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Monday, 16 May 2016

Permanent Instruction to destroy the Catholic Church!

When you look at the goings on in Novus Ordo religion that is the pretender Catholic Church at the Vatican and in Catholic parishes worldwide, you will see the work of international Freemasonry. They have succeeded in creating a counterfeit religion and they have eclipsed the true Catholic Church to the point of obliteration. However, the Catholic Church is still here, VERY diminished but yet filled with the Holy Ghost in keeping with the Promise of Our Lord Jesus Christ, “the gates of hell shall never prevail”. The gates of hell here mean that the lying tongue of heretics can never obliterate the Catholic Church!

In the later part of the 19th century, there was already underground campaign designed to infiltrate the Catholic Church after years of trying to destroy the Church but to no avail. However, in the 20th century, the Masonic forces perfected plans to infiltrate the Catholic Church by entering the various seminaries and becoming priests in order to subdue the Church. They succeeded and in 1958, one of their own became the “Pope”. Please note the inverted commas. Surely a Mason cannot be a true pope. He can only pretend. This mason, Roncalli who took the name of another anti pope, John XXIII strengthen the Masonic principles in the Church by calling for the Second Vatican Council which created a false religion for the good of Satan and his foot soldiers worldwide.

Today, Francis pretending to be pope sit on top of this false religion and millions in the world are deceived! He dishes out numerous false teaching and people are as lame as lambs because the Masons have ab initio trained people to be utterly ignorant and intimidated, in preparation for this onslaught.

Many people dismiss this line of history as “conspiracy theory”. They simply suggest that those who hold this view are lunatics! But nothing could be further from the truth!

Three popes affirmed that the Masons were planning seriously to infiltrate the Church and they fought hard to prevent this, but they failed! Their failure is explained in a Vision of Pope Saint Leo XIII. More on this later.

The Masonic forces in Italy published an instruction called “permanent instruction for the destruction of the Catholic Church”. This document was the Lodge Alta Vendita. This document came to the notice of Pope Gregory XVI and he wanted it published so that each catholic will know.

If this document were some conspiracy peddled by conspirators, will this holy pope want a sham published?
According to the Church historian, De Mattei,
“On 20 May 1846, sensing that death was approaching and filled with foreboding, Pope Gregory XVI summoned the French historian Jacques Crétineau-Joly to the Quirinale Palace. Crétineau-Joly was already known for his histories of the resistance in the Vendée to the French Revolution, and of the Jesuits. The Pope, who in the 15 years of his difficult reign had shown himself to be an implacable enemy of liberalism and of sects, wanted to confide to the French historian as his ‘last testament’ the task of writing a history of secret societies and their consequences. For this purpose, the Pope gave him a series of exceptional documents, including the Instructions in the correspondences from the Alta Vendita, whose networks constituted the most significant penetration of the forces of the revolution in Europe”

After Much investigation and research, Jacques Crétineau-Joly published his work with the endorsement of Pope Pius IX in 1859.

Again if this were a sham, will Pope Piux IX allow his name to be associated with it?

Another, more extensive book on this matter was published in 1885 by Bishop George Dillion and this was also endorsed by Pope saint Leo XIII.

Here is what Pope Saint Leo wrote to the writer:

Beloved Son, Health and Apostolic Benediction. The presentation which you have recently made to Us…is your proof of your fidelity… You desired, as is evident by your writings, to describe chiefly those things which, in the last century and in our own, have been done by these perverse combinations of men whom a common hatred of virtue and truth binds together in an impious league against God and His Christ. On which account the very gravity itself of your subject tacitly exhorts Us that whenever any time should be given to Us from Our cares, that time We should willingly devote to the reading of your volume. For the noble zeal which aroused you to write of the atrocious war by which the religion of Christ is assailed, gives Us reason to hope that in the discharge of the ministry of the word you will assiduously labour to cause the faithful deeply to abhor those criminal societies condemned by Us and by Our predecessors, and understanding their most mischievous evil nature, not permit themselves to be ensnared by their fraudulent arts.

Again, ask yourself, if this instruction was a fraud, will Saint Leo allow it to be published with papal endorsement?

The truth is that the Masons infiltrated the Catholic Church through sending their young men to become priests and then bishops and then Cardinals!

Please read a part of the instruction carefully and to see that Novus Ordo religion is a direct product of this instruction. There is no doubt about it. To doubt it is clear dishonesty and devilish comedy!

Please read:

The Pope, whoever he may be, will never come to the secret societies. It is for the secret societies to come to the Church… The work we have undertaken is not the work of a day, nor of a month, nor of a year. It may last many years, a century perhaps, but in our ranks the soldier dies and the fight continues… Now then, in order to secure to us a Pope in the manner required, it is necessary to fashion for that Pope a generation worthy of the reign of which we dream. Leave on one side old age and middle life, go to the youth, and, if possible, even to the infancy. Never speak in their presence a word of impiety or impurity. Maxima debetur puero reverentia. Never forget these words of the poet for they will preserve you from licenses which it is absolutely essential to guard against for the good of the cause. In order to reap profit at the home of each family, in order to give yourself the right of asylum at the domestic hearth, you ought to present yourself with all the appearance of a man grave and moral. Once your reputation is established in the colleges…and in the seminaries – once you shall have captivated the confidence of professors and students, act so that those who are engaged in the ecclesiastic state should love to seek your conversation…then little by little you will bring your disciples to the degree of cooking desired. When upon all the points of ecclesiastical state at once, this daily work shall have spread our ideas as light, then you will appreciate the wisdom of the counsel in which we take the initiative… That reputation will open the way for our doctrines to pass to the bosoms of the young clergy, and go even to the depths of convents. In a few years the young clergy will have, by force of events, invaded all the functions. They will govern, administer, and judge. They will form the council of the Sovereign. They will be called upon to choose the Pontiff who will reign; and that Pontiff, like the greater part of his contemporaries, will be necessarily imbued with the…humanitarian principles which we are about to put into circulation… Let the clergy march under your banner in the belief always that they march under the banner of the Apostolic Keys. You wish to cause the last vestige of tyranny and of oppression to disappear? Lay your nets like Simon Barjona. Lay them in the depths of sacristies, seminaries, and convents, rather than in the depth of the sea… You will bring yourselves as friends around the Apostolic Chair. You will have fished up a Revolution in Tiara and Cope, marching with Cross and banner – a Revolution which needs only to be spurred on a little to put the four corners of the world on fire. Let each act of your life tend then to discover the Philosopher’s Stone. The alchemists of the middle ages lost their time and the gold of their dupes in the quest of this dreams. That of the secret societies will be accomplished for the most simple of reasons, because it is based on the passions of man. Let us not be discouraged then by a check, a reverse, or a defeat. Let us prepare our arms in the silence of our lodges, dress our batteries, flatter all passions most evil and most generous, and all lead us to think that our plans will succeed one day above even our most improbable calculations.

A critical look will reveal the truth. When you read this you will get your answer as to why the current leaders of the Novus Ordo religion are spreading false teachings on daily bases and no one is there is challenge them.

You can purchase the full book from amazon here:

Why did the Masons succeed in entering the Church and eclipsing it and replacing it with a counterfeit which deceived the world?

The answer is found in a vision seen by Pope Saint Leo XIII which the Novus Ordo religion hides from people!

October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had just finished celebrating Mass in a chapel in the Vatican. At the Mass were a few Cardinals and members of the household staff. Suddenly the Pope stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then going straightway from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael and later issued instructions that it be said after all Low Masses everywhere in the world. He explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he had suddenly heard voices – two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. There he heard the voice of Satan in his pride, boasting to Our Lord: “I can destroy your Church.” The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.” Satan replied, “To do so, I need more time and more power.” The Lord said, “How much time? How much power?” “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” was Satan’s reply. Mysteriously our Lord said, “You have the time, you have the power. Do with them what you will.”

Here we see that Satan was given the power to tempt the Church and its leaders failed woefully! The failure in on and the surprising thing is that the Masons are even surprised by their successes. They even have “popes” (John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, benedixt XVI, and Francis) as their members, something beyond their wildest dreams! But it was their Master, the Devil, that was given such power.

After this Vision, Pope Saint Leo XIII drafted a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, the Guardian of the Church. He mandated that this prayer be said after each low Mass. This was law in the Church until the counterfeit religion banished the prayer since you cannot have a prayer to St. Michael in the Church and wants evil to succeed.

Also, Our Lady had already predicted that the Catholic Church will be eclipsed. As Queen of Heaven, Her Son tells her all things long before they happen.

Beginning in the late 1500’s, a Spanish Conceptionist nun, Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, began receiving visitations from the Mother of God at her convent in Quito, Ecuador. This messages were approved as TRUE by the catholic Church. Please read carefully what Our Lady told Mother Torres:

Thus, I make it known to you that from the end of the 19th century and from shortly after the middle of the 20th century…the passions will erupt and there will be a total corruption of morals, for Satan will reign almost completely through the Masonic sects. They will focus principally on the children in order to sustain this general corruption. Woe to the children of these times! It will be difficult to receive the Sacrament of Baptism and also the Sacrament of Confirmation. They will receive the Sacrament of Confession only if they remain in Catholic schools, for the Devil will make a great effort to destroy it through persons in position of authority. The same thing will happen with the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Alas! How deeply I grieve to manifest to you the many enormous sacrileges – both public as well as secret – that will occur from profanation of the Holy Eucharist… My Most Holy Son will see Himself cast upon the ground and trampled upon by filthy feet… Often, during this epoch the enemies of Jesus Christ, instigated by the Devil, will steal consecrated Hosts from the churches so that they might profane the Eucharistic Species… The Sacrament of Extreme Unction will be little valued. Many people will die without receiving it… As for the Sacrament of Matrimony, which symbolizes the union of Christ with His Church, it will be attacked and deeply profaned. Freemasonry, which will then be in power, will enact iniquitous laws with the aim of doing away with this sacrament, making it easy for everyone to live in sin and encouraging the procreation of illegitimate children born without the blessing of the Church… Added to this will be the effects of secular education, which will be one reason for the death of priestly and religious vocations. The Sacrament of Holy Orders will be ridiculed… The Devil will try to persecute the ministers of the Lord in every possible way; he will labor with cruel and subtle astuteness to deviate them from the spirit of their vocation and will corrupt many of them. These depraved priests, who will scandalize the Christian people, will make the hatred of bad Catholics and the enemies of the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church fall upon all priests… Unhappy times will come wherein those who should fearlessly defend the rights of the Church will instead, blinded despite the light, give their hand to the Church’s enemies and do their bidding. But when [evil] seems triumphant and when authority abuses its power, committing all manner of injustice and oppressing the weak, their ruin shall be near. They will fall and crash to the ground.

The interesting thing here is that when Our Lady was speaking, the Masonic forces were not yet in existence since they were created by the devil officially in 1717.
Again, Our lady said “They will fall and crash to the ground”

This is a consolation. As the Novus Ordo religion continues to vomit evil, deceiving the world and sending countless souls to hell and preventing conversions, Our Lady has promised that when it seem they have taken all, “they will crash to the ground”. This is our hope in Jesus Christ.

Given By Malachy Mary Igwilo, within the Holy Octave of Pentecost, on the feast day of Saint Uradius.

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