners and civilized dress. The human spirit, which in the proper hierarchical order, is trained to conquer the lower nature, is conquered in this case by the heat. The stress is on being comfortable. The good customs, good dress, good order and discipline that should make up part of a person who defends good principles are not apparent in these young people. 

In short: good ideas, bad customs. 

Does all this matter? Am I placing too much emphasis on clothes and appearances? Does it really matter if a person has bad customs if he has good ideas? I can already hear the protests. 

No, there is no exaggeration. If we want to fight and abolish the egalitarian and vulgar customs and trends in the religious sphere, we must also fight the same battle in the temporal sphere. In fact, the revolution in culture is extremely important, because the essence of this revolution is to produce a state of things without any rules or authority, that is to say, a radical moral liberalism and complete ideological egalitarianism. With this, it aims at a prodigious modification in the mentality of man. 

If this is achieved, the revolution has at its service a kind of human person who will be very open to the concessive and egalitarian Novus Ordo "Church". He will be comfortable in the stripped, plain churches and with the informal way of participating in a liturgy for and of the people. He will be at home in church or street wearing his shorts and T-shirt, relieved of the bother of ceremonious dress and rules of propriety. In many ways, the revolution in the Church depends upon a revolution in the culture and mentality of man in order to reach its final end, which is the complete destruction of her sacral character and hierarchical structure. 

I hope these photos will serve as a warning to true Catholics that the war we are fighting demands a consistent action on both the spiritual and temporal fronts. In short, let us be consistent Catholics and real counter-revolutionaries. Let us have good ideas and good customs no matter what the Vatican is promoting.

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, 9th July 2016


  1. Are you sifting people like wheat?

    Agreed people should behave better when at church functions, but should church officials shun people? Did Jesus not eat scandalously with the worst sinners of His time? Modern day life is full of casual people, even immodest people... should we sit in judgement of them and shun them or invite them into the church and support their striving for God?

    I did not enjoy reading your high horse attitude.

  2. Yes. Christ sat and ate with people of questionable character with the view to converting them. But there is no sign that this Vatican wants to convert anyone! Already Francis has reprimanded priests asking them to stay clear of people's moral lives! So what are we to conclude? Besides, it is scandalous for supposed members of the hierarchy to be seen with illicit activities where there is no sign at all that such encounters will lead to conversion! we must balance the zeal for evangelization with avoidance of scandal. Clearly this Vatican has no scandal in its dictionary! All they have is encounter, accompanying in sin and saccharine love! That is NOT Catholic!