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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Do NOT Be Deceived: The Institutional Catholic Church has ended!


According to Saint Athanasius, “Even if the whole Church were reduced to a handful of faithful who keep the true faith, it is this handful that is the Catholic Church!

Our Lord Jesus Christ asked: "The Son of Man, when He cometh, shall He find, think ye, FAITH on earth?" (Luke 18:8)

Looking at the false religion that is at the Vatican and which the whole world thinks is the Catholic Church, we see that they have nothing to do with the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Many people are confounded by this fact. They react in many ways! They deny this and suggest that Christ’s promise to be with His Church shows that the Church cannot end.

Truly the Church can never end in this world or in the next. There must be this handful of people who keep the faith and live the faith that is the promise of Christ.

The millions of those claiming to be Catholic have tacitly deny Christ and His Church many of them out of willful ignorance and other because of secular education which accepts religious indifferentism. But there are a few who have denied Christ without knowing it or being capable of knowing it!
The central source of most heresies today is the Second Vatican Council and the false claimants to the See of St. Peter.

The first to usurp the See of Peter was Roncalli who was a Freemason and who contravened many Catholic Doctrines before he was falsely elected as pope! All those who accept this man as Pope commit the mortal sin of heresy! Those who even call him “Saint” commit double sin of sacrilege and heresy!

How can someone deny nearly all Catholic doctrines and then be canonized a saint?

The central problem, as regard the lay people is that the lay people read nothing written about the acts of these people and what they themselves has written. Anyone who picks for instance, Roncalli’s “Pacem in Terris” will see the heresies therein.
But few have read this document.

Now the Second Vatican Council preaches numerous heresies and that is the backbone of the Masonic “Church” at the Vatican Virtually ALL those who claim to be clergy connected to the Vatican tacitly subscribe to the heresies of Vatican II and so are lost due to due to heresy!
Apart from this, the false claimant to the papacy, Montini who claimed to be Pope Paul VI invalidated the ordination rite of the False religion of Novus Ordo and so ALL those claiming to be catholic priests since 1970 are NOT Catholic priests at all!
There are also those who are truly ordained as Catholic priests, (who will soon die out soon) that is those ordained before 1970, who have lost the faith.
These facts are mind boggling but true! What its means that the ENTIRE hierarchy have defected from the faith!
For the institutional Church to exist there MUST be clergy who are faithful to the teachings of the Church and who have NOT deviated in the least degree from the Church.

We have in our hands heretics pretending to he the Catholic hierarchy! Such a thing is NOT possible!

Heresy is a Mortal Sin that when committed the person loses membership of the Church, IPSO FACTO, by that actual fact! In other words, they are automatically excommunicated! If the person holds and office that office is suspended and any thing he does like celebration of Mass and hearing confessions etc becomes null and void!

Many people suggest that we cannot say who a heretic is and even if we know, we cannot declare it until competent courts does so. Those who say this are fooling themselves! We know heretics when they contravene the teachings of the Church. In History we have seen lay people PUBLICLY! How can they say we now cannot know?

We need now to see what the law says and what we need to conclude from what the law says!  

What does the 1917 Code of Canon Law [Ecclesiastical Law] have to say about ipso facto excommunication and infamy incurred for public adherence to non-Catholic sects, public defection or apostasy from the Catholic Faith, without any formal declaration?

Canon 188 n. 4, (The 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law):

“There are certain causes which effect the TACIT (SILENT) RESIGNATION OF AN OFFICE, which resignation is accepted in advance by operation of the law, and hence is effective WITHOUT ANY DECLARATION. These causes are… (4) if he has publicly fallen away from the faith.”

Comentary: “This canon PRESUMES RESIGNATION, to which it applies the effect which certain facts are supposed to produce under the law. This effect is VACANCY of the office held, whether adduced by privation, as punishment, or simply due to the incompatibility of certain offices with the newly chosen state of life or other offices. Hence […] (4) DEFECTION FROM THE CATHOLIC FAITH, if public, deprives one of ALL ecclesiastical offices he may hold [Cf. C. 9, X, V, 7]; not, however, mere schism, if unconnected with heresy.”

Footnote on p. 160: “Really, it would be privation but the Code presumes resignation IPSO FACTO.”

(The above is from: A Commentary on the New Code of Canon Law, Charles Augustine, Rev. P., O.S.B., Professor of Canon Law. Vol. II: Clergy and Hierarchy (1918). Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, 1918. On Canon 188 n.4, pp. 160-161)

Canon 2314 n. 1, The 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law:

“ALL apostates from the Christian faith and each and every heretic or schismatic: 1. INCUR IPSO FACTO [by that very fact] EXCOMMUNICATION […] 3. If they give their names to non-Catholic sects or publicly adhere [to them], THEY ARE BY THAT FACT INFAMOUS, and with due regard for the prescription of Canon 188, n. 4...”

on Canon 2314: “1598. Canons 2314-2414 deal with the penalties inflicted by the [1917] Code on various, specified crimes. Some of these penalties are incurred BY THE VERY FACT OF COMMITTING THE CRIME (ipso facto, or latae sententiae)….”

 (from Rev. Stanislaus Woywod, O.F.M., The New Canon Law: A Commentary and Summary of the New Code of Canon Law, Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat [1918])

This following expose is VERY Important!

“1. Whosoever spontaneously and knowingly assists in any way in the propagation of heresy is suspected of heresy. Under this heading fall, according to “Apostolicae Sedis”  ALL those who believe the errors of heretics, or who receive, protect, and defend heretics. There is little doubt that our text includes all these, provided, of course, they act of their own accord and knowingly. Hence

“a) Credentes are such as externally profess the errors of heretics, e. g., by asserting that Luther or Dollinger were correct in their views, even though they may not know the particular errors of these leaders."

“b) Receptors are those who receive and shelter heretics, especially with the intention of hiding them from the ecclesiastical authorities.

“c) Fautores are such as favor heretics because of their heresy, by omitting to denounce them when required or demanded by their office, or by giving support to non-Catholic propaganda, This latter way of propagating heresy is followed by public and private persons who write for heretics, praise their methods and objects, recommend their work and give it material support, always provided that the heresy itself is the object of their mental and material favors.

“d) Defensores means those who defend heretics for the sake of heresy, orally, in writing, or by acts of defence proper. ALL such persons are suspected of heresy if they act of their own accord and knowingly. Sponte is opposed to compulsion and fear, and therefore implies full deliberation and a free will not hindered by any extrinsic or intrinsic impediment, such as fear of losing an office, or one's reputation, or customers. Scienter is opposed to ignorance, the object of which here is heresy, and means that these promotors or propagators of heresy must be aware that they are helping heresy as such. Besides, as iuvare propagationem seems to imply an effective propaganda, it may be said that these fautores, etc., must produce an effect. However, this is rarely wanting if the support is a material one.*

“2. Those who communicate with heretics in divinis are themselves suspect of heresy. Here we refer to Canon 1258, where the necessary explanation has been given.

“3. These and all others suspected of heresy incur the penalty stated in Canon 2315.”

The Above is from:  A Commentary on the new Code of the Canon Law (All volumes), by Dom Charles Augustine Bachofen, O.S.B., D.D. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder book Company, 1918-1922. Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat. PDF Downloadable from here:

St. Thomas Aquinas has something to say as well:


Our Lord Jesus Christ, recorded in St. Luke 18:8 DRV, forewarned His Faithful sufficiently: "The Son of Man, when He cometh, shall He find, think ye, FAITH on earth?"

From what we have seen so far, it is true that Our Lord may NOT find even the remnant remaining when he comes!
But for a fact, the Institutional Catholic Church has been obliterated by the Masonic forces in keeping with Our lady’s prediction
“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ”. Those really agrees with what At Augustine said:
(St. Augustine, de verb. Dom. Serm 36.) --- But of this there is LITTLE LEFT ON THE EARTH, and THERE WILL BE STILL LESS AT THE SECOND COMING OF THE SON OF GOD.”

So those who continue to deceive themselves that Francis is pope and the religion of the Vatican is Catholic or that their parish priest is a catholic priest can continue to live in fantasy!

What are in existence today are few remnants with few TRUE Catholic priests and Bishops who continue to propagate the TRUE faith; it is this few that is the Catholic Church!

Malachy Mary Igwilo,
Given within the Holy octave of Pentecost, 17th May 2016

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  1. Well done, correct on every point