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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Will your Church save you? A Look into the Devil’s plan

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The most constant confrontation made by Protestants (in particular ‘pentecostals’) against Catholics is that your ‘Church will not save you’. The idea that the Church you belong to will not save you is now a mantra for religion indifferentism, peddled even by the very best educated people in Novus Ordo religion. This mantra is repeated as often as one asked people to become Catholic urgently.

The origin of this doctrine can be found in ‘pentecostalism’ as they look for avenues to explaining the ever expanding number of small religions calling themselves ‘Christian’ and ‘pentecostal’. Indeed they have said it often enough that it has become a standard ‘truth’ of ‘Modern Christianity’!

Tracing the reasons behind this doctrine, we see how crafty the Devil is and how people cooperate with him to lead them to hell for all eternity.

The Bible is full of references to the importance of the Church and how the Church is the ONLY avenue through which one can reach Christ. But majority of people reject Biblical teaching on this and claim that what leads to heaven is merely ‘Accepting Christ as Lord and Savior and having a personal relationship with Him’.

This line of doctrine looks true and even acceptable for any reasonable person. But there is a small problem that defeats this doctrine!

If one were to accept Christ, how can the person know that what he or she is accepting is the true Christ? If it is indeed the true Christ, how can the person then have a personal relationship with Him without being taught by the Church?

The argument collapses into a dictatorship of relativism! Here we are told that we have personal authority to determine what personal relationship with Christ means! We can accept any idea of Christ and then relate with this ‘personal Christ’!

What this doctrine says is that we do not need anyone to direct us to Christ in the true faith. In fact there is NOTHING like the true faith, objectively so called. What we have is subjective faith by the individual and it is true if the individual says so.
This is equivalent to saying that there are no objective moral principles. Each person ought to have a personal morality! This is nonsense. If individuals are to have ‘personal morality’, then how can we determine what is right or wrong?
If two people have two different ideas about what personal relationship with Christ means, how may we know which is true and that which is to be recommended?

A man who has a ‘personal relationship with Christ’ and then marries three wives is promoting a form of Christianity from the one I have.

Another who claims to have ‘personal relationship with Christ’ may decide that eating wild grass will increasing one’s closeness with Christ?

How can we decide which is true?

The Protestants says the bible is the standard for measuring. IF the bible is the standard of measuring who has personal relationship with Christ, whose interpretation of the Bible is to be followed? Once you ask this question, another absurd answer is given. People will say that the Holy Ghost will interpret the bible for you. But is it possible for the Holy Ghost to give two conflicting interpretations? Can two people claiming to have ‘personal relationship with Christ’ hold on to the same idea about that personal relationship? The answer is NO!

If the answer is no, then it is absurd and even foolish for someone to say that the Church will NOT save since it is the Church that teaches the truth which we use to form that personal relationship with Christ!

The book of Timothy (1 Tim 3:15) says that ‘the Church is the bulwark and pillar of the truth’. It did not say that the Church is the ‘bulwark of truths’. It says ‘truth’ which means that truth is ONE and it is ONE truth that leads to Christ and then to heaven.

If we admit that the Church has the truth, then we must admit that this truth is the truth of Christ and this means that the Church has a role to play in our salvation! Which, among the thousands of purported ‘churches’ has the truth? The one truth? This question is necessary since the truth has to be ONE. Ask yourself. Is it your ‘Church’ that holds the truth? If your Church is false, it means that it will teach you errors and half-truths and if you accept these errors and half-truths, then you CANNOT have any personal relationship with Christ! You CANNOT be saved on the last day!

You will be led astray!

These questions are hardly asked or answered by Protestants. Indeed, they are not even asked because it is an accepted doctrine that ‘the church will not save you’.

Today, there are many thousands of false ‘churches’, all claiming to be connected to Christ. How can that be possible? When each of them started just a few decades ago? Christ warned up in the Bible while He was establishing His Church on earth for the salvation of Souls. He said:

“For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect”, the Son of God warned (Mt 24:24).

And St. Paul predicted: “Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying: that all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity” (2 Thess 2:10-11).

This means that the false Christs and prophets are here spreading many false teachings and many millions, unthinkingly accept these false teachings without any critical examinations, rejecting the Church of Christ, the Bulwark of the truth. So God allows them to swim in errors!

There is no doubt that the Church will save us or damn us. Christ deliberately established just ONE CHURCH, which is now called ‘The Catholic Church’, for the salvation of all. If we do not need the Church why establish one? Clearly those who deny that the Church cannot save are agents of the Devil!

It is Christ that saves through the Church! The Church is the avenue of truly reaching Christ! You cannot clam to know the Bible and then claim to know Christ without the Church explaining to you how to reach Christ and this explanation happens DAILY.

The Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) was reading the Old Testament Scriptures and he admitted that he did not understand what he was reading unless he gets explanation from someone that knows, a competent authority. Philip as an Apostle was that Competent Authority and he explained to the man and the man converted and became member of the Church through Baptism, fighting for his salvation with fear and trembling.

If you belong to a false Church, it will also lead you to eternal death. Since while the TRUE CHURCH of Christ teaches one thing, your false Church teaches another.

Protestants insist that it is God that they are worshiping while in actual fact they worship themselves and swim in errors with their bibles on the right hand.

The Devil and his agents teaches that the Church will not save you so that people can go to any Church they please and receive poisons that will damn their souls.

I was present recently at a ‘Revival’ at my university organized by a campus ‘pentecostal’ group. They had all sorts of entertainment which the call ‘praise worship’. The present to us young men and women making sexually suggestive dance steps while clad with tight trousers and shirts that reveal some sensitive parts of their bodies. While this was going on, people do as if they are communing with Christ! After the salacious dance, a man came and keeps preaching with many words, acting like a pop star and making the gathering hysterical. The show shows how decadent people’s spiritual live are. The majority are not able to see that these are schemes designed to ensure they are damned!

Surely there is NOTHING Christian in the whole gathering. Those who organized it are presenting to us the life of sin they learnt from the devil and which is supported by their ‘Church’! This clearly shows that the ‘Church’ you belong to will either send you to hell or to heaven!
We must always note that Our Divine Savior never spoke of ‘His Churches’ but ‘His Church’. He does not say ‘Upon this rock I will build my Churches’. He said ‘upon this rock I will build my Church’. From this we must conclude that it never was His intensions to establish various conflicting ‘denominations’ but ONE corporate body, with all members united under ONE head, for as the Church is a visible body, it must have a visible head.

The Church is called Kingdom: ‘He shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of His Kingdom there shall be no end (Luke 1: 32-33). Now in a well regulated Kingdom there is but one king, one form of Government, one uniform body of laws, which all are obliged to observe. In like manner, in Christ Spiritual kingdom, there must be one Chief to whom all spiritual allegiance, one form of ecclesiastical government, one uniform body of laws which all Christians are bound to observe.

I told some of my friends that IF we all worship the same God, then he will tell us all ONE thing and not many. The fact that there are many ideas shows that we all do not worship ONE God but many Gods. How can we explain the fact that we all claim to be Christian and yet there are thousands of organizations calling themselves ‘Christian Churches’? The truth is that the Devil begets new religions to deceive souls.

The multiplicity of religion was encouraged by Novus Ordo religion at the Vatican! The devilish Vatican II document Unitatis Redintegratio taught that non-Catholic religions are products of the Holy Ghost. This is a clear teaching from hell. The implication of this teaching is that ALL religions are good since they come from the Holy Ghost! The Vatican II religion which occupies the Vatican and Catholic Parishes worldwide encourages people to be in any religion they please since your ‘church’ will not save you!

We recognize the Devil when he speaks through his thousands of agents. We recognize Christ when he speaks though His one true Church. Our savior calls His Church a ‘Sheepfold’ that was why he said ‘and there shall be one fold, one shepherd’ (John 10:16).
Are you a member of this fold?

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and St Robert Bellarmine, 13 September 2017.

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