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Friday, 27 May 2016

Liberalism is a Mortal Sin!

I found this book at the website entire book is available online for free At the time, I was in the process of converting to traditional Catholicism, and I was interested in seeing Fr. Sarda's refutation of liberalism in more detail, especially since I had once self-identified as a liberal. I accepted everything that honors man. I supported Vatican II, anti pope John Paul II, and everything Vatican II. But as I discovered that these are the expressway to hell, I wanted out. Indeed a friend led me through discovering the true catholic church. This book helped to reshape my intellect aligning it with the Church intellect.

This book defines liberalism broadly, as the rejection of God's - and subsequently, the Church's - authority. Thus liberalism is really wider in scope than mere political liberalism. Two points have really resounded with me. 1) Since Satan was the first to reject God, “Satan was the first liberal”. 2) Because all Protestants reject the Catholic Faith and the Church's authority, “all Protestants are liberals”. I find this second point rather ironic when reflecting on American politics, where we constantly and erroneously describe the Protestant "fundamentalist right" as conservative. In fact, they are extreme liberals.

Fr. Sarda also addresses those who reject the Syllabus of Errors of pope Pius IX, which nearly all self-described "Catholics" do today and ALL who claim to be members of the “hierarchy”. These proves that the current “hierarchy” is not Catholic by any shred. These people are liberals who reject the Church's authority. His discussion is pertinent to the Novus Ordo (those who follow the Second Vatican Council), who reject many of the previous Church teachings on such topics as religious freedom and salvation (i.e. ex ecclesiam nulla salus). Because the Novus Ordo rejects Church teachings, it is just as liberal as Protestantism.

 Liberals will either hate this book because of their own bad wills, or they will be converted. So buy this book and give a “Catholic” today.

I may some day buy a lot of this books to distribute at our chapel. I believe this book is especially important because many of those who consider themselves "traditionalist" Catholics have fallen into liberal errors and may not even realize it, example the SSPX. This book is highly recommended.
Those who are still wondering if the Novus Ordo religion is the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ will now, through this book know the facts.

The Novus Ordo religion which bifurcates itself into “conservative” and “;liberal” is nothing but a devilish CONPLETELY liberal religion of the Devil.
This book will help you make sense of it all.

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, given within the Octave of Corpus Christi, on the Feast day of St. Bede the venerable, 27th May, 2016

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