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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Welcome to the Church of Mortal Sin!

“Everyone that putteth away his wife and marrieth another, committeth adultery” (Luke 16:18, Douay Rheims Bible)

He that knoweth his brother to sin a sin which is not to death, let him ask, and life shall be given to him, who sinneth not to death. There is sin unto death for that I say not that any man ask. All iniquity is sin. And there is a sin unto death” 1 John 5 16-17, Douay Rheims Bible)

On October 9th, 1958, Pope Pius XII died after a protracted illness. Many said he was poisoned with a poison called belladonna. There was some evidence of this poison after his death even though this was ignored by mainstream media. His lips turned pitch black and there was no one to give official explanation as to why. But the death of this pope ushered in a silent revolution in the Catholic Church leading to the total eclipse of the Catholic Church! In the last years of Pope Pius XII, the foot soldiers of the Devil, the Freemasons were locking all around him, influencing him towards making decisions that will favor them in their ugly plans to destroy the Catholic Church from within. The pope obliged them in some cases without knowing what he was doing. 

One of the clear cases of the evils of Freemasons around Pius XII Was “Cardinal” Bea who was acting as pope’s personal confessor. Unknown to this good pope, he was being used by a Freemason. It was Bea that invited Annibale Bugnini and presented him to Pius XII through the Montini connection. Mind you Montini was to claim later that he is Pope Paul VI. This Annibale Bugnini attempted to destroy the Roman Mass by tampering with the rite of the Mass. It was this tampering that resulted in a thoroughly truncated Missal of 1962 which SSPX and other quasi Traditional groups use today. It was also this same Bugnini, with the help of 6 protestant “ministers” that produced the ‘abomination of desolation’ called the Novus Ordo Mass which many who claim to be Catholic today attend every Sunday!

This is just a sample of the effects of Freemasons in the Catholic Buildings. They did not stop there. At the conclave to elect a successor for Pope Pius XII, a certain Cardinal Siri was elected. Then the unthinkable happened. Through the manipulations of “Cardinal” Tisserant, a Freemason, with the help of others from both outside and inside the conclave, the election of Cardinal Siri was nullified. This was a clear violation of the canon Law since papal resignation cannot be obtained by force or by manipulation.  Siri was forced to step aside and one Angelo Roncalli was elected as pope!

This is not possible since as a Freemason, Roncalli could not have obtained the papacy since those who associate with Freemasons are automatically excommunicated. Also, Roncalli was under censure for heresy. He was being investigated by the Holy Office for heresy and was asked to stop teaching theology at Lateran University. But somehow, this man managed to participate in a conclave to elect a pope through the cunning manipulation of his fellow foot soldiers, the Freemasons!

At the elections of Roncalli, he took the name John XXIII, a name of another anti pope and he himself became an anti pope! This election marked the foundation, that is the official foundation, of the Church of Mortal Sin! The true Catholic Church was relegated to the background. Her true hierarchy disbanded, not through any formal action, but by hand twisting them into participating in the heretical Church of Mortal Sin! Many of the true Church clergy retired, died or were murdered and the world continued as if there was no serious thing happening. After all, the world is against the Catholic Church. Now it has taken over the institutions of the Church for the good and work of Satan!

This Roncalli, went ahead to call a council called the Second Vatican Council. In this he is pretending to call a follow up to the previous council called Vatican I council that held from 29th of June 1868-20th October 1870. We know this is just a ruse. Vatican II has NO connection to Vatican I!

The Second Vatican Council served as the intellectual and spiritual backbone of the Church of Mortal Sin. It taught many heresies in its various documents which include collegiality, ecumenism, religious freedom, Jews are saved without Christ, and Church is Christ is not the Catholic Church, to name but a few.  During the preparation of the council, anti Pope John XXIII, that is Roncalli, personally asked that those theologians who are under censure from the Holy Office be made peritus, that is consultants at the council! Such theologians as Ratzinger (who later claimed to be Pope Benedict XVI), Hans Kung, Karl Rarhner, Chenu, Edward Shillebeeckx, Ives Congar, etc were brought in as consultants!

When other cardinals and bishops complained to Cardinal Ottavianni, the head of the Holy Office, he threw his hands in the air saying there is nothing he can do. Those were personally invited by the “pope”! So the false theologians went ahead to formulate the intellectual backbone for the Church of Mortal Sin. The first thing they did was to throw away the schemas developed by others which were meant to guide the council. 

They introduced their own schemas riddled with abomination and heresy!
While the council was on, Roncalli died and his friend and fellow foot soldier Montini was elected as anti pope. Montini made sure that the council was concluded and the havoc wrecked on the souls of Catholics who were misinformed. Millions of Catholics thought that the ongoing council was a Catholic council. But as news of the council continued to circulate with stories of wholesale heresies, people began to call for the end of this council. But Montini had other plans. He intended to see to the finial obliteration of the Catholic Church which is the mission of his organization, international Freemasonry.

When the council ended, Montini and his Hench men did not stop there, they made sure that the sacraments of the Catholic Church which were still administered in the Catholic buildings were banished and replaced with fakes, designed to look like the real thing. It was really Montini that saw to the physical and spiritual removal of the Catholic Church from the last Catholic building in the world.
The real Catholics remained and continued the faith in secret and in rented places. They continued to warn the world about the counterfeit Church occupying the Vatican and Catholic buildings world wide. But few listened.

The foot soldiers of the Church of Mortal Sin increased world wide while thousands of Catholic priests, nuns and brothers left their vocations thinking that the Church has come to an end. Unknown to these the Church, although small, and in hiding was alive! But the deed is done. Many parishes in Europe and America were left without priests to this day!

At the end of Montini’s false pontificate, Albino Luciano (John Paul I) was elected in this false line of popes, one of the heretics to boot but who wanted to stop the illicit and criminal financial dealings of Church of Mortal Sin. Some Hench men of this false church thought he has gone too far and may even be a threat to the mission of Church of Mortal Sin. So he was there removed permanently after just three months, giving way to the darling of the Church of Mortal Sin, John Paul II!

The devil’s protégée, Karol Wojtyla, a one time professor of philosophy, claiming to be Pope John Paul II was elected to drive home the intellectual bases of Church of Mortal Sin. He was there at the Vatican for nearly 27 years perpetrating evil after evil and sealing the fate of millions of souls, sending them to hell fire.

Meanwhile, the majority of those who think they remain Catholic see this man as saintly. Why? Because having been receiving the false and invalid sacraments of Montini, they are bereft of grace, they can barely recognize Catholicism. They, like lost sheep, accepted all the atrocities of John Paul II and those of his criminal predecessors as voice of Catholic hierarchy. They were lost.
After John Paul II came Ratzinger, another master manipulator who pretended to be Catholic in order to bring Catholics from hiding into the Church of Mortal Sin! He indeed got many of them into his false Church by publishing a letter called Sumnorun Pontificum, which suggested that the Mass of the Catholic Church was not abrogated and indeed can be celebrated within limits, within the Church of Mortal sin!

Many fell for this mischief and entered the Church of Mortal Sin, where they remain today. Many are still gearing up to enter. Remember that Benedict XVI was one of those heretics called to design the intellectual backbone of the Church of Mortal Sin at Vatican II council. He did his job well. He wrote many books and hundreds of articles in various errant Journals of theology, articulating for the intellect the Church of Mortal Sin. These books are with us. In those books he denied nearly all things Catholic and continued to behave as a Catholic priest, bishop and cardinal. Many thought him a Traditional Catholic. But he is NOT. He is another offspring of the Devil who resigned his pretended papacy in order to give room for another deceiver, Bergoglio who claimed to be Pope Francis!

Francis being a prominent hater of the Catholic Church, sought to attract more attention and love to himself by accepting everything humans do as “cool”! He refused to say that homosexuality is a mortal sin. He in fact says we should accept homosexuals as they are. ‘They are Children of God’, . “who am I to judge?” His actual mission is to end all things remaining Catholic in the Church of Mortal Sin.
He first of all rejected all things looking like Catholicism in the papacy of the Church of Mortal Sin, rejecting papal Zucchetto, papal red shoes, papal residence and papal protocols. Enemies of the Catholic Church called the man “humble” and “brave”. The world media jubilated that finally a true human being has gained the papacy! But unknown to ordinary people, such a man as Bergoglio CANNOT gain the Catholic papacy! He can only gain the papacy in the Church of Mortal Sin, is there is anything like that!

Recently, Bergoglio showed his true colors and the true colors of his false church. He published a paper he called “Apostolic Exhortation” Amoris Laetitia (the Joy of Love). But there is nothing apostolic in this long letter. It was a Tome of Sin due to its lengthy lettering, designed to hide its true intent.
In number 301 of this tome of sin, Bergoglio finally banished all the idea of sin from his false Church. This paragraph said:

“For adequate understanding of the possibility and need of special discernment in certain  “irregular” situations (that is homosexual marriages, cohabiting couples and divorced and remarried couples), one thing must always be taken into account lest anyone think that the demands of the Gospel are in any way being compromised. The Church possesses a solid body of reflection concerning mitigating factors and situations. Hence, it can no longer simply be said that all those in any irregular  situation are living in a state of mortal sin and are deprived of sanctifying grace”

Note that “irregular situation” here means homosexuals, cohabiting couples and divorced and remarried couples. In this very passage, Francis banished sin forever, from the magisterium of his Church of Mortal Sin. Those who think him Catholic were shocked! They complained and complained and wrote thousands of words on the internet condemning Francis. But they all failed to understand that Francis is following the rule of Satan and his false Church!
Those hapless individuals who are member of Francis Church were shocked, especially as NONE of Francis; foot soldiers, that is the thousands of false Bishops and priests they have installed world wide said anything to counter him. Some others, like “Cardinal” Burke, attempted a disaster control by saying that Francis is merely offering an opinion. But we know that this is just a bare faced lie coming from a liar who eats from the same table as Francis.

If Francis were a pope, each Catholic MUST follow his writings as part of his ordinary magisterium. But he is NOT the pope, thankfully. So Burke lied! Many others were told that Francis have not changed anything in the Catholic Church! But Francis himself denied these people and said that he has indeed changed things.

He has allowed divorced and remarried, homosexuals, cohabiting couples or any other person to receive communion in his Church of Mortal Sin! He said this himself while on his way from the Greek Island of Lesbos! What an irony! Lesbians can receive communion in Francis false Church since we cannot say they are living in Mortal sin! All is well. It is signed and sealed by Francis.
Listening to homilies throughout the Church of Mortal Sin, there is silence about the banishment of Mortal Sin by Francis. People simply filled the Churches of Mortal sin on a typical Sunday seemingly oblivious of what they are into! So, this silence means consent. It means that those who are with Francis are members of the Church of Mortal Sin, a Church where there is no sin! All are welcomed to participate in its life, without any repentance.
We must note that there is nothing Catholic in this Church of Mortal Sin so do NOT be Deceived!

While we acknowledge the existence of the Church of Mortal sin, tracing its beginning from 1958, we must also, acknowledge the reason for its existence.

The reason for its existence is to banish many millions of souls to hell! So those who have left the Church of Mortal Sin at one point or another, must now work to save people still trapped within it. As one of my friends put it, it is like watching a building burning while people are still trapped inside it. Those who have escaped the burning building must still, for the sake of Christian charity, try and embark on a rescue mission. This is a daily job. It is even more urgent today!

Malachy Mary Igwilo

Given within the Holy Octave of the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Husband of Blessed Virgin Mary, 19th April, in the year of Our Lord, 2016  

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