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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

A Crash History of Demonic Possession!

In Christian Cosmology, it is believed that there was war in heaven 100 billion billon years ago(if we can indeed calculate such things)  when an Influential angel called Lucifer challenged the plan of the Almighty God to someday make angels adore a woman, a human being, as Mother of God!
This sounded like pure nonsense to Lucifer who controlled legions of angels numbering many billions! His own control of these angels was because he has a special gift for singing and composing of songs in praise of God and so he was called the son of light from where his name was derived! The main problem was how can he, Lucifer, son of the morning light bow down and obey a human being and a woman for that matter? Another reason why he was astounded is that he failed to grasp the reason that will make them adore this woman and what the woman will do!

If you know about angels in Christian cosmology you will know they are grouped in 7 groups, the archangels, thrones, Dominions, principalities, powers, cherubim and seraphim. Each of these groups is made up of billions of angels all dedicated to the pleasure of God.
So Lucifer moved round each group asking to know if anyone can decipher what is in the offing since he was not told. Many of those he asked were angry and some were ambivalent. But each liked Lucifer since his 10 billion angel choir was derived from the 7 groups.

After some times, Lucifer could stand it no more! He went to the archangels. These archangels are just 7 in number and they stand before the throne of God directly doing His almighty bidden and Lucifer is the 8th angel that comes and goes from the direct presence of God. The names of the archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sealtiel, Jehudiel, Barachiel, and Lechtiel. Even the archangels were clueless except Michael who is really the head of the archangels and had a slight premonition of what is to happen but have no details.

Lucifer entered the presence of God and started to cry and weep challenging God, showing his disappointment that such a great event is in the offing and no one told him and God was not about to tell him. 
He was angry.

He stormed out of the presence of God and organized the members of his choir to start a rebellion in heaven. 

He figured that he can defeat God since his powers were really immense and he knows everything God seemed to know. He knew every corner and content of creations and what is yet to be created, or so he thought. So he wanted to subdue God and take over heaven. Billions of angels supported this rebellion. Even many angels saw the huge gathering of angels from the 7 groups, they were afraid. Some billions of them decided to sit on the fence and to support whoever will win the coming battle.

At this juncture, Michael the archangel wept before God at the total insult against the Majesty of the Almighty. The subject of his cry was “who is like God” that any person will dare challenge him? So the almighty gave him unusual powers to fight against the rebelling angels. From then on his name meant “who is like God”.
Michael set out to organize his own people(angels). When the legions of angels sighted Michael dressed for battle, there were shouts of joy among the faithful angels. They all quickly dressed for the huge battle.
When the battle started, Lucifer himself was shocked to see the ferocity of Michael’s camp. Michael was not looking normal at all. He seemed extended and larger in appearance as if he was possessed by a force unknown to Lucifer. Lucifer knew that he may have made a mistake waging this war against God. But it was too late! His knowledge of God and his capabilities was limited. He immediately contemplated defeat but also wondered what will really happen to him since the angels are immortal beings but unknown to Lucifer, his coming punishment will be dire!
The war did not take very long, by evening, Lucifer and his nearly 50 billion rebellious angels were defeated and were banished from heaven. Around 10 billion angels that were sitting on the fence waiting to join the wining team were also banished with Lucifer to hell!

The members of the wining team where rewarded with the beatific vision! They saw God and glorified him singing Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty!

None of the banished angels and the whole angels in haven knew about the existence of hell. A great force simply pushed these fallen angels against their will into a lake of fire. As they fell, deafening cries and weeping were heard in heaven. Their glorious delicate and beautiful nature was transformed into something very ugly, something monstrous. No one can describe the new nature they took. But surprisingly, they remained like angels and had angelic intelligence.

Soon these fallen angels discovered they can be anywhere within creation without ever leaving hell! Many of them descended into the vast ocean to know if their inflamed bodies can cool, or to get solace, but to no avail.

Today, the billions of fallen angels have developed a new occupation for themselves!
They act as antagonists in humanity’s relationship with God. When God moves in one direction, the demons deceive humanity to move in another direction. The most fascinating tool used by the fallen angels is possession! They take over the will of the person, pervert it and use it to destroy the person for their own pleasure.

Science oriented humans dismiss the existence of the angels and demons. They simply submit that the idea of angels and demons as living beings are just imaginative fiction and cannot be substantiated. This particular mind set shows the hypocrisy of scientific thinking because science is limited to material aspects of reality and so when science makes definitive statements in an area it has no jurisdiction, it becomes hypocrisy!
Apart from this, there are numerous ideas about angels and demons in the various religions of the world. 

Some religions suggest that apart from angels, there are double beings that look like humans that serve as intermediaries between humans and angels and demons. Some have called these beings Jins. They live like humans in a sublime plane and humans cannot perceive them but the intimately perceive humans.
Stories like this make it impossible for people to really take much interest in angels and demons since there are many types of stories about them and so which one is the correct one?
The lack of acknowledgement of angels and demons serve the demons well since they have free reign in the world causing untold hardship for humans, especially they cause the mortal sin of apostasy in humans.
The most intensive area of interest as far as interference of demons is concerned is their ability to take up someone’s will.

A story is told about a teenage boy, Oliver with an avid interest in girls. He claimed that he would bed at least 10 girls before he goes to the College. But when he bedded a girl named McKenzie, his story changed. He noticed that he sleeps with McKenzie even at night in a dreamlike state. He hears Mackenzie talk to him as he goes around. If McKenzie wants to meet him, she will simply say something into the air, the boy will hear it wherever he is.
Both of them found the experience fascinating! They even enjoyed it and thought that they have this supernatural connection! Some of their friends experimented with it and were also fascinated.
But things came to a head when McKenzie had a Motorcycle accident. She likes to ride big Motorcycles! She will speed through freeways back and forth in a day. On one of those rides, she had a seizure! McKenzie has never had any kind of seizure before and had no history of epilepsy. She was on top speed when it happened and she crashed with her motorcycle.

As paramedics approached seeing the debris from 2 miles away, they braced for the worst. It appeared as if the motorcycle was disintegrating before it finally crashed. On getting to McKenzie, they were flabbergasted to see that there was not a single wound on her body! So they checked her pulse to see that she is alive and no bones were broken. So, they drove her to the hospital. Doctors did all they could, but she remained in coma or so they thought. She was breathing and her heart beat was normal and yet no vital signed could be measured since the machines could not detect anything from her. When one touches her, her body was warm showing she was alive but hospital equipment picked nothing from her body.

The parents were contacted and they came full of tears to the hospital. Experts were called in but none of them knew what was going on. They checked and recheck her, nothing. The Hospital chaplain was called in to admonish the parents, to really give them the patience to wait and see what will eventually happen. But as the chaplain approached, McKenzie woke up and started to insult the priest and there was uproar in the Hospital! As paramedics tried to restrain her, smoke was coming out of her body and no one was able to hold her down. She simply had a formidable strength! After roundly insulting the priest, she fell down on the bed and slept off again!

So the insulted priest now knows that the event they were witnessing was a case of possession! They went to search the girl’s room at home but they found nothing unusual except that they saw the game called Ouija Board in her cupboard. The priest took it with the permission of the parents of the girl.

The girl sleep for two more days and the hospital was agog with activities all concerned about the fact that the girl was not eating, efforts to intubate her was not working! Her friend Oliver has been very restless and was not able to communicate with her as usual. So after waiting for some days to know if there will be news, he went to visit the girl at home. On reaching there, he met some of their friends exchanging banter outside. 

When they narrated what happened to him, he fainted! Paramedics were called in. They tried to resuscitate him to no avail so they took him to the same hospital where McKenzie was.  On reaching the hospital, he woke up! But he was not allowed to leave his bed, more tests are needed to know why he was not able to wake up at initial resuscitation. When the tests came back, it was revealed that he was having some problems in his brain, particularly the area of the brain responsible for cognition, parietal lobe. But the doctors have never seen this type of problem in this area of the brain. So they called for further studies.

While they were at it, McKenzie woke up and walked straight to Oliver’s room and they started to discuss hysterically! People were amazed! How did McKenzie know that Oliver was in the hospital? Mystery! While they talked the priest chaplain entered the ward with two other priests! As soon as Oliver and Mackenzie saw the priests, they became violent! They started to fight the priests physically, throwing objects at them. Security personnel were called in but the priests were beaten thoroughly, glasses were broken, equipments were damaged. As security arrived, they could not hold the boy and the girl down. One of the priests, bleeding all over managed to open his Holy Water can and tried to sprinkle but the entire cover broke and the entire content poured on McKenzie, she fell down in fits and was screaming! Oliver collapsed at that instant and was taken back to his bed. The entire hospital was turned upside down!

All of a sudden, McKenzie stopped quaking and sat there on the floor. She was held up by security operatives and she calmly followed them back to her room. On getting to her hospital room, she wanted to speak with the priests. The priests bleeding from various places removed themselves from the nurses who were tying to help them and rushed to McKenzie’s room. There McKenzie narrated a gory story to them! She calmly narrated what was going on, her voice rising and falling. The hospital recorded the narration. McKenzie was talking as if she was a demon! She said that her mission was to posses people through sex! Once you sleep with her, and she likes you really, she will connect with you and you will never leave her again.

She said that she can possess any one through gifts! If you accept gifts from her, you will be possessed by her. If you wear her cloths you will be possessed by her. One of the priests asked her: what is your name? She said, Mechona! The priest asked again, is that your real name! She said yes. The priest asked, who McKenzie is, she responded, she is here with me, in prison! At this point, the hospital chaplain produced the Ouija Board and the girl became agitated again. While they were still talking, news was brought that Oliver was dead! The girl burst out laughing hysterically, suggesting that she was happy that she has got the boy, forever!

She then said that it was McKenzie that invited her in her life through the Ouija Board. The demon said she is 100 billon years old.

At this point, the priests decided to tie the girl down and perform the exorcism rite on her! The girl cooperated with them but then right after they finished tying her up, the entire rope came off mysteriously and the girl ran out of the hospital at great speed, high-jacked a car nearby and fled!
The local news station was agog with fascinating story of these events! Since the girl fled, no one has seen her since!
This story reads like fiction. But this happened indeed.

 Possession is a daily activity. Many of the people you meet are possessed with one demon or the other! But since it is an immaterial encounter, we humans we cannot fully understand what is going on. We can only theorize that this is what is happening. Many still ardently deny the possibility of being possessed. But denial of mysterious events as a non events is hypocrisy!

Possessions happen and the demons responsible are those angels expelled from heaven! St. Michael the archangel still fights off these Demons! So call on him always to help is you.

Written by Malachy Igwilo,
11th May, 2016 on the Feast day of Saints Philip and James.

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