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Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Vatican Continues to send out Fake Bishops worldwide!

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Despite the fact that Giovanni Montini, a Freemasonic infiltrator who people know as “pope” Paul VI invalidated the Rite for Consecrating Bishops, the Vatican continues to use this fake rite in “consecrating” Bishops as if it is of no consequence. The consequence is that the official Catholic Church has ended. Find out more here: 

The office of the Bishop is actually of the Apostles. A Catholic Bishop is a successor of the Apostles not by mere proclamation but through specific rites that will make the person in question a Bishop. Each Catholic Bishop is descended from the apostles both historically and spiritually.

There is NO such thing as a non-Catholic Bishop. All the people calling themselves “Bishop” are false prophets since they are not descended from the apostles.

To make this link certain, the Church uses the apostolic “laying of hands” to consecrate Bishops. This laying of hands is accompanied with some words or prayers that make the spiritual connection to the apostles certain. If one changes these particular prayers, or changes the meanings of the prayers, the person intended for the consecration will not be a Bishop and those he ordained priests or deacons are not priests or deacons. All acts he performs are null and utterly void.

Yet we see thousands o these fake sent out world wide to keep up with the charade and continue to pretend that they are members of the apostolic succession. But nothing could be further from the truth!

The enemies of the Church know this and so in 1968, Paul VI in keeping with the Masonic mission to destroy the Catholic Church changed the rite of consecrating Bishops.  This means that ALL those made “bishops” in the Novus Ordo religion since 1968 are fakes!

Many people will doubt this fact because, Montini claimed to be pope and he was seen as a pope by the whole world! Even now, his false religion is in the process of declaring him “saint” in order to seal the blindness in people.

But in actual fact, Paul VI was the most dangerous person ever to usurp the papacy thereby deceiving the world. But God is never deceived. Those who agree that Paul VI was pope are heretics and so are not Catholics!

ALL the “bishops” sent or “consecrated” on the “authority” of the Vatican are FAKE bishops. The Vatican keeps sending out fake “bishops” to occupy Catholic dioceses worldwide and each of these people pretend to be Catholics and they keep spreading heresies and scandalizing the people!

So the “Bishop” in your Diocese who claimed to have jurisdiction in that diocese is a FAKE!

If you insist he is bishop, then you are a heretic with him!
This is sheer unbelievable for people just as it is unbelievable! But a fact is a fact no matter the few that knows it!

Why then is your “Bishop” a fake and a heretic?
Pope Pius XII, encyclical Sacramentum Ordinis, released on Nov. 30, 1947, insisted that certain words MUST be part of consecrating a Bishop. There words are:

Complete in Thy priest the fullness of Thy ministry, and adorned in the raiment of all glory, sanctify him with the dew of heavenly anointing.”

With Pius XII’s mention of “the fullness of Thy ministry… raiment of all glory” this traditional form unequivocally signifies the power of the episcopacy, which is the “fullness of the priesthood.”

Contrast this with what is in the Paul VI rite:

“So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing Spirit whom you gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by Him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name.”
This new form does not unequivocally signify the power of the episcopacy. The phrase “governing Spirit” is used to refer to many things in scripture or tradition (e.g. Psalm 5:14), but it doesn’t unequivocally signify the powers of the episcopacy. A sacramental rite must unequivocally state what it intends to confer. Therefore, the new form is of gravely doubtful validity.

In fact, there is no clear statement in the consecration rite that shows that a bishop is being consecrated. Anything that will signify that a Catholic Bishop who is to judge, interpret, ordain and confirms, in line with the works of a Catholic bishop has been removed by Paul VI!

For instance in the Traditional Rite of Consecration, the consecrator instructs the bishop elect in the following terms: "A bishop judges, interprets, consecrates, ordains, offers, baptizes and confirms."

This instruction has been abolished by Paul VI.

In the Traditional Rite, the bishop-to-be is asked to confirm his belief in each and every article of the Creed.

This has been abolished.

In the Traditional Rite, the bishop-to-be is asked if he will "anathematize every heresy that shall arise against the Holy Catholic Church."

This has been abolished.

The deletion of this requirement to anathematize heresy is significant, for this is indeed one of the functions of a bishop. But Paul VI and his foot soldiers care less about heresy. Indeed today, the fake bishops sent out by the Vatican are the ones spreading heresies in full hands!

Look at this central prayer in the Traditional Catholic consecration rite:

"Give him, O Lord, the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven... Whatsoever he shall bind upon earth, let it be bound likewise in Heaven, and whatsoever he shall loose upon earth, let it likewise be loosed in Heaven. Whose sins he shall retain, let them be retained, and do Thou remit the sins of whomsoever he shall remit... Grant him, O Lord, an Episcopal chair..."

This entire prayer has been abolished in the Paul VI Rite.

We see that Paul VI’s New Rite of Episcopal Consecration has a radically different form, that is words of consecration, from what Pius XII declared in Sacramentum Ordinis, that was necessary for validity. The new form does not unequivocally signify the powers of the episcopacy.

The New Rite of Episcopal Consecration cannot be considered valid, since doubtful matter or form is considered invalid.

So next time you meet a fake Bishop, do not make to kiss his ring or give him respect as if he were a bishop. He is clearly a fake and so cannot demand our respect.

Given by Malachy Mary Igwilo, within the Holy Octave of Corpus Christi, 2nd June 2016 on the feast day of St. Marcelinus and His companions

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