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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How do you convince a “Catholic” that he is NOT a Catholic?

The millions of people claiming to be Catholics in the world today are clearly not Catholics! They subscribe to the false teachings of Vatican II council, the false council that officially ushered in the counterfeit “church” of the Devil that is occupying the Vatican and Catholic parishes and dioceses worldwide.  Many of these millions of people do not really know what Vatican II council is or what it taught. They just allow themselves be led by the false clergy they have. They put all their trust in the all powerful influence of their priests and Bishops. Then these having been trained only in the Vatican II religion send these souls to hell on a daily basis!

Just last week, I witnessed the flurry of activities that greeted the “pastoral” visit of an invalid Bishop to a “parish” the city where I live. I saw the zeal and the preparations and the donations. People were inviting friends and fondly saying “our bishop is coming”. Yet, this bishop is one of the many thousands of false Bishops ordained with the invalid rite designed by the Jewish Freemasonic infiltrator Paul VI who sat falsely on the seat of St. Peter from 1963 to 1978. The bishop propagates the false religion of Novus Ordo that makes people depart everyday from any Catholicism they may have.

They turn their ‘churches’ into dancing halls where there is no iota of spirituality. What remains is a political or social party where people gather to satisfy that urge to “go to church”.

Meanwhile, at the Vatican, the man claiming to be Pope, dishes out ideas alien to Catholicism daily and yet people sit in their pews and call him “pope Francis”. You ask yourself: what has gone wrong? Why can’t the people see that they are not Catholics at all? Why can’t they see that their “pope” “bishops” and “priests” are not leading them to heaven? Why can’t they on their own study the faith to see that they have deviated completely from the catholic faith?

To answer these questions, we have to go to the mentalities of the missionary lands. Those lands that depended on missionaries to hear the Gospel did so with an askew mentality. The white man that brought the Gospel was worshiped as a mini-god people see the white man that brought the Gospel as invincible with his never-seen-before mirrors and bicycles and books! They simply capture people’s imagination making the people forever depend on the white man and his ideas. Meanwhile while the white man was propagating the Gospel, another Political force, chaired by another groups of White men was busy usurping the lands, colonizing the people both politically and psychologically and so the white man’s domination was complete.

The white man did not really try to tech the people properly since the people are mostly un-educated, un-teachable. They simple taught the people by rote. Ask a question and then a set of uniform answers are recited and that was it. The white man introduced education so that the people can learn and then be able to really study the faith.

But as the white man was readying the people for the real study of the faith, the political hegemony set up by the other white man was collapsing and so the white man had to go back to his country since the people can now handle their lives on their own.  Luckily, the white man managed to give crash training to some local boys who then were ordained to take the place of the white men. These ordained quickly cued into the white man’s invincibility and garnered the white man’s mystique for themselves thereby fostering a crass clericalism that borders on worship. Simply put, the priest is the god. His words are final! These new priests, despite the mystique around them, were stretched to the limit.

They had to travel great distances under very harsh conditions to celebrate the Mass and offer catechesis and solidify the faith. But still, the people are still un-teachable to a great extent. So, the priests really were interested in giving the sacraments like baptism, Eucharist and matrimony without rally teaching the faith in depth. In the midst of these, Pope Pius XII died in 1958 giving way for the freemasonic take over of the official Catholic Church.
The masons implemented an official position of keeping people in the dark by not teaching them Catholicism. So, the people were really not taught Catholicism. As they people were getting more and more educated, they became teachable and were taught the Vatican II religion not Catholicism!

This narrative true in ALL recent missionary lands, those lands that were evangelized from the 19th century onward!

In the Western world, that is the source of early missionaries, and the Latin American continent, the first mission lands, the secularizations of education gave rise to the adoption of enlightenment ideas epitomized in the French revolution. Such ideas as liberty, egalitarianism and freedom became the hallmark of education such that the Church’s teaching were increasing relegated to the background as something medieval and static and so not suitable for a free living. The world then became post-modern, rejecting anything that is talking about objectivity or truth. The world started to depend more on subjective understanding of everything. There exists the dictatorship of subjectivism as the number one principle of the intellect. The modern intellect becomes highly unstable, not admitting any idea of absolute truth.

The Masons that took over the official Church cued into this and formulated a religion that  will appeal to the modern Europeans, a religion that is man centered and which is fluid. They propagated a religion that is not static, a religion that can change based on how the world is changing. Generations adopted this religion making the Catholic religion obsolete or at least marginal.
Today, millions of people do not know Catholicism and so when you tell them they are really not Catholics, they think you are a fool.
So the question “how do you tell a “Catholic” that he is not Catholic?” is simple. You can’t! There is no way.

All you need to do is to continuously propagate Catholicism. Continue to show the contrast between Catholicism and Vatican II religion so that the Catholic idea will remain in the media as a testament. A few non-Catholics may through the intellectual analysis of the two become Catholic which is certainly more authentic and appealing to a stable intellect. Other millions will not! They will simply ignore the Catholic truth because, they cannot see how it can be true with all the great minds the know subscribing to Vatican II religion.
Those converting to Catholicism must do so based on the grace of God!

Malachy Mary Igwilo,

Given today, 3rd of May, 2016 on the Feast of the finding of the Holy Cross

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