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Monday, 1 August 2016

Our Lady, Mary Mother of God intervenes in Human History 1

The Intervention of Our Lady in History

As the month of August has arrived again, a time we meditate on Mary’s Assumption into heaven, we must look at Mary again to see Her in Her vantage point in the history of our salvation even as the false religion at the Vatican and Catholic parishes worldwide try to undermine her with numerous and daily false teachings.
We look at the various interventions of Mary in human history to show that She has not seized fighting for salvation of Souls.

This astounding history is really filled with love of a Mother for Her children!

The Spanish Supreme military officer known as Cortes had performed a prodigious military feat in subduing millions of Indians with only a few hundred soldiers and bringing Western Civilization to the American shores, but that alone would not have converted the Indians. Can we say that Cortes astounding feat was a plan of God? We may never know! But surely his victories ushered in a great supernatural event!

After the intrepid commander, Cortes,  had demolished the blood-soaked temples  of the Aztecs and pulled down many of their altars used for human sacrifices, he led an expedition to today’s Honduras to conqurer the blood soaked Indians again and again.

Upon his return to Mexico City, he found political difficulties that required him to sail to Spain in 1528 and seek an audience with King Charles of Spain.

While Cortes was away in Spain, numerous missionaries arrived in what is today Mexico to open churches, schools and hospitals, to help convert them to Christ, but few Indians converted as paganism had struck deep roots in their soul.

Moreover, the harsh treatment handed out by the earlier Spanish officials and Cortes troops, had turned them into a hostile, suspicious group. Who can blame them? Centuries of darkness exacerbated by a blood sucking deity they worshiped made sure that their hearts remain dark.

In order to heal the wounds of oppression and try new ways of seeking to convert the Indians, King Charles sent Bishop Zumarraga, a Franciscan prior, to protect the Indians from the insensitive officials who continued their brutal suppression of the Indians and who were subsequently recalled at the instance of Bishop Zumarraga.

But the damage was done and Zumarraga realized that a general uprising was imminent that would wipe out the Spanish presence in Central America. The Indians themselves were preparing to take advantage of the deployed officers to quench any successes of Spain. The impending violence was in the air! One could feel it coming!

To avert the violent uprising, the kindly bishop prayed earnestly to Our Lady and asked Her to send some Castilian roses as a sign that his prayers had been heard.

In one of the most momentous events in all history, the Mother of God came down from Heaven and appeared to a humble Aztec peasant, Juan Diego, who worked at the Bishop’s residence having been half converted from Indian paganism, on a barren hill a few miles outside Mexico City.

She identified herself by a word in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, as “She who crushes the serpent,” indicating that as the Immaculate Conception She will triumph over both the devil (Gen. 3:15) and one of the most terrible of all the Indian gods.

Further corroboration is assured when one considers that the first apparition occurred on December 9, then the feast day of the Immaculate Conception.

She asked Juan Diego to go to Bishop Zumarraga and request that a church be built at the location of the first three visitations. Although he responded courteously, he showed some skepticism.

His failure at the bishop’s palace and the imminent death of his beloved uncle threw Juan Diego into a state of confusion.

When Our Lady appeared on December 12 to the Aztec peasant, this time at the bottom of the hill, She gave him the same message that She has been giving to Her grieving children since that day: that She is the Mother of Mercy, of Life and of Hope to all who follow the teachings of Her Son and have confidence in Her powerful intercession.

To give credence to this loving power, the Blessed Virgin performed one of the most illustrious miracles in Her wondrous repertoire that resonates across the world to this day.

Following Our Lady’s instruction, Juan Diego climbed the hill known as Tepeyac to the location of the original apparitions where he found a field of brilliant, fragrant flowers including Castilian roses(remember that the Bishop has asked Mary for a sign by sending Castilian roses) growing in frozen, rocky soil.

He carefully gathered a bundle of the flowers in his cloak, which he used as an apron by holding the bottom to his chest, and went off to the bishop.

After he had been brought into the presence of the bishop, Juan Diego showed him the magnificent flowers. The prelate immediately fell to his knees and looked upon him with astounding amazement, for he saw imprinted on Juan Diego’s cloak an image of Our Lady as She had appeared that day, dressed like an Aztec Queen!

Bishop Zumarraga built a chapel to house the image with an adjoining room for Juan Diego at the miraculous site that, significantly, had been previously occupied by a pagan temple destroyed by Cortes. By now, these events made great impression of Juan Diego that he totally converted!

Soon the story of this mysterious Lady spread to the country side. The Indians momentarily stopped planning to crush the Spanish and started to come to witness what has happened. This miraculous events converted many, many hearts. Thousands came and were marveled.

Already converted in their hearts when they left, the pilgrims sought out missionaries for baptism, which brought about an avalanche of conversions across Central America, estimated to be about nine million after a few years of this event. The Indians were so moved that they stopped contemplating violence against the missions. They simply deserted their pagan ways due to this Our Lady’s intervention!

Our Lady offered so many miraculous proofs of Her loving guidance through the trials of this life that we only have space to recount a few.

The cloak Juan Diego wore that day he gathered those flowers was woven from the hard fibers of the maguey cactus plant that normally has a life span of about twenty years before it decays.

This cloak is now displayed at the magnificent cathedral in Mexico built in honor of Our Lady now called Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Over the years the fabric and image have been exposed to an exceptionally damp climate, incense and smoke from burning wax candles.

Yet the fragile material and the delicate but rich coloration have withstood all the corrosive effects and millions of hands that have touched it. Also the lifelike expression of loving tenderness has remained undiminished.

Over the last few decades numerous scientists have examined the cloak or tilma and they have found that the image was produced by no known earthly substance, no paint, no printing materials, nothing. Its cause and existence is purely supernatural.

One scientist using a powerful magnifying glass noticed that the face and shoulders of Juan Diego appeared in the pupil of the right eye.

Further examination by two eye doctors with their ophthalmoscopes revealed the reflection of two other figures that were present in the bishop’s residence at the time of the miracle.

The ongoing combat between Our Lady and those who possess an unquenchable
hatred for Her, (in particular the Masons and Protestants), and Her influence reached a climax in 1921.

A powerful time bomb placed by the Masons exploded just beneath the Sacred Image on the main altar of the Basilica of Guadalupe that ripped out huge chunks of marble and masonry. The heavy bronze altar cross was severely bent, yet the image of Our Blessed Mother was completely untouched!

Moreover, the protective thin glass plate was not even scratched!
Further tests of the image reveals a tempresure consistent with a pregnant woman and using sonar technology, scientists have heard two heart beats from this image showing that the Lady, the Immaculate Conception is with Child!

This image is displayed today for doubters to go and view for their own repentance or 
condemnation! The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most visited site
In the whole of Mexico!

There is certainly an implied connection between Our Lady’s mediation in the conversion of the Aztecs from depraved human sacrificers and the necessity of Her help in destroying today’s human sacrifice in abortion and immoral perversions and excesses.

May this August bring to our hearts the knowledge of Mary in a more astounding way! May She convert the members of the Novus Ordo religion who mock Her Son’s Church. Amen

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of the Chains of St. Peter, 1st August 2016.a

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