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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

‘Pope’ Francis is a serious supporter of Child Sex Abuse by his false ‘priests’

Jozef de Kesel Cardinal
The man popularly called ‘Pope Francis’ is a clear supporter of Sex abuse of Children by his Hench men posing as priests! Although he secretly support this, but his many public actions betray him. He even ‘beatified’ a sex offender! Read more here. It is sad to see that he is speaking from both sides of his mouth when millions of people think him to be ‘pope’ in the Catholic Church.  But nothing can be further from the truth! Francis is NOT a pope and he is NOT a Catholic by any shred. He is an apostate whose mission is furthering the Masonic agenda which is the destruction of the Catholic Church.

Please note all the inverted commas in this piece since all the titles which purport to be Catholic titles are false since those described in this piece are not what they claim to be and also are not Catholics!

Francis speaks forcefully against pedophile ‘priests’, which seems to reveal a laudable intention, but then he shows a clear complicity with them. I don’t believe that this reflects indecision or a weak will; I believe he is taking both attitudes intentionally so that both sides of the debate will be appeased!

His choice of Jozef de Kesel to become ‘Archbishop’ of Mechelen-Brussels in Belgium in November 2015 and to elevate that same ‘Prelate’ to the dignity of ‘Cardinal’ in November 2016 seems to confirm what is already obvious--- that Mr. Jorg Bergoglio, popularly known as ‘Pope’ Francis is a supporter child sex abuse by those claiming to be Catholic priests

De Kesel had been appointed ‘Bishop’ of Bruges in 2010, after ‘Bishop’ Roger Vangheluwe had to step down because of the public uproar against him, a reaction to the news revealing he had sexually abused his own nephews for a long period when they were boys.

Under the shelter of a criminal like Vangheluwe, pedophile ‘priests’ mushroomed in the Bruges Diocese. Then-‘bishop’ De Kesel, therefore, had all the conditions to apply the policy of “zero tolerance” that the Vatican boasts to the press it is enforcing. But, unfortunately, the ‘Bishop’ did not.

Let me report what he did. I take these facts from different credible sources, which I will report as I write. To facilitate the reading, I will list the name of each one of these pedophile ‘priests’ with a short synopsis of what he did and what action De Kesel took in each case.

1. ‘Fr’. Tom Flamez (sometimes referred as Flavez): convicted of abusing a minor and suspended from ‘ministry’ for five years. A psychiatrist issued an evaluation that Flamez showed excessive arrogance, a major tendency to lie, manipulate and cheat and a total lack of the sense of culpability. Nonetheless, in 2014 ‘Bishop’ De Kesel appointed him as pastor of the Middelkerke parish, alleging he must have a “second chance.” In face of the strong reactions of the media and the public, the ‘priest’ did not take the assignment. (National Catholic Register,November 18, 2016)

In addition, the Flemish daily De Morgen reported that 195 students testified that Flamez had loose morals and was always making sexual remarks to them. During a search, investigators found photos showing that students had slept with him. He was sentenced to jail because he got a 16-year-old boy drunk and began groping him. His sentence, however, was exchanged for a period of counseling and five years of supervised probation.

After the end of his probation, he was caught in an online scandal when he tried to “hook up” with a 13 year-old boy of his parish. (The American Conservative, November 1, 2014)

2. ‘Fr’. Jeroen Claerhout: accused of sexual abuse in 2013. His tendency to pedophilia was known since 2009, when he was removed from dealing with children. He escaped jail because in the 2015 trial his lawyer admitted that Claerhout had had sexual intercourse with a young man, but alleged there was consent by both parties. He also alleged that the other party was already age 18 at the time. Thus, the case could not be qualified as pedophilia and the court did not sentence him.

De Kesel only informed civil authorities about this case after the news broke in the media. (ibid.) In 2015, when De Kesel was named as ‘Archbishop’ of Brussels, a good-bye ‘Mass’ was said for him in Bruges. Claerhout was the singer chosen to pay homage to De Kesel… (National Catholic Register, November 18, 2016) 

3.  ‘Fr’. Marc Decuypere: accused of sexual abuse of boys in 2010 at Our Lady College in Assebroek where he taught from 1984 to 1990. He escaped prosecution due to the expiration of the statute of limitations. De Kesel allowed the priest to go to Brazil to ‘minister’ to street boys as a Fidei Domum missionary.

In 2014, new charges were presented against Decuypere in Belgium. At the request of Belgian authorities, he was called back to the country. Only after that did De Kesel speak with him and suspend him from ‘ministry’. What was the outcome of this case? Decuypere returned to Brazil to work with the same street boys… (ibid.)

4. ‘Fr’. Carmino Bohez: accused of sexual abuse and a series of deviant sexual behavior when he was professor at the major seminary of the Diocese. Bohez admitted the abuse and sent a letter of resignation to ‘Bishop’ De Kesel. The ‘Bishop’ met with him, qualified his behavior as “imprudent” and did not accept his resignation. Only after the media exposed the charges did De Kesel “immediately notify the Belgian authorities” and accepted Bohez’ resignation. (ibid.)

5. ‘Fr’. Antoon Stragier: accused of sexual abuse of several children in 2015. Although the Diocese was aware of his behavior since 2004, it did not punish him or warn the civil authorities, but adopted the tactic of moving the ‘priest’ from parish to parish. De Kesel continued the same policy by putting Stragier in charge of the diocesan pilgrimages. Again, only when the news of his abuse became public was he “immediately dismissed”... (ibid.)

Another ‘priest’ under criticism is ‘Fr’. Patrick Degrieck. I have in hand an article by Ferdinand Boischot from which I extract the following data. ‘Fr’. Degrieck is also “a noted pedophile friend and supporter.” He was ‘ordained priest’ by pedophile ‘Bishop’ Vangheluwe and is a close friend of pedophile ‘Fr’. Tom Flamez. He became a ‘Church’ jurist in Bruges and Antwerp and professor of Holy Scripture in the Seminary in Bruges.

As a jurist he was the one responsible for the case of ‘Fr’. Tom Flamez, apparently supplying incomplete documents to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in order to get a favorable assessment. After Tom Flamez was forced to vacate his place in the Ordinariate and moved to “an unknown place,” he was found in the Convent of Our Lady of Sorrows in Ruiselede, not far from Bruges, where Degrieck is “spiritual director.” The latter became the representative of “Andriessen’s Investigation Commission,” the inner-church organ set up to supervise sexual scandals after ‘Bishop’ Vangheluwe broke out.

Degrieck gave a talk at the Center for Child Protection in the Gregorian University, Rome, on the topic “Secondary Victims” in child abuse. Secondary victims, according to the ‘Card’. Gotfried Danneels’ jargon, are the pedophile priests…

Concluding, I believe that these data draw a bleak moral profile of ‘Bishop’ Jozef de Kesel, who ‘Pope’ Francis hand-picked to become first, ‘Archbishop’ of Brussels and, then, a ‘Cardinal’, that is, a potential future ‘Pope’ or at least a man who shall elect the next ‘Pope’.

Is this choice not another clear symptom that Francis does not see pedophilia as something punishable when it is found in one of his friends? 
If he were to be against pedophilia as he claims, wouldn’t he Have banished this ‘Bishop’ De Kesel, preventing him from any further office in his religion?
But no! Francis wants the abuses to continue so that the name of the Catholic Church will be soiled. The religion headed by Francis is NOT the Catholic Church although millions of people think it so. Many people within that religion still think themselves Catholics and so when Francis furthers child sex abuse, these people will despair of religion and any effort to truly make them Catholics will be abortive since they believe that the Catholic Church has betrayed itself.

The agenda of Freemasons is to destroy the Catholic Church through formal teaching of subtle heresies and encouraging sexual abuse of children by those who millions of people think are catholic priests but who are not.

So let no one deceive you anymore. Francis is working for the devil and his mission is the destruction of Catholicism!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, Octave day of St. Joseph, feast of St. Antoninus, BpC Sts. Gordian & Epimachus, Mm, 10 May 2017 

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