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Friday, 29 April 2016

The False Saints of the False Catholic Church 2: Mother Theresa of Calcutta

The universal popularity of Mother Theresa is well know! She has worked to heal the problems of poverty in India and has raised a lot of money to help the poor.
However, helping the poor alone does not make one a saint! A saint is someone with heroic sanctity! But is Mother Theresa of heroic Sanctity? She was not. But given her work for the poor, many millions of people not properly knowing the Catholic faith declare her a saint!
But nothing could be further from the truth!

Religious Indifferentism
Mother Theresa subscribed to the heresy of religious indifferentism. She believes that all religions lead to God and to salvation! An associated Press journalist asked her whether she tries to convert those she cares for to Catholicism. She answered
"Of course I convert. I convert you to be a better Hindu or a better Muslim or a better Protestant. Once you’ve found God, it’s up to you to decide how to worship him" ("Mother Teresa Touched Other Faiths," AP, Sept. 7, 1997). 
Note here that Mother Theresa said two things here. First, all religion leads to God Second, it is up to the individual to worship God any how he please!
Both statements are false!

Mother Theresa equated false Gods with the Almighty God! The Catholic dogma of the Trinity means nothing to Mother Theresa. When asked about the Nature of God, She said; “Some call him Allah, some simply God. But we all have to acknowledge that it is he who made us for the greater things: to love and be loved” quoted from the book Mother Teresa: The Case for the Cause. By Michael Zima  (pp. 4-5).
Here she has denied the dogma of the trinity by suggesting that Allah is God! This is apostasy!
Another evidence of her apostasy was shown when she addressed the United Nations in 1985. She said,
“No color, no religion, no nationality should come between us. We are all children of God” (p. 6) of the same book.
So here, Mother Theresa is saying two things. First she says that Our Holy Religion does not matter. And Second, all persons are “children of God”. This was the Devil speaking through her.
We know that the only religion that leads to God is the Catholic religion and it matters! It is central to our lives. It cannot divide people. It leads people to God. Secondly we know that not all persons are children of God! The Children of God are ONLY those baptized validly! It is a dogma of the Church that baptism is what makes us children of God and members of the Church of Christ that is priestly in character!
So, Mother Theresa apostatized from the faith for believing the contrary!
Mother Theresa Sent Souls Directly to hell!
In her work at her hospices, if she encounters a dying person, the person would be invited to take the last rites of his or her religion! No efforts are made by her to offer baptism! According to her this is against her mission which is not to convert people!
According to the foundress of the Missionaries of Charity, the policy was to ask those who were about to die “if they want a blessing by which their sins will be forgiven and they will see God” (p. 127). If they agreed, and apparently most did agree, the sisters would put a wet cloth on the head of the person and quietly say the form of words for Baptism (p. Zima P. 127).

There are obvious problems with such procedure. Questions must be asked if this strange procedure is a valid Baptism. First, for a valid Baptism, the water must be applied by sprinkling, immersion or pouring. Does laying a wet cloth on the forehead comply with the rule?

Second, the formula of Baptism should be said aloud in an audible voice, and it is not clear if the sisters did so.

Third, for adults to be properly disposed for Baptism, they should clearly express their desire to embrace the Catholic Faith as the one true faith revealed by God. It is almost certain that this requirement was not fulfilled in the “ticket for St. Peter” administrated by Mother Teresa and her nuns. Clearly, Hindus, Muslims and agnostics who have never been instructed in the Catholic faith and who did not accept Jesus Christ are not properly disposed. 

Other false teachings of Mother Theresa
God as incarnate in every human being. Mother Teresa often spoke of God being incarnate in each of the poor she served. Regarding abortion, she said “When we destroy an unborn child, we destroy God.” In fact, abortion is horrendous because it is a terrible crime, the murder of a child. But, as Mr. Zima points out, only “a pantheist would believe that destroying an unborn child is destroying God” (Zima, pp. 54, 88-111). This is paganism on the part of Mother Theresa!

The nature of man is good. When Mother Teresa insists, as she did, that man is not born evil, it is difficult not to interpret this as a denial of the dogma of original sin (p. 43). The Church teaches that we are born with sin! So here, Mother Theresa denied this dogma!

The primacy of conscience. Mother Teresa said that what mattered was that the individual think and believe that his or her way is the only way to God: “Man is free to embrace the religion that gives him peace, joy and love. There is no freedom if a person is not free to choose according to his own conscience” (pp. 32, 168). The relativism of her words are clear: “If the individual thinks and believes that his or her way is the only way to God, then that is their way of salvation” (pp. 74-75). Clearly, Mother Theresa proves She is NOT a Catholics! The human conscience must be guided in the light of the truth faith! It cannot pick and chose where and how to worship God since the only way to worship God is through the catholic Church!

The wide gate to Heaven. Contrary to the teaching of Our Lord Jesus Christ who warns us that the gate of Heaven is narrow (Mt 7:13-14), Mother Teresa often comforted persons by assuring them that “we will meet all our friends and family members who died before us in Heaven.” Buddhists, Muslims, Protestants – all were “going home to God” (p. 123-125). 
 This is a heresy of Universal Salvation arising from the heretic Theologian, Karl Rahner and which is affirmed by the arch heretic and non-saint John Paul II

Here we have seen that to consider Mother Theresa a saint is a deviation from the catholic faith! Those who insist she is a saint, are not true Catholics!
By Malachy Mary Igwilo,
Given today 29th April in the year of Our Lord, 2016, on the feast day of St. Peter of Verona


  1. Dont think that she'd be bothered either way whether she is or is not a saint.