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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Letter to SSPX members in Lagos, Nigeria

Dear SSPXers Lagos Nigeria,

The battle is on! The battle for the true faith is on. It does not end. Last Sunday you were told again basket full of lies. They, SSPX authorities in Nigeria, know that you will not find out. They want you to remain in the dark in a false religion masquerading as Traditional Catholicism!
Ask yourself, why are they, SSPX, fixated on sedevacantism? They reason is that they see the whole thing as partisans. You are in our party or in their party. Can you not sense the insult there? The hurting of Catholic sensibilities? Can you not see the insult? The kind that was given to Fr. Greg Obih in a basket load? They see you as goats! Goats that will eat anything presented to it!

The member asking whether the Sedevacantists are Catholics is doing the work of the devil. He wanted to sow doubt. He wants it announced that Sedevacantists are not Catholics so that he will proclaims that they are gong to hell! Is it the SSPX that is Catholic? SSPX that has been dancing with heretics? SSPX that believes heresy is truth? Collecting money from Masonic families to fund seminary building in America? During the Holy Week did you engage in Catholic pristine ceremonies? You did not because the missal you are using was truncated by Annibale Bugnini who later developed the evil Novus Ordo Mass which SSPX say is okay. Why is this person not asking whether the SSPX is catholic based on these facts? He has concluded that SSPX is Catholic because he does not know what Catholicism is!

The truth is that these are critical times and the camp of the devil prays that you not become truly Catholic! You fear sedevacantism because the person giving you “feeding money” is in the SSPX and you fear that if you leave, you lose your “feeding money”? You need to leave and see that there will always be “feeding money”!

You stay with heretical SSPX because you are expected by someone to remain there with them. You do not want to disappoint the people entrusted to you and so you remain in error? You do not want to be seen as a devil? So you remain there? You need to know that the ultimate price of remaining in SSPX, knowing that they are NOT Catholics is Hell fire.

Surely, to recognize heretics as the hierarchy is heresy and unrepentant heretics go to hell! To suggest that an abomination of desolation, the Novus Ordo mass is valid and was given by the Church is heresy and to die in heresy is to go to hell! To remain with people who collect money from freemasons, the enemy of the Catholic Church is to be an enemy of the Catholic Church! So ponder these! You may NOT even agree with Sedevacant situation but is it SSPX you agree with?

The central crux of the matter Fr. Peter used to deceive you is to suggest that no one can declare anyone heretic! That shows that he is a fake! He does not even understand the Sedevacantist position he is posing to criticize. Sedevacantists that is those who agree with the Church that the Seat of St. Peter is vacant do not make any private judgment! They simply make judgments as the Church makes judgments!

The Second Council of Constantinople dogmatically taught that “heretics anathematize themselves and a tribunal is not needed to remove them from the Church”. If I affirm this, is this my private judgment? Am I the one suggesting that Francis is a false pope? Ask the fathers of this council!

Pope Pius XII taught in his encyclical Mysterium Corporis that heretics are outside the Church. When Sedevacantists suggest that Francis is outside the Church, is this a private judgment?

When Pope Saint Leo XIII taught in Satis Cognitum that heresy by a bishop or pope is to separate from the Apostles and so a such lose all jurisdiction, is this true or not? When I agree with Leo XIII, I am imposing authority on myself?

When you claim that Novus Ordo Mass, Novus Ordo ordination, Novus Ordo religion is false, who gave you authority to say that? Why did you stop going to Novus Ordo Mass? Why not wait for a council to declare these invalid? Why make private Judgment?

But surely you are not making any private judgment you are following the Catholic faith on this account! You have looked into Novus Ordo and, with Catholics sense know that Novus Ordo religion is NOT Catholic! If you can make this assessment based on the teaching of the Church, why not make the same analysis and conclude that Francis and his 5 predecessors are not Catholic? SSPX forbid you from making this analysis and entering the Catholic Church!

The bottom line of what Fr. Peter was suggesting is that a pope need not be Catholic! An Anglican, filled totally of heresy, can become pope as long as he has not been deposed by a council or a tribunal. This is what Fr. Peter and SSPX believes and they want you to believe the same so that when you die you go to hell!

SSPX also makes funny suggestions that Francis is a material heretic that is he is in error although without knowing it. This is simply comedy and foolhardiness! When you press them on this they will suggest that you can never know what is going on in Francis mind. He may actually be a man of goodwill just trying to fix the church without knowing he is harming it! Can you beat the foolishness? How do we know a heretic? Is it by psychoanalysis? That is seeking to look into the person’s mind? We know heretics by what they say, which are contrary to the revealed truths f the Church!  How can Francis not be a formal heretic when he claims to be a Bishop in the Catholic Church? At least he knows all that they Church teaches but still reject them. He even served at Tridentine Masses when he was growing up, and which he joked with. How then can he be an ignorant material heretic? If we cannot determine who a heretic is because we cannot read minds, then why call Arius, Martin Luther, Nestronius, Calvin, and other people heretics?

When Fr. Peters was asked what to make of Francis saying that he does not believe in a Catholic God, he tried to dodge the question by saying “we have to examine the contest in which he says that”. That is a clear sign that Fr. Peter is a Modernist and he is confirming you in Modernism! If he were not a modernist, he would have examined the context there and there! He would have searched the internet there to get to the truth! But no! he just escaped from answering the question! He wanted the question dead!
But what is the truth? Francis said he does not believe in a Catholic God! You can investigate this on your own! He was being interviewed point by point and he was asked What God he believes in! “His words were “I believe in God but not in the Catholic God. There is no Catholic God”. Please use Google to look for the interview he gave to the newspaper La Repubblica. There was no context. This is point blank heresy and Fr. Peter denied this! Even if there is context, can a person claiming to be pope make such statement? ever? No!

But SSPX and Fr. Peters knows that if they tell the truth about Francis their position will collapse! They know that there is no other God except the Catholic God and yet Francis deny this ONLY TRUE God and SSPX is dismissing this as a non issue. Why? They are after your soul! They want you in hell! You are the one that will judge! You soul is your own. Save your soul or damn it, that is really your business!

But remember that there are those who are weak and entrusted to you. You cannot mislead these because you are stuck in the rut out of pride. You enemy has gone to sedevacantism and you cannot join him there!
Have you seen the joy and enchantment that greeted Fellay’s meeting with Francis? The same Francis Fellay says is a genuine Modernist? Has he stopped being Modernist? Has he converted to the Catholic Church? Renouncing his heresies? No! He has not. Yet Fellay wants you to join him. Will you still have moral justification to call Francis, false Pope, false prophet, evil, and antichrist? When your head is dining with him?
SSPXer, this is time to use your God given brain to think! Simple common sense will save you! Common sense will show you that SSPX is playing Russian Roulette with your soul and you are allowing them?

Yours hopefully in Jesus and Mary
Malachy Igwilo
Given on the feast of St. Vincent Ferrer

Please read this link about St. Vincent Ferrer

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