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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Stigmata and wounds of Jesus Christ!

When the American movie, Stigmata came out in 1999, there was a new uproar about what causes stigmata in a normal person and also the fact that the stigmatist in this movie had her wounds on the wrist instead of the palm as other known stigmatists have had.
The word stigmata came from the Greek version of St Paul’s letter to the Galatians in which he told the Galatians that he bore the wounds of Christ(Gal 6:17). In the Greek translation of this passage, στίγμα was used which translates into stigmata. The word itself means a sign, impression or tattoo in Greek! As you know the New Testament in the Bible was first written in Greek. Since Paul used that word, it has found its way not just in other religion, but in particular, Catholicism, but it has found itself in Demonology, Psychology and Psychiatry and even in fetish exorcism!
Whenever there is a reported case of Stigmata, the scientific world will swing into action to try and say it is a normal behavior of the brain which then becomes psychosomatic, that is appearing on the body. They will say that it is a sign of deep love arising from a person who has a disease of hysteric proportion.
This is only a half truth because 80% of genuine cases of stigmata are women and we all know that women do not love easily and when they love, it is usually VERY deep! Deep love for something can lead to stigmata.

Also, simply put, God can impose stigmata on someone for His own glory! Fullstop.

Some scientists have indicated that stigmata is a form of dissociative identity disorders, especially having a connection with fasting and having connection with the eating disorder called Anorexia nervosa. It is also linked to obsessive compulsive disorder.

 A stigmatist, Therese Neumann was studied by scientists and they concluded that her conditions were caused by post traumatic stress and that she was the person that inflicted the wounds on herself! But the origins of her stigmata are not conclusive.

Is this true? Why is it that all stigmatists portray the wounds of Christ, seemingly? Why not another type of wounds?

We must note that there has never been any noted case of stigmata on non-Catholics! All stigamata have relations with Catholicism. Even in the movie quoted above, the stigmatist there was given a rosary and as soon as she touched, it she had a violent display of Christ’s passion. As a result of this fact, it is said by many who hate the Catholic Church that the Catholic Church is religion of Satan this is why stigmata manifest there only!
These anti-Catholics go further to suggest that the Wounds of Christ are too holy to be replicated and that only the devil can replicate it! So, for these people, stigamata is the work of Satan!

This is another half truth, the sort told by the scientists! There are some manifestations of stigmata that eventually were proven to be of Demonic origin! Indeed the devil can mimic Christ’s wounds!

There was a woman in Eastern Kenya in 1934 who was having signs of the wounds of Christ. People meet her for prayers and the prayers were answered as if by magic. So the Vatican called in a priest to investigate the events!  When the priest arrived, he noticed immediately that the woman in question never looks up to the crucifix hanging on the wall of her room and the priest became suspicious! Being a bold priest, he asked this woman to look at the crucifix but the woman refused. So the priest left at once and contacted the Diocesan Bishop who asked people to stop visiting the woman. When this was announced, the woman a semi illiterate, started to publish sound theological tracts against the Bishop! This was surprising to many because the woman could barely write!

The priests eventually arranged for full exorcism session for the woman which lasted for 5 days. During the exorcism, the woman was screaming all through for 5 days! She was shouting obscenities at the priests involved in a male voice which is alternated with a child’s voice!

When they finished with the woman, the demon possessing her left, and her stigmata disappeared instantly! Showing that the Devil can indeed produce stigmata on a person, any person!

The most interesting thing in all of this is that the women in question have no knowledge of what had happened. She did not believe that such a thing happened to her until several pictures of her were shown to her!

Stories like the above abounds!

However, the Catholic Church believes that those who have the genuine stigmata are ultra holy and have mystical union with God. They have reached a higher plain of intimacy with Jesus, than the average Christian. Because of their unique union with Jesus, they can bear the marks of Jesus on their body.
But the Catholic Church investigates each case to see if there are signs of diabolical activities before She puts her mark on any stigmata.

The first authentic stigmata in the History of the Catholic Church were that of St. Francis of Assisi. The man led a holy life and had many spiritual powers including bilocation, that is being in two places at the same time! When his life is presented to anti-Catholics, they will say that science have not developed properly then and so they would have no comments!

However, a modern day personality who had stigmata and was thoroughly investigated was Padre Pio of Peitricina in Italy. Many in the Catholic Church even doubted that the man had it really! They spent 50 years investigating him! Looking to see if the devil will manifest! They mapped his brain many times, pulled tricks on him, shouted at him and insulted him. The man remained calm. They sent priests to him to reprimand him and sanction him, silenced him but he remained silent. They took blood from the wounds and tested it and saw that the blood was not his own but belonged to a man in his early 30s!

We remember that Christ died in His early Thirties!

This Padre Pio was a gentle priest and monk who suddenly collapsed on a hot afternoon. People around him thought that he will definitely die. But by the time they revived him, the marks of Christ has appeared on his body and blood drifted from his skull. He got many gifts. He can bilocate, he can see the innermost thoughts of people around him, he can predict the future, he can heal people just at the touch of his hands. He was the most popular priest in Italy in the 1930s and 1940s. The officials of the Church humiliated him and he said nothing. Many rumors and lies were published about him in Italy but they all turned out to be lies.

When they scanned his brain, they found nothing abnormal. The man was perfectly healthy except that he is prone to asthmatic bronchitis which he suffered throughout his life!
When he was about to die, the wounds on Christ stopped showing and those places where the wounds used to show were perfectly healed without any scare!

When he died, numerous people obtained miracles just by touching his casket! Hundreds of thousands of people filed past his casket for weeks before he was buried. Italian government said that his death and burial was the most serious and hard to organize spiritual event in Italy!
A woman who has been blind all her life was cured. This woman had no retina so it was impossible for her to see. But on touching the casket containing the body of Pio, she instantly regained her sight without the retina! This woman has remained a medical marvel in Italy! How can someone have vision without retinas?

Surely Padre Pio is a Saint, probably by proclamation of the people!

The Novus Ordo false religion which is occupying the Vatican and which pretends to be the Catholic Church “canonized” Padre Pio invalidly in 2004!

When this false religion illegally was about to be “canonize” him, his body was exhumed and it was discovered that it has not decayed! That is, his body is in-corrupt! This is a man that died in 1961 at the age of 81!
Today his body is on display at the Church of St. Pio at San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy! Everyday, at least 7000 people go to see this incorrupt body every month. We are encouraged to go visit and see!
The story of Padre Pio puts a stop to many who doubt stigmata and may have now believed that those who have authentic stigmata are indeed holy men and women.

However, we should always remember that the devil can still use stigmata to deceive people!
Malachy Igwilo
Given on 12th May, 2016 on the feast Day of Sts. Nereus, Domitila, and Companions

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