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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The Naked “Pope” Francis!

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It is just a metaphor to say that Mr. Jorg Bergoglio is naked! Yes, he is naked in public! We have seen him clearly as an apostate, a dictator and a supporter of pedophilia! 

He even beatified a pedophilia despite evidences! He has asked those who call themselves Catholics to seek the intercession of a pedophilia!

How many evils of Francis can we count before we can convince people that this pretender is a non-Catholic apostate! Truth be told, the sins do not make him a non-Catholic! What make him a non-Catholic are his heresies and apostasies which he proclaims nearly everyday!

Yet, people in their right senses call him “Holy Father”, “Pope”, “Vicar of Christ’….what insult tour Lord!

You may recall that Francis the dictator wanted to silence one of his invalid bishops in Chile! Apparently, the man tried to cover up a pedophilia with the support of Francis but when the new broke, Francis wanted to save him own face and punish the poor fellow whom he forced to resign!
As Francis visited Chile where he continued to deceive people that he is “pope”, a journalist asked him, in public about this cover up! He became visibly angry! The face of Francis, red with anger went round the world! Francis then said that the blame is on the Chilean “Bishops’’! This prompted the entire Chilean 34 “Bishops” to resign! They all decided to go since, according to Francis, they are hiding pedophilia!

What a game! I just love this drama! It shows us the rotten meat that is Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion where millions are perishing!

The latest is that a woman has accused Francis again, in a spectacular way that he DIRECTLY tried for cover up a “priest” who sexually abused his son!
The import of this story is that since Francis asked those who has been accused of pedophilia to resign, he himself should take a lead and resign from pretending to be “pope’!  He should take the lead!

Here is the latest Story as was written by Tradition in Action who, by the way, sees Mr. Bergoglio as pope! So this article although calls Francis “pope”, we all know that a non-Catholic like Mr. Bergoglio cannot be pope in the Catholic Church!

“On May 26, 2018, journalist Marco Tosatti from La Stampa in Turin, Italy, posted an article on his website Stilum Curiaereporting the involvement of Pope Francis in a cover-up for a pedophile priest in Buenos Aires when he was Archbishop of that city. The article refreshed some little-known old data reported by the Spanish blog Publico. Soon after, however, Tossatti's article was removed from that site, probably due to pressure from the Vatican.

Nonetheless, his full article had been transcribed by another Italian website – Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

The case history & cover-up

In May 2013, the Appeals Tribunal of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, confirmed a sentence by the City Court condemning the Diocese to pay US $27,000 (115,600 pesetas) to a victim of pedophilia to compensate for his psychological treatment and the moral damage he suffered.

Soon after in that same May 2013, the Spanish blog Publico highlighted the the case of a 15-year-old Argentinian – Gabriel Ferrini – who had been abused by Fr. Ruben Pardo in 2002. Immediately after being sexually violated, the youth reported the crime to his mother, Beatriz. She went to the Bishop of Quilmes, Luis Teodorico Stöckler.

The Diocese of Quilmes is subordinate to the Province of Buenos Aires whose Archbishop at that time was none other than Jorge Bergoglio. Bishop Stöckler called the priest to confront him with the accusation. Pardo acknowledged the abuse before the Bishop 96 hours after the abuse took place.

Since the Bishop delayed in punishing the priest, Beatriz Varela tried to communicate with Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio. However, he refused to receive her and ordered his bodyguards to prevent her from entering his residence. Symptomatically, at the same time the Archbishop of Buenos Aires was hosting the pedophile priest in a comfortable residence under his jurisdiction.

The abuse took place on August 15, 2002. Beatriz Varela was a worker in a diocesan school of Quilmes. She had asked the vicar of the local parish, Fr. Ruben Pardo, to instruct her two sons in the truths of the Catholic Church. The priest went to her house and, after giving some classes there, told Beatriz that he would continue the instruction in the church providing that Gabriel spend the night there. He also told the mother that in this way the youth could serve his early morning Mass. 

With his mother’s consent, the youth went to the rectory for the class. That evening, Pardo invited Gabriel to sleep with him in his bed. The youth first interpreted the gesture as a paternal invitation, until the moment when the priest actually violated him sexually. Gabriel reported: “I knew he was violating me but I couldn’t think of how to avoid it, because I was in shock and very afraid.”

When the priest ended the abuse and fell asleep, Gabriel slipped out and ran back to his house and reported what had happened to his mother. Beatriz went straight to Bishop Luis Stöcker. She stated: “Initially, he showed consternation, but, as the time went by, he did not take any action.” Instead, she continued, the Bishop “tried to minimize the case, saying that I had to be merciful with persons who chose celibacy as a vocation because they have moments of weakness.”

Beatriz told the Bishop that she wanted “truth, justice and the guarantee that such a thing would not happen to anyone else.” The Bishop then threatened to cut her employment. “I worked for a school in the Diocese,” she said, explaining her difficult situation.

Next, Beatriz had recourse to the Church Tribunal, whose president “refused to accept the denunciation.” Fifteen days later, she was interviewed by four priests “who submitted me to a humiliating interrogation with lascivious and tendentious questions, as if I were the one who had induced the abuse, when they knew for sure that the abuser had admitted the fact 96 hours after the episode before the Bishop, who reprimanded him.”

The mother of the victim also went to the Archdiocese, the residence of Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio. He refused to receive her and sent his security guards to expel her from the property. Soon afterwards, she learned that Fr. Ruben Pardo was a guest at the Vicar’s House in the Flores neighborhood, directly dependent on the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. She observed: “Bergoglio was aware of this situation because no one can be installed in the Vicar’s House without the authorization of the Archbishop.”

She boldly accused Pope Francis: “This is Bergoglio’s compromise: He speaks against cases of pedophilia in the Church, but uses hypocrisy, lies and complicity to cover them. He does not care about God and society.”

Then, she made a more general censure: “In the Church everyone knows and everyone keeps silent; thus, all are accomplices.”

She also mentioned other cases she knew about: “There were priests who were transferred to the Archdiocese of Cordoba after I made the denunciation. Last Friday a desolate mother called me because her 4-year-old daughter had been violated by those two priests, who still work in the school. … Other children are still at risk.” The mother of the abused girl did not want to go to press, but she did start a lawsuit against the priests.

Regarding the final verdict of the Appeals Tribunal and the Court of Quilmes, she also had bitter memories: “When the priest who abused my son died [of AIDS in 2005], the process disappeared for two years. When the lawsuit fell into the risk of expiring [by the statute of limitations], my son tried to commit suicide. He had to be interned for one-and-a-half months in a psychiatric clinic. No amount of money can compensate for what we have suffered.”

The son, Gabriel Ferrini, also had an opinion on the sentence: “The verdict established a judicial precedent and can help other victims so that it will not be so difficult for them to find a solution.

“It is necessary to take action because many people are afraid or too ashamed to denounce and quarrel with someone in clerical garb.”

This is the case that came to light at the end of May, when Marco Tossati highlighted the sentence by the Appeals Tribunal of Quilmes declaring the Diocese of Quilmes guilty of pedophile abuse.

This case resurfaced at the very moment when Pope Bergoglio was being besieged by public indignation over his nomination of and cover-up for Bishop Barros in the Diocese of Osorno, Chile. So, following his old pattern of action, Bergoglio apparently sent his “security guards” to threaten the Italian journalist who was trying to make these data public.

Years ago in Buenos Aires he used the same strong arm system against Beatriz Varela; now in Rome he seems to be using an identical procedure with Marco Tossati. Let me help to expose this plot, if it exists. I do not like “security guards” used for this purpose. They remind me of the methods of All Capone. Further, I believe it is time for us Catholics to become aware of what the “honest, pure, merciful and humble” procedures of our Holy Father really are”. 

We see that we have before us a Devil’s science and yet people say he is “pope”! Wait until a Muslim becomes pope as well! People will do nothing! They will cook things up to justify it as they are justifying Francis now! God help us all. Amen.

Presented by Malachy Igwilo, 3 July 2018, feast of St. Leo.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Imitation of “Saints” in Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion!

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As is now public knowledge, Mr. Jorg Bergoglio, aka Francis will “canonize” the homosexual Anti-pope, Paul VI soon!

Making a statement about this “canonization”, Francis joked that he and Benedict XVI are next in line for “canonization” as far as “canonizing” Vatican II anti-popes are concerned!

This joke says a lot about why Novus Ordo is “canonizing” or “Beatifying” all the Novus Ordo anti-popes with their non-Catholic canonization process! So this impeding “canonization” comes as no surprise since the Second founder of new religion masquerading as Catholicism needs to be promoted to sainthood to boast the legitimacy of the apostate religion. It seems that it is Benedict XVI and Francis that will “canonize” ALL the anti-popes of Novus Ordo and after Francis “canonizes” Benedict XVI, another anti-pope will “canonize” Francis! Who knows? We simply sit and keep watching the trajectories of this false religion!

In canonizing the founders of the Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion, Benedict XVI and Francis enforce the supposed holiness of their founding work.

We see the real Catholic Church doing the same thing by canonizing the founders of the great orders in the Church such as Sts. Francis, Dominic, Ignatius, and Alphonsus Liguori. Joining orders founded by great saints are naturally encouraged because their orders are their holy works.

The point is that we want to imitate the lives of saints, as recommended by the Church, for the reasons they were made saints.

The Franciscans, for example, embody the spirit of the life of St. Francis. The same goes for the Dominicans, Jesuits, and Redemptorists. Can you name one saint before Pope Pius XII who did wicked things after his conversion which would call into question whether he should be a saint at all?

When we look at the lives of saints, we are given examples of how to live as Catholics. We may not be able to do the extraordinary things like fly around and fast for 40 days three times a year as St. Joseph Cupertino or bilocate like St. Mary Agreda, but we can and should imitate their works of mercy.

Now we come to the “saints” of the Vatican II popes. Several years ago before John Paul II was “canonized”, many objections were raised by even come members of Novus Ordo religion and those who are not really in Novus Ordo but are also not in the Catholic Church, the so-called semi-traditionalists! But ALL the objections were ignored studiously and the call of “santo sobito” was realized in John Paul II, Novus Ordo style! 

Think about this. “SAINT” John Paul II practiced Zoroastrianism with a Priestess of that religion in 1986. 

He invited the world’s pagan leaders to pray to their false gods for world peace TWICE at Assisi in 1986 and 2002.  

He approved altar girls by law and said they “enrich the liturgy.” 

He stated in 2000, “May St. John the Baptist protect Islam.” 

In 1989, he denied the dogma on the literal descent of Christ into hell teaching that this phrase in the creed was metaphorical for death, the separation of body and soul. 

Read what “Saint” John Paul II told an imam of Islam on February 24 2000:  

“Grand Sheikh, Islam is a religion. Christianity is a religion. Islam has become a culture. Christianity has become also a culture… I thank your university, the biggest center of Islamic culture. I thank those who are developing Islamic culture…” (L’Osservatore Romano, March 1, 2000, p. 5.)

This is a culture that blasphemes the Most Holy Trinity while misleading literally a billion people away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Great!

Keeping in mind the imitation of the lives of saints, does this mean it should be okay and praiseworthy to worship in false temples, with false religions, love altar girls, pray that Islam be protected, and deny dogmas since a “saint” and “pope” did so until he died?

Now there’s going to be a “SAINT” Paul VI, who publicly wore the Jewish Ephod* in place of the Pectorial Cross thereby affirming the priesthood of Judaism, denied a dozen dogmas by signing Vatican II documents, invented sacraments, and he even placed his papal ring on the Anglican archbishop and invited him to bless the faithful in St. Peter’s Square.

We truly have to wonder what a person would have to do short of murder, adultery, and grand theft not to be qualified for sainthood in the Vatican 2 religion.

Since canonization is an infallible act by the pope who is not bound by any law to do so, how can one reconcile the “canonizations” of the Vatican II anti-popes with the Catholic Faith?

How can a Catholic in good faith recognize as saints men whose works were abominable, and if imitated, would be mortally sinful?

Ofcourse such is impossible! But then millions of people trapped inside Novus Ordo will dismiss the evils of these non-saints and continued to refer to them as “saints”! That is the way it is! You need to be blind to remain in Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion!

Presented by Malachy Igwilo, 15th of June 2018, Feast of St. Vitus and St. Modestus


“Now then, the breastpiece was a prominent Jewish emblem. It symbolically represented the twelve tribes of carnal Israel at the ritual celebrations. Nothing, then, justifies the wearing of this ritual object by a Pope, its visible head of the new people of God, the children of the New Covenant. Even the fact that no previous Pope during the 2,000-year history of the Church has ever worn this ritualistic object of religious Judaism, seems to demonstrate that there is an absolute incompatibility between the profession of our Catholic Faith and the wearing of the ephod or “breastplate of judgment,” thoroughly described in the Exodus as characteristic and exclusive of the Levitical high priest.

Since Paul VI wore it publicly, we have the right, and moreover, a grave obligation of conscience to investigate why…John Baptist Montini wears the breastpiece because in his heart, rather than a Pope, he is a Levitical high priest. Consciously or unconsciously, only God knows, he seems to be associated with international Judaism, its mighty leaders, and its destructive tools of Communism and Masonry. On the other hand, in his genealogical line of ancestors we find actual roots of Jewish origin, just as in the cases of other cardinals, monsignors, and theologians who have masterminded this dreadful revolution in God’s Church.” 

(Fr. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, S.J. PHD., The New Montinian Church, 1971 A.D. pp. 302-303),
View at: 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Shame to the Soul Killer John Paul II: Your Apology was Appalling!

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Sometime ago on June 15 2004, the Apostate in Chief of Novus Ordo/Vatican II religions released a document called Tertio millennio adveniente, accusing the Catholic Church of having committed series of Atrocities especially during the Inquisition era and which requires a solemn and official apology to the victims and the world!  He went ahead to do “mea culpa” on these imagined “sins of the Church”!

But John Paul II as a non-Catholic apologized for nothing but he was trying to join heretical Protestants and other haters of the Catholic Church in suggesting that the Catholic Church, the Holy Bride of Christ committed atrocities as an institution and therefore apologies are needed!

But we know the truth now! The Catholic Church has no need to apologize for anything! Indeed it is the World, including John Paul II of the most unfortunate memory that should apologize to the Church for centuries of calumny and defamation.

Twenty years or more ago, the then Grand Apostate. “Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger, who later claimed to be “Pope Benedict XVI” as head of the Novus Ordo Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, decided to open up to  world scholars the secret Vatican archives on the Inquisition, including records of the Index of Forbidden Books. It was the last Vatican secret archive never opened, supposedly because it was filled with many “bogeymans” and “evidences of cruelty” on the part of the Church and the Church was hiding these in the archives!

Mind you the archives are Catholic archives and Josef Ratzinger had no rights to tamper with it. But as part of the Masonic takeover of the Catholic buildings and offices, the archives fell into the hands of the more abominable people! 

The world media celebrated this opening saying “What courage and openness on the part of the Church”! This is how the news media raved back then in 1998 over the decision to make this supposed ominous chest of bad deeds public.

For the results would undoubtedly reveal the abuses of power, arbitrary judgments and cruel unjust sentences made by fanatical Inquisitors. Research would divulge a shameful past demanding reparation, which would justify the formal apologies for the Inquisition issued by the grand Apostate, john Paul II, along with the many informal ones made by the anti-Popes after him. This was what was supposed by many haters of the Church and those influenced by the myth that the Church was evil.

The decision to open the 4,500 volumes of documents dating from 1542-1903 was also made as one way to repair the Vatican's supposed suspect image of secrecy .“We know all the sins of the Church,” Card. Ratzinger dryly said at the time. ''And I hope more will not be added to them.” Apparently, Ratzinger himself was also supposing that the Church will further be diminished as part of his and his religion’s push to obliterate the Catholic Church from the Earth.

The clear insinuation of Ratzinger was that, to the known “sins of the Inquisition,” others would be added, no doubt shaming the Church but also showing the Church's willingness to undertake the general "examination of conscience" that John Paul II had demanded. Another step in the idiotic idea of  “purifying the Church” and bringing her up to date with the modern world, a continuation of  Aggiornamento of the apostate, John XXIII.

When the news was released that the archives would be opened, there was little doubt in the mind of most churchmen and scholars that the investigation would produce a dismal fallout for the Vatican.

Since the 16th century, the Inquisition in popular consciousness and myth industry, with no objection from the Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion, has been presented unrelentingly by Protestants, Jews, Illuminati and their cohorts, as a Church organ with enormous powers that tortured its victims to get forced confessions and then burned those she called heretics at the stake.

According to this famous Black Legend the main targets of this monstrous institution called the Inquisition, were Protestants, Jews and scientists like Galileo.- The invention of the printing press came at the right time to facilitate the spread of this harmful reputation about the Church everywhere.

The recently opened archives of the Inquisition concerned primarily the Holy Office of the Roman Inquisition founded in 1542 by Pope Paul III to be a central organ of the Holy See to battle the Protestant Revolution. Since it was pontifical, it had universal jurisdiction, although it allowed the Spanish Inquisition to exercise its own powers. For the Novus Ordo religion, the very name Inquisition was so reprehensible that the name Holy Office was replaced by the so-called “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”.

Now finally, after 20 years of meticulous study, by scholars who were not even Catholics, the results of 40 scholars delving into the archives of the real, not imaginary, Inquisition were released in an 800-page tome.

The startling news published in a silent article in L'Osservatore Romano(May 19, 2018, p. 5) was that the Inquisition was in fact a good and fair tribunal, not the dark horror chamber invented by the Black Legend. If it were about denigrating the Church this “pope’s” newspaper would have shouted more! But not it tactically buried the news inside the pages to prevent it from being known!

Twenty years of studies on the central archives of the Holy Office have shown that in fact the Church has nothing to apologize for.

In the concluding reports of the three day Congress of studies (May 15-17), the participating scholars declared that the evidence of the Inquisition's history did not correspond to the negative image presented by 19th century romantic novels, 20th century cinematography and the general media of our days. The legend that has become the mandatory “objective history” presented by almost all school history books was effectively debunked. John Paul II should be turning in shame in his grave! Just like John XXIII was found faced down in his grave when he was called out for the Novus Ordo false canonization!

Following its modernist and heretical orientation, the article in the Vatican newspaper reporting on the Congress tried to mute these stupendous results. It barely reported the implications of these findings.

It emphasized instead the historic method the scholars employed to analyze the data.
But it is clear that the researchers were unable to report cases of injustices, abuses, arbitrary actions and tortures. If they could have found such incidents of prejudice and cruelty, I have no doubt the report of their conclusions would have been on the front page of the Vatican newspaper to confirm the constant remorse the Novus Ordo anti-Popes have shown for the Inquisition.

What the scholars found, however, was that the Roman Inquisition was rightly considered the fairest and most balanced court of its day, prefiguring in many ways the modern court system. It was born not from a cruel and unjust intolerance, but from the need to provide fair trials for persons accused of heresy using laws of evidence and presided over by highly qualified judges. For example, any defendant could have an attorney, a right not yet introduced in secular courts at the time.

This favorable view had already being presented by many modern scholars like John Tedeschi, whose research had led him to the conclusion that the Roman Inquisition was “actually a very advanced tribunal and dispensed a very high level of law in 16th century terms.”

The scholars who entered the Vatican archives came to much the same conclusion. As this new report confirms, most persons accused of heresy by the Inquisition were either acquitted or their sentences suspended. Those found guilty of grave error were allowed to confess their sins, do penance and be readmitted to the Sacraments. Unrepentant or obstinate heretics were excommunicated and handed over to secular authorities. It was the secular authorities that held heresy to be a capital offense and issued the final sentence, not the Catholic Church.

The images of witch-hunting are caricatures and lies.

Now, whoever goes to the archives, instead of relying on Black Legend fabrications and myths, will find an unexpected truth: The real Inquisition was a praiseworthy judicial institution. By the way, serious historians did not need to wait for the archives to be opened: Even the BBC, a modernist mouth piece (as you can read here) has had the honesty to present a new notion of the Inquisition based on already available evidence.

One would expect that these unexpected good results of 20 years of meticulous research on the Inquisition would be a hot topic in the Catholic press. The truth is that the thee-day Symposium held in Rome was summarized in a short article on page 5 in the L'Osservatore Romano; nothing more. No exultant titles in the Catholic organs “Inquisition vindicated! “John Paul II needed not apologize”, etc. such headlines did not come up! There was just general silence!

Also, I doubt we should expect  Mr. Bergoglio to nullify the past Novus Ordo apologies for sins the Church did not commit. If he were a just man, he would do so. But of course we know who the man is.  I am betting he will ignore the findings and say nothing.

I hope, however, that these new conclusions will encourage honest scholars to deepen their research on the topic so that the myth of a cruel and unjust Inquisition will be put to rest once and for all. Let the real Inquisition emerge into the light to show a balanced and enlightened tribunal, a model even for a future more glorious era in the Church and History. Let John Paul II and his religion be ashamed for denigrating the Church!

Presented by Malachy Igwilo, Feast of Corpus Christi, 31 May 2018

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Finally, Homosexuals are getting a “Patron Saint”, Paul VI to be “Canonized” by Mr. Bergoglio!

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The Soul Killer in Chief of the Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion, Mr. Jorg Bergoglio has announced that he will imitate the Catholics and “canonize” Paul VI as Saint together with others on the 14th of October!

Remember that Paul VI is the “formaldehyde Paul”? When Paul VI died in 1978, Time magazine reported that for some reason, his body was so smelly that they authorities had to inject more formaldehyde into his for the lying in state. This is why the man has go the name “formaldehyde Paul”.

The point really is that Paul VI, a homosexual and the implementer of the Vatican II butchery of the Catholic doctrines in Novus Ordo, is going to be called a “saint”! In other words, Novus Ordo people, imitating the Catholics are called to venerate Paul VI as a “holy person in heaven”! They should also imitate him, including the fact that fingers point that he was a homosexual!

Maybe when he is “canonized”, Francis will declare him “patron saint of those who God made Homosexuals”.

The case of Paul VI being accused of being homosexual is serious and his supporters try hard to cover it up! Many saw many questionable characters visiting Paul VI at night, bypassing the Vatican protocols and going there on “a need to know” basis for the security details. He was also fingered by Italian police to be visiting hotels frequented by Homosexuals.

These accusations are rife and many people knew about it. A book was written called Nikita and Roncalli in which the sordid details of Roncali’s life and office was shown and people were shocked, but the man remain as the say “pope”!

Here is an important excerpt from the book in which the homosexuals accusation was made and how Paul VI personally appointed homosexuals to some offices inside the Vatican!
Note that the Paul VI Vatican press office or Paul VI himself did not debunk the claims of this book till date!

Here are the exact words of the book (please note that the author thinks that both Paul VI and John XXIII are popes):

“In Rome and throughout Italy the rumor is out that Montini would be a homosexual. Hence, vulnerable. Hence, open to those who aim to use him to achieve their own goals. 

When he was Archbishop of Milan, he would have been caught by the police one night wearing civilian clothes and in suspect company. Actually, for many years he had a special friendship with an actor who colors his hair red. This man did not make any secret of his relation with the future Pope. The relation continued and became much closer in the years ahead. [After Montini was elected Pope] an official of the Vatican security forces told me that this favorite of Montini was allowed to come and go freely in the pontifical apartments. And that he had often been seen taking the papal elevator at night. 

The "banana skin" that Paul VI slipped on and that put an end to the non-official nature of his weakness was the homily on sexual ethics he delivered in January 1976 dealing with some points on homosexuality. This homily provoked a reaction from the French writer Roger Peyrefitte. 

On April 4, 1976, the weekly Il Tempo published an interview with the author, who has the reputation for very good documentation … He accused the Pope of being a homosexual and denied his right to be a censor on the topic. Paul VI officially acknowledged the blow. 

A day of prayers "to make reparation for the offense received by the Pope" was called for. All of Italy, however, was laughing about the incident. British TV made an interview with Peyrefitte, who confirmed his accusations and expressed surprise over the publicity he was receiving. 

The first blackmail against Montini, as soon as he mounted the steps of the throne of Peter, was made by Freemasonry, which pressured him to do away with the Church’s condemnation of those who ask to be cremated after death [which he did]. What it threatened was to reveal the secret meetings between the Archbishop of Milan and "his" actor in a hotel in Sion, in the Valais canton in Switzerland. In Paris, sometime later, the story behind this change made by Paul VI surfaced, with the indisputable evidence patiently amassed by a gendarme [policeman] ... 

Another change observed by those in that narrow circle who, because of their rank or their posts, used to pass a large amount of time inside the Apostolic Palace, was the sudden appointment of homosexuals to positions of prestige and responsibility close to the Pope. This plague that would infest, transform, and devastate the Vatican during the time of Paul VI had already begun then [in the pontificate of John XXIII], well hidden in the baroque curtain folds of the Pontifical Court, but unfortunately alive and real. It was the distant hand of the Archbishop of Milan [Cardinal Montini], himself a victim of such weaknesses, that discreetly placed one after another on the State chessboard - the pieces of the game dear to his heart. 

Those highly situated new personages, who were contaminated by the same "sickness," naturally brought with them other less highly placed people of the same ilk. So, slowly but continuously, rumors and indiscretions began to flow in the Vatican, and grave facts began to occur as a matter of course. 

Because of their functions, these people were often seen by us [chamberlains and noble guards] principally during the visits of Sovereigns and heads of State to the Pope. 

They also had their favorites, who were the effeminate young men wearing elegant uniforms and make-up on their faces to dissimulate their beards. We – the camarieri di spada e cappa and noble guards – carefully kept our distance from their smiles and courtesies. We limited ourselves to greeting them at distance with a military salute of the heels. 

“Favorites" of the Archbishop of Milan also began to appear in the lower levels of service, and both small and large scandals at times would erupt. The Gendarmeria Pontificia [the Vatican police] had to steer carefully, as one says, along those floating mines and keep one eye closed – and sometimes both eyes – to keep reports from leaking and to discourage some astute journalists … 

Honorable old employees who relied on the Governatorato [the administration of the Vatican State] were, without any apparent reason, ordered to retire or sent elsewhere, and these newcomers were installed in their empty chairs, all them carrying in their pockets letters of recommendation from Cardinal Montini”

From the above we can see that we are looking at a Novus Ordo religion’s Patron Saint for “homosexuals” who Francis said are made by God!
We can see that those who are in Novus Ordo can still claim to be Christian while at the same time accepting homosexuals as “being made by God” at least, the head of their false religion said it. If they do not support the belief of their head, they should speak out!

Presented by Malachy Igwilo, Within the Octave of Pentecost, May 24, 2018 on the day of Our Lady help of Christians