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Monday, 23 May 2016

“Pope” Benedict XVI continues to lie to the world about Fatima!

While some people foolishly say that Josef Ratzinger was a good pope in the Catholic Church, evidence to the contrary abounds! Josef Ratzinger, who claimed to be Pope Benedict XVI is nothing but a red eyed heretic who is never a Catholic and was NEVER pope!

We know this because a heretic can never become pope! Ratzinger denied  Resurrection of Christ in his book “Jesus of Nazareth”, He denied the resurrection of the Body, an article in the Apostles Creed, He denied that ONLY Christ can save and believes that Jews are saved without Christ, he eulogizes false religions like Islam and Hinduism thereby suggesting that these need not convert to the one true Church, He refused to believe in conversion to the Catholic Church by non-Catholics, he believes that it is possible for consecration can take place at Mass without the actual words of consecration, he rejected infant baptism, he rejected real presence of Christ in Blessed Sacrament calling it “a limiting of God”. 

Infact, Benedict XVI’s heresies are too many that he is truly an apostate not just a heretic!

But the subject of this article is to draw attention to his latest shameless lies. As I wrote the other time, here:
showing that the Secret of Fatima released under anti-Pope John Paul II through Ratzinger and Bertone was a fake, evidences have emerged that indeed what was released back then in 2000 was a lie or at lest not the complete truth.

The web page One PeterFive (this is not and endorsement of 1Peter5) reported that a certain “Fr”. Dollinger, a “priest” professor in his old age and who is a personal friend of Ratzinger revealed that Ratzinger told him that there is more to the Third Secret that was not revealed. This elicited an “I know it” response from Fatimatists world wide who have always believed that the Third Secrete of Fatima revel by the Vatican in 2000 was a fake.

As this new was sinking in, the Vatican responded and denied everything claiming that Benedict XVI himself has denied he ever told “Fr” Dollinger anything about Fatima Secrete still remaining. The Vatican called Dollinger statement a “complete fabrication”!

 The Writer of the story, Dr. Maike Hickson, in One PeterFive placed a call to “Fr” Dollinger to confirm what he said earlier in the light of the response from the Vatican. Again, “Fr” Dollinger repeated himself insisting that Ratzinger told him that the secret was not completely revealed!

In the face of this claim and counter claim, who could be lying? The truth is Ratzinger is the liar here.

What “Fr” Dollinger said is not new. He had said it before telling the world that Ratzinger said that the Secret is still remaining. He said this many years ago when Benedict XVI himself was pontificating as the pope! Why didn’t Vatican issue a denial statement then? Even “Fr”. Paul Kramer, a known Fatima Advocate, reported the same in his article for the magazine, Fatima Crusader in 2009. Why didn’t the Vatican deny it then?

Also Benedict XVI while travelling to Fatima in 2010 said that in the Third secrete there was a mention of the “passion of the Church” and this is gradually taking shape! This idea was not part of the so called secret revealed in 2000. This means that indeed there remains a part of the third secret not revealed!

Again while at Fatima, on May 13th 2010, the same Benedict XVI said “we would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete”.

This means that indeed there is a secret remaining! We should remember that the secrete that was revealed by Ratzinger and Bertone under John Paul II suggested that the Secrete is about the 1981 shooting of John Paul II. If this is true, what does Benedict XVI mean by the above statement?

It simply means that Benedict XVI, apart from being an apostate, is a liar of the first degree!

First Our Lady will not come to Fatima to warn the world about the shooting of John Paul II in 1981 and said the secret should be revealed in 1960 so that the world will understand it better. This lie is known by the main propagators of Fatima worldwide.

Also, Ratzinger kept lying by suggesting that we will be mistaken if we thought the secret is complete. Yes. The secret is ongoing. But Ratinger did not reveal it making him a liar.

So, when Dollinger told One Peter Five about what Ratzinger told him personally and which was denied by Ratzinger, it shows again that Ratzinger is a liar and keep lying in his old age!

Ask yourself, how can a very old man who calls himself Benedict XVI be lying and remaining in his apostasy as he is apparently nearing his end?

This is what we do not know! Perhaps he has decided to die on the side of the devil instead of coming clean now by revealing the true secret and rejecting all his heresies publicly!

Those who keep calling him a Catholic should indeed be ashamed.

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, given on 23rd May 2016

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