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Monday, 13 June 2016

The Novus Ordo Mass is NOT Catholic! 1

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Novus Ordo Mass is the mass that is said IN EVERY Catholic parish worldwide! But of course the Catholic Church has been eclipsed and the Catholic parishes are occupied by the clergy of the counterfeit Church which was established in 1958 at the false election of Roncalli (anti pope John XXIII) to the papacy. For more on this click here. It was a mass crafted to pander on the sentiments of Protestants. This is why protestants where invited to participate in crafting it. It is the “Mass” of the Devil! No Catholic can attend it!.

Many people attend the Novus Ordo Mss without knowing that it an outright sacrilege that GIVES INSULT TO THE DIGNITY OF God.
Every Sunday, Those who thought that they are Catholics run to these sacrilegious ‘Masses” and then call themselves Catholics!
There are many reasons why the Novus Ordo Mass is evil but we shall look at just on aspect now which is that the there is nothing Catholic in Novus Ordo Mass since it broke with the identity of the Catholic Church.

According to the Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology, the Catholic Church teaches that “the Last Supper was a true sacrifice” as was confirmed by the prophecy of Malachi. The Dictionary stated that the prophet Malachi predicted a sacrifice whose characteristics of holiness and universality are verified only in the Mass, and by Tradition which, by its liturgical praxis and open testimonies of the Fathers, assures us of the will of Christ to institute a real and proper sacrifice to endure to the end of the world (I Cor. 11: 26)

Pope Saint Pius V, used his power as pope to codify the Tridentine Mass to be celebrated in “perpertuity”. This does not means that the Mass came just from Pius V. There is evidence that the core of the mass, that is transubstantiation, has been with the Church since Apostolic times. But Pius V in response to the heresy of Luther and Henry VIII, and in response to the many different ways of celebrating he Mass, codified and MNADATED the existing Mass in to other to assure Catholic unity and solid irreproachable faith! For the full text of Pius V bull Quo primum, which codified the Tridentine Mass, click here

But the enemies of the Church know also that in order to destroy the Church, you have to first destroy the Mass. Once the Mass is destroyed, all sorts of atrocities will be possible as we are surely witnessing today!

The Man who has been confirmed to be a Freemason, and whose mission is to destroy the Church, “Archbishop” Annibale Bugnini attempted to obliterate the Tridentine Mass as being the "only" legitimate form of Mass in the Latin Rite. He had the chance to knock out both "the Mass," and "Tradition." A great victory for those enemies whom St. Pius V wanted to avoid! After the work of the Devil, in creating he Novus Ordo Mass, with the help of Protestants, Bugnini boasted that the Novus Ordo is “a major conquest of the Catholic Church”. So here Bugnini is confirming the fact that the Novus Ordo Mass was designed to “conquer” or destroy the Catholic Church! For more on the quest for Freemasons to destroy the Catholic Church, click here.

It surely true that anti pope, Paul VI sought to un-codify the Mass, through Bugnini, because in the absence of the true Mass, without its "sacrifice," and without "Tradition," Satan's smoke could come in through the windows. Today, the “Smoke of Satan: is everywhere is the formerly Catholic Churches and parishes.

St. Vincent de Paul, who lived in the times of the enforcement of the Quo primum of Pius V, observed how in France the unification of the ceremonies was necessary. Actually, in his work Conversations, he testified “to the ugliness and diversity of Mass ceremonies, and to once having seen eight priests saying Mass in eight different ways”. Bugnini's evil mass can be performed in countless ways as a “licit” (exactly the way it was crafted) liturgy, not to mention the illicit ones (the various experiments by “priests”.

There are many funny ways of celebrating the mass of Bugini seen in the parishes worldwide. Many dance and clap, others sit down all through, some stay round the table, some use guitars, some simply do luncheons during “mass”, etc. On this countless models of celebrating this evil Mass, Fr. Bryan Hougton correctly observes:

“If every licit combination of four canons, back and front, silent and audible, sung and said, Latin and vernacular in part or whole, High, concelebrated and Low, with and without lay participation in varying degrees, and so on, if all these were taken into account, there would be some 250 rites which, multiplied by an odd thousand languages and dialects, would give a quarter of a million licit forms of Mass... The fact is that Christian prayer is a supernatural act directed by the supernatural gift of faith. It is not a process of natural reasoning. By reducing the supreme prayer of the Mass to the human activity of intellectual understanding, there is a grave danger of teaching the faithful how not to pray”.

I think that the proposition that the Novus Ordo is evil can be demonstrated. Let me do it deductively and inductively.

The deductive syllogism applies Aristotle’s law of identity (7). It follows:
  • The Tridentine Mass causes unity.
  • The Novus Ordo Mass causes excessive diversity.
  • Now then, unity is a mark of the identity of the Church.
  • Therefore, the Tridentine Mass is according to the identity of the Church, while the Novus Ordo is destructive of her identity.
Turning to an inductive argument, one can verify experimentally that the application of the New Mass caused the Church to lose her historical identity and become increasingly similar to heresies that she had combated before, in particular Protestantism!

According to words attributed to anti pope Benedict XVI regarding the Third Secret of Fatima, it “warns there will be an evil council,” and warns “against making changes in the liturgy”. Yet the alleged release of the secret in 2000 mentions nothing about an evil council or changes in the liturgy.

The Tridentine Mass was locked up de facto since 1970 within the Novus Ordo structure. In July 2007 anti pope Benedict XVI issued a motu proprio allowing the Tridentine Mass in certain conditions, in the Novus Ordo Mass. But we know that Catholics cannot attend these indult Tridentine Masses since they are invalid having been said by invalid priests.

Despite these pretences by Benedict XVI,  the evil Novus Ordo remains as the major form of worship in the Novus Ordo religion.

Those who insist on going to Novus Ordo Mass usually say that it is impossible that Novus Ordo Mass is evil since good people who they consider saints celebrate it. People like John Paul II , of unfortunate memory, and others celebrate this abomination deceiving people.

But we must Our Lord warned us about “false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matt. 7: 15).

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