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Friday, 13 May 2016

Lies of John Paul II about the Third Secret of Fatima

Every critical observer of the Vatican knows that the religion that has been occupying the Vatican and Catholic dioceses and parishes world wide is NOT the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Their actions and their apostasy, reveal who they are.

Those who run this religion are worse than murderers because they kill the souls and presents themselves for adoration and respect. But no true Catholic will respect evil men who usurp the Church sending millions to hell.

In 1917, Our Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of God, appeared to three shepherd Children at Cova da Iria province of Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady showed them hell where the souls of poor sinners go. This has debunked the Masonic devilish idea, which John Paul II believes in, that there is no one in hell. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Our Mother Mary also performed a great miracle to prove to the whole world that She was there at Fatima. She performed what is called “The Miracle of the Sun”. The Sun, left its usual place in the sky and plunged towards the earth. Those who witnessed it thought that they will surely die. But this sun was not hot yet it dried up the surrounding area. Even the clothes worn by the observers were dried up. They had been standing in the rain waiting for the lady to appear was predicted by the three Shepherd Children.

Our lady also said that two of the Children will die young and come straight to heaven, but sister Lucy will remain in the world for a long time to make sure that devotion to her Immaculate Heart is propagated. But the Vatican disappread Sister Lucy and replaced her with a fake person who masquarsed for 38 years as Sister Lucy! It is believed that Sister Lucy must have died in 1949, probably through a poison given to her at her convent. For details of this click here:

Before the disappearance of Sister Lucy, She presented to her bishop a Secrete, known as the third secrete of Fatima and this was in turn transferred to the Pope.  It was admonished by Our Lady that this secrete should be made known to the whole world in 1960.

But in 1958, the Freemasons took over the official Catholic Church! Their foot soldier, Roncalli was invalidly elected a pope and he occupied the seat of Peter presenting himself as pope while working assiduously to destroy the Catholic Church. This man was the one that was suppose to reveal this secrete.
But as a wicked usurper he was, he refused to reveal it saying that it does not concern his papacy!
But clearly it does.

Some people who read the Third Secrete, that is those who worked at the Vatican at that time read it. For instance, Cardinal Ciappi read the thirst Secrete and said that the secrete spoke of a coming apostasy that will start from the very top of the Church and which will make the Church bleed from “all her wounds”. These tallies with what Fr. Malachi Martin, a Jesuit who comes and goes from the Vatican confirmed the content of the secrete and added that the secret mentioned a council that will usher in the apostasy, which is the Second Vatican Council, called by John XXIII!

Since the secret has not been revealed and Church has been eclipsed and replaced by a false new religion called Novus Ordo religion, more and more people continued to ask the apostate Vatican to release the secret.

Karol Wojtyla, a heretic who claimed to be Pope John Paul II for 27 years planned with his hench men-“Archbishop” Bertone (later “Cardinal”) and “Cardinal Ratzinger (who later claimed that he is Pope Benedict XVI) to release a false secrete to the world in other to both insult Our Lady and Silence her, making her voice not heard.

The Italian Journalist, Antonio Socci, chronicled the deceit and Lies of John Paul II in his book “The Fourth Secrete of Fatima”.

Despite this grand deceit, those who call themselves Catholics continue to believe that John Paul II is a saint and Cardinal Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI is a traditional Catholic. Not a chance. These men work for the Devil!
In 1984, Ratzinger was asked why the Third Secrete have not been released, he said it would unleash “sensationalism” because of the “religious prophesy” it contains. But this idea that the secrete is “religious” was different from what Ratzinger and Bertone released to the world in the year 2000.

In the year 2000, Ratzinger and Bertone, with the approval of John Paul II released a false Third Secret in other to stop the interest in it.

The release of the Third Secrete reveals a grand deceit. According to Cardinal Ottavianni in 1967, who was at the Vatican when the secret was brought, the secrete was in ONE PAGE and is 20 to 25 lines. But the secrete reveals by Raztinger and Bertone on behalf of John Paul II was FOUR PAGES. This showed that these men were up something evil.

The content of the revealed secrete said that the event of the secret has already happened. It told of the shooting of John Paul II in 1981 at St. Peter’s Square. This was really a grand deceit and according to Antonio Socci, it was a “Satanic Verse”.

Bertone was cornered by many journalists and he said one thing after another filled with contradictions. This clearly shows people that there are lies upon lies perpetrated by John Paul II and his henchmen. Infact, when Antonio Socci continued to seek yet another interview with Bertone, he prevented him from reaching him and even obtained a restraining order.

Clearly if this man has nothing to hide, why prevent a journalist from reaching him? Eventually, he gave interviews to journalists who tow the same line with him and those with critical questions; he refused to meet with them.

Ratzinger himself continued to hide in the Vatican hoping for the issue to die. But the more they wait the more it is opened.

So, today being the 99th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, we should all know that we are living the Fatima message. The apostasy is here and evil has increased in the world. Our Lady may soon be unable to stay the wrath of God.

May Our Lady continue to protect us in Her Immaculate Heart. Amen

Given by Malachy Mary Igwilo, On the feats of St. Robert Berllamine and Our Lady of Fatima.
13th May, 2016

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