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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Proclaim to the world this August: Mary is the Immaculate Conception!

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Despite the hatred of Mary by Protestants and Freemasons, the Holy Mother the Church aptly teaches that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God was conceived Immaculate in Her mother’s womb to prepare her for the task ahead that of becoming the Mother of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity!

Here Immaculate conception means that Mary was preserved from any stain of sin by God. When the Angel Gabriel visited Mary to tell her about God’s intensions to make her the Mother of the Savior, the angel greeted Mary as “Hail Full of Grace” (Luke 1: 28). Here “full of Grace” means that all of Mary is FILLED with God’s grace, admitting NO stains of Sin at ALL! Also, through the inspiration of God, Elizabeth repeated the same thing in Luke 1: 42.

To obscure these meanings from the scriptures, haters of Mary, in particular the Protestants, mangled the scriptures to mean another thing and many things just to make sure the Immaculate Conception is not known. This is why there is no Protestant Bible that has Luke 1: 28 as “Hail, full of Grace”. They all have different salutations just to contradict the Catholic Church, the owner of the Bible!

They are of course supported by the false religion of Novus Ordo who calls the Protestants, “Separated Brethren” as if there is a spiritual relationship between Catholics and Protestants.

The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception was defined by Pope Pius IX on December 8th 1584 when he wrote:

“ We declare, announce and define that the doctrine which states that the Blessed Virgin Mary was preserved, in the instant of Her conception, by a singular grace and privilege of God Omnipotent and because of the merit of Jesus Christ the Savior of the human race, free from all stain of original sin is revealed by God and must therefore be believed firmly and with constancy by all the faithful” (Pope Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus 1584, Denzinger 1641)

When a doctrine is defined, it does not mean that this pope, or any other pope, have crafted the doctrine or pulled it out from a hat! No! A doctrinal definition only states officially a part of the already revealed dogma. An official definition is needed to both state it clearly and to demand assent to it as part of the deposit of faith.

The logic of a dogmatic definition lies in the entire deposit of faith taken together. To better understand this Divine dogma, we need to look critically at both the scriptures and Tradition.

By Tradition here is meant the entire corpus of the deposit of faith both written and unwritten. The “Bible worshiping” Protestants do not have this part of the Christian faith. This is why they are not Christians because they are not connected to the apostolic Tradition. When they read 2 Thes 2: 15, they interpret another thing. Ofcourse the Novus Ordo religion think it does not matter that the Protestants’ faith begins and ends in the bible! This false religion thinks them Christian! But they are NOT. If they were, they too will bear testimony to the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

According to Tradition,  original sin from which Mary is exempt was never defined by the Church. But the Church taught us what it is by showing its effects on the soul. Original sin leads to Divine hatred or malediction, a stain on the soul, a state of non-justice or spiritual death, servitude under the empire of Satan, subjugation to the law of the concupiscence (the flesh), subjection to suffering and to bodily death in so far as they are the penalty to the common sin, original sin.

These effects of original sin was given to us from Adam meaning that he lost sanctifying grace which, when lost, one cannot see God.

This means that Mary was indeed conceived without original sin ever touching her! What a great privilege. She was conceived in a state of holiness as against malediction. She was withdrawn from the slavery to the Devil thereby fulfilling God promise in Genesis 3:15. In Genesis 3:15, God told the serpent that He will put enemity between him and the Woman, between her seed and “your seed”.

Here we see that God has predestined that Mary will be contra-Satan, that is being born without original sin. Also, Mary’s seed, Jesus Christ is also the quintessential contra-Satan who is Divine and without sin.

We too are freed from original sin when we become “born again”,(a concept mangled by the Devil and fed to protestants who accepts the Devil’s false interpretation)  that is when we are baptized, washed with the waters of baptism. We are free from the original sin. But the effects of it remain making us capable of committing actual sins! 

We are then placed in a state where the door is opened to heaven, but to enter, we must still ward off actual sins and needed another remedy-The sacrament of Penance.
Mary did not have original sin, as She was preserved from it by God and so the effects of original sin is not found in her and so She was not predisposed towards committing any actual sins! Oh Glorious Mother!

The Immaculate Conception revealed in the Bible and Tradition

Reading the bible with the Church, we see that Immaculate Conception was indeed revealed, at least implicitly in the scriptures. As we have stated, Genesis 3:15 is the most direct reference to the person of Mary, who is to be that woman, who will counter Satan and be free from the trappings of sin in order to bear Christ with the most pure body.

If we preach that Mary as a human being has the stain of sin like everybody else, then it means that Christ’s human body which he took from Virgin Mary is tainted by sin! Such a thing is NOT possible. This is why God preserved Mary from the beginning of her existence.

But some enemies of Mary will object to this and interpret another thing concerning this verse just to counter Mary and Her Son’s Church.

In Gen 3:15, the pronoun used was translated as “She”, as in, “She will crush thy head”. But in the Hebrew bible, it was related as “he” as in “He will crush thy head”. Enemies of Mary immediately say that “He”, here means that the passage has nothing to do with Mary!!

But no! The Church Fathers, another entity missing in Protestant reading of the Bible, are unanimous in suggesting that the pronoun “he” appearing in the Hebrew indeed stands for “posterity or seed Mary. This means all things coming from Mary. The Bible called “Septuagint” also related the passage as “he”! The bible called the “Vulgate”, the first Latin bible, used the word “ipsa”, which means “she” meaning that the prophesy referred to the woman herself, Mary!

But there is no essential conflict between the two passages or pronouns since the woman is to be associated with the victory of Him who will be the great representative of Her prosperity in their fight against Satan throughout the ages!

Despite this passage, some enemies of Mary will still say that this passage is not enough to prove the Immaculate Conception from the scriptures! But these people are contradicted by the Fathers!

The Church Fathers are those who were with the apostles and wrote down what the apostles did and taught. Their copious writings are with us today and they offer us insights on how the apostles treated various parts of revelation and the existing scriptures. It is from these writings that the Church looks at when interpreting what a passage means authentically! The Church does not look at one Church Father and say “yes that is what this or that means”. No, She looks at these writings in general and then, guided by the Holy Ghost, determine what a passage means, aptly within the Apostolic Traditions!

It is unanimous teaching of the fathers that Gen 3:15 at least alluded to Immaculate Conception. They compared Eve with Mary. Since sin entered the world through Eve, sin is defeated through the ‘woman”, Mary. So, Gen 3:15 was called proto evangelium, the first sketch of the Messiah’s coming and His victory over evil.

It is traditional among the Fathers to see 3:15 as referring to the Immaculate Conception of Mary. St. Ephrem who died in the year 373 wrote about it. Sts. John Chrysostom and Theodore, St. Sophronius, St. Andrew of Crete,  St. John Damascene, St. Justine, St. Ireneus and Tertullian  etc. These are some of the Fathers who, learning from the Apostles affirmed that in contrasting Eve with Mary with a hind sight to Gen 3:15, shows that Mary is the Immaculate Conception since She is the woman who is against Satan totally. To be totally against Satan is to be free from all types of sin!

So the Fathers counters those who suggest that Gen 3:15 is NOT about Mary!

The Protestants following Luther’s false teachings have no need to look at the fathers! They simply read the bible and present individual interpretations, while claiming the Holy Spirit has revealed it. This is why we have thousands of sects today, all with one bible, presenting conflicting interpretations of the bible! This ofcourse contradicts 2 Peter 1:20.

So, understood in the light of the fathers, the words of the angel, “hail full of grace”, that is “hail thou art fully pleasing to God and loved by Him” are not limited temporally in their application in such a way as to exclude even the initial period of Mary’s life. On the contrary, the Blessed Virgin Mary would not have got fullness of grace had Her soul been in an instant in a state of original sin! But God protected Her from the beginning.

St. John Damascene put it aptly when he said that Mary is the holy daughter of Joachim and Anne ‘who has escaped the burning darts of the evil one”.

It has to be noted that Pope Pius IX who promulgated this dogma did not invent it. He merely followed an existing tradition but simple demanded that ALL Christians profess it as an article of faith.

The feast of Immaculate Conception has always been celebrated from the beginning of the Church since clearly, the apostles taught it to their followers. This is why we read about its celebration in the 6th and 7th century Greek Churches with prayers that predates that century. The Lateran Council holding in the year 645 took it for granted that Mary is Immaculate Conception. This was known by everyone at that time.

In later ages, Pope Sixtus spoke of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in 1476. The glorious Council of Trent declared that when speaking of original sin which afflicts all humans, it does not intend to include Mary.

So we see first of all that this dogma was already known and celebrated and that both the scripture and Tradition speaks of it at least implicitly.

Today, at the height of the apostasy sitting in Rome occupying Catholic buildings worldwide, Catholics must understand this dogma and continue to proclaim it and ignore the Modernists, Protestants and Masons who seek to upturn the truth of the Church.

May the Month of August, another Month of Mary be fruitful to us. Amen

Given by Malachy Mary Igwilo on the feast of the finding of St. Stephen’s body, 3rd August 2016.

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