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Monday, 13 June 2016

The Sinner's guide

It is indeed heart breaking to see how sin is running freely in the world! From the homosexual revolution to the free sex ideas not to talk of the incessant killings and abortions going on in the world!

We see that we are in the reign of sin!

This book, Sinner’s Guide is a great book that everyone must read urgently to discover again the sense that sin offends God and put us all at risk of hell fire!

“Say to the just man, that it is well”; Isaias 3.10. This is a message from God, delivered by the prophet Isaias, to all the just; it is the shortest in words, and the most copious in bounty, that could have been sent.... This is the main subject I design, by the help of God, to treat of in this book, adding such rules and instructions as are proper to make a man virtuous. Accordingly, it shall be divided into two principal parts.

The first will show how much it is our duty to follow virtue, and the inestimable benefits and advantages we reap by so doing; the second shall treat of a virtuous life, and prescribe a method and directions for attaining it. For there are two things requisite towards making a man virtuous; the one is, that he really DESIRE to be such; the other, that he know HOW to compass it.

The first book shall answer the end of the former of these two points; the second, the latter; since, as Plutarch very well observes, 'those who excite us to virtue, and teach us not the way to it, are like those that light a lamp, but put in no oil to feed the flame'."

Venerable Louis of Granada was a Dominican of great sanctity and immense classical scholarship. This book is his tour de force analysis of the different categories of virtue, the means to obtain them, and the resulting fruits confidently to be expected. His writing style is plain, his meaning easily grasped, chapters are brief and well focused; thus this book successfully manages to be fun to read and edifying. Venerable Louis of Granada presents a clear map of man's inner moral terrain, and thus the book resembles a mandala - it helps you grasp the disparate parts of yourself and pull them together and coordinate them into a well-functioning organic whole.

“The motive I had to treat this subject was, that I saw most men extol virtue and follow vice, and conceived that, among many other causes which produced this evil, one was that such persons did not understand the nature and properties of virtue, looking upon it as harsh, barren, and dull; and, therefore, believing vice to be more delightful, they give themselves wholly up to it, utterly casting off virtue, which they suppose to be distasteful. Being, therefore, concerned to see mankind thus deluded, I resolved to take the pains here to describe the inestimable worth, amiableness, dignity, and beauty of this heavenly spouse, and to make appear how little she is known, that this might undeceive and induce them to fall in love with what so well deserves it. For if it be true, that virtue is one of the most excellent things in heaven or on earth, and which best merits love and esteem, it is a great misfortune that man should so little know, and keep at such a distance from this great good; and therefore he does the public signal service who endeavors to restore this lady to her honor, and seat her on her royal throne, since she is sovereign queen and mistress of all things.”

Buy this book urgently here and read

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua 13th June 2013

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