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Friday, 29 July 2016

The Vatican, the Masonic Forces and Brexit: Get ready for the big mess!

Image result for The Masonic symbol   Image result for The Masonic symbol

The writer Atila Sinke Guimarães, over there at Tradition in action have indeed nailed it.

His analysis of the Brexit is outstanding and shows how complete the grip of the Masonic forces is in this world and this can lead to doom for souls and for the world in general.

We need to be prepared.

The following is Mr. A. Guimaraes perspectives, with minor revisions:

SEEING BREXIT IN PERSPECTIVE  -  I believe that England’s exit from the European Union may lead to the World War III. Let me elaborate.

Anyone who follows international politics knows that the Secret Forces want to establish the One World Order, the Universal Republic. The UN agenda is the prototype of this ideal: a socialist government ruling over all the peoples on earth who will be transformed into a single type of brown man, the result of the mixing of all the races.

Secret Forces

What do I mean by Secret Forces? They are the ensemble composed by the initiated persons who act decisively in the following hierarchy:

Masonic Power

A 1926 Czech depiction of the Masonic Power shows its Jewish inspiration

A commerce controlled by industry; 
 1. An industry controlled by the banks;

2. A political class controlled by the three: commerce, industry and the banks depending on the case; 

 3. State banks controlled by persons working behind the scenes in the government, who habitually are not in the media headlines; in fact, the more decisively they act, the less they appear;

 4. Private banks controlled by what is generically called International Finance – the International Monetary Fund, World Bank etc –, which also controls/influences the state banks;

 5. International finance controlled by the Jews;

 6. The Jews divided into liberal and “orthodox” factions, but in this apparent antagonism the last word almost always belongs to the “orthodox.”

 7.  Similar hierarchies work inside academia, the liberal professions – physicians, engineers, lawyers etc – as well as in the army, navy, air and police forces and of course, the Conciliar Vatican!

8.     Different types of Freemasonry – the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Rosicrucian, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, York Rite, Scottish Rite, Burschenschaft, Pythagoras Center, Assyrian Observance, Knights of Pythias etc – are all horses ridden by Judaism. These types of secret societies act in the different levels of this hierarchy to communicate and enforce the agenda of the Revolution. 

9.     Those who are initiated do not transmit the orientation they receive to the public, their families or friends. It is secret. 

It is this network that I call the Secret Forces. 

Secret Forces & immigration 

We all know that the present day invasion of Europe – taking place on a smaller scale in the U.S. – is not happening by chance. The united European Freemasonries patently announced in a public manifesto that they want their members to support Muslim immigration. Their document is clear regarding their goals, but there is much blah-blah-blah regarding the reasons. 

The real reason, I think, is to completely destroy Europe as it was historically molded by the Catholic Church, the ancient enemy of the Masons. The Revolution’s hatred for this Christendom is so intense that it wants to extinguish the actual European racial types that developed in a society so organically formed by the Catholic Church. 

Italian Freemasonry

Its agents in Europe, especially in the Vatican, are explicitly preaching the “replacement” of races. According to this agenda, the different racial types of European should marry Muslims – either Arabs or Black.

Professors, politicians, businessmen and preachers insistently instruct the people to welcome immigrants and, if possible, to mix with them. Such a policy has been promoted by the Secret Forces for decades, but now it is reaching an unthinkable apex – with the due of the blessing of Masonic anti Pope Francis, let us not forget. For a period of time, public opinion was suspicious but quietly accepted it.

The tide changed when, on New Year’s Eve 2016, Germany witnessed a wave of hundreds of rapes of young women and girls by more than1,000 immigrants. The gags fell from their mouths and people start to speak out.

We woke to the fact that 30%of population in Marseilles, France, was Muslim, which means more than 250,000 persons had invaded the city and were causing all kinds of unrest. The French people of Calais have 18,000 Muslims in their city enjoying all the privileges provided by the government. They repay this by violently harassing the population at will.

Suddenly we realized that Germany has 3.7 million of Turkish background plus 1.5 million Turkish residents, not counting the 1.1 million “Syrian immigrants” whom Angela Merkel authorized to enter Germany between 2015 and 2016.

Europe is fed up with immigration 

Public opinion has changed. The talk of welcoming immigrants duly promoted by the local governments no longer convinces the people. The HungarianPrime Minister set a good example by publicly protesting and shaking off the anti-European policy imposed by the E.U. 

Brexit campaiign
A poster of the Brexit campaign in England

In Austria the sale of arms are off the charts: no guns are left on the shelves. More and more Austrian women are buying guns to defend themselves from possible rapes by immigrants. In the last elections of May 2016, the habitual socialist and conservative Austrian political parties, seeing that they could not win, channeled their votes to the Green representative, who barely managed to beat the anti-E.U. and anti-immigrant candidate – winning only by a microscopic percentage.

In December 2015, the same policy of channeling votes was adopted in France to prevent the Neo-Nazi party of Marine Le Pen from taking the legislative elections. Although her party did not take any region, it emerged as the second party in numbers of vote. The virtual dictatorship of François Hollande, who since November 2015 has been ruling the country by martial law under the pretext of combating terrorism, is paradoxically protecting the Muslims by forbidding the State police to enforce the law in their districts.

Growing political chaos in Europe

France is also in political chaos since Hollande is taking advantage of his “provisory” dictatorship to impose socialist reforms on the people, who are daily in the streets protesting and demonstrating. Hollande’s popularity index has fallen to a low of 19%. France looks more and more like a new Venezuela…

Spain has also been in political chaos for more than six months. Since last December, the representatives elected to the Congress have been unable to agree on a platform for a Prime Minister. The elections of June 26 did not change the picture since none of the parties won a majority in the Congress. Ireland is in a similar situation. Italy can hardly walk on its own legs. Since the fall of its government in November 2015, Portugal is also in political-economic turmoil; Greece has not been able to rise from its political-economic abyss.

Brexit, a breath of fresh air

It was in this turbulent atmosphere of Muslim invasion and political chaos that England voted on June 23 to exit the E.U. It was the best news I can recall receiving since this debauched 21st century started. Congratulations England! I was suspicious that the Secret Forces would make a sleight of hand in the voting booths – the referendum in Scotland is still in my mind – to ensure England would not leave. But this did not happen or, even if they cheated, it was not enough to change the final result.

How will the Secret Forced prevent other peoples of Europe, which are having analogous immigrant/political/economic issues, from scratching their chins and thinking: “Why don’t we do the same thing?”

So, here we are today: If England goes away without followers, the E.U. can slow its speed and try to continue on the same path. However, if two or three other countries exit, their departure could very well trigger a chain reaction and reduce the E.U. to its driving locomotive, Germany. In other words, the adventure of the E.U. would effectively end.

In the latter case, the Secret Forces have to carefully measure what their next step will be.

Kicking over the chess-table? 

In this twilight of democracy, I see three possibilities:

First, to re-install dictators – Hollande can be just a test case – in order to impose by political force the measures that the economic pressure of the E.U. was unable to achieve. So, we would have a group of dictators who would impose Socialism and compulsorily unite Europe.

Second, to call for a general insurrection of the Muslims, who are already in Europe, to rise up against everything that does not accommodate their own world view. Europe would, thus, be transformed into an enormous wounded body of urban guerrilla warfare.

World War One
World War I was made to end the empires & kill the Catholic ultramontane youth of Europe

Third, if the Secret Forces can no longer control the anti-immigration reaction and an organic separatism, they would trigger a controlled World War III. Adopting this ploy, they would have to destroy by conflicting military force what they were unable to previously dismantle.
These three hypotheses do not exclude one another.

In the previous two World Wars the Secret Forces did something similar when they found themselves in analogous crossroads. They kicked over the chess-table to restart the game so it could be played under their control from another perspective in a completely different situation. 

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast day of St. Martha, 29th July 2016

Thursday, 28 July 2016

How the Vatican promotes Illicit Sex!

Image result for Sex Education, images

When Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the three shepherd children at Fatima She showed them Hell and told them that most people go to hell due to the sin of the flesh!

The Catholic Church has always taken care to instruct people on the sin of the flesh, developing ways of avoiding it and numbing the concupiscence of the flesh.

But the Novus Ordo religion that is occupying the Vatican whose head in Francis and which pretends to be the Catholic Church repeatedly promotes sex and supports homosexuality and other sins of the flesh!

When I published the piece “How Vatican promotes indecency”, some rushed to submit their condemnation of me stating that I am on  a moral high horse.

But nothing can be further from the truth.

These expositions should help people realize that the Novus Ordo religion at the Vatican CANNOT be the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ and Francis CANNOT be a pope in the Catholic Church!

Right now, Novus Ordo religion has gathered young people at Poland in what they call “World’s Youth Day”. This is the annual jamboree of sin where young people are allowed to flirt with each other while they are being indoctrinated with the abominable doctrine of the Novus Ordo religion.

In this year’s edition, the Vatican released an explicit material, which they say is to teach young people about sex!

Just click here to see the slide show of this Vatican production and decide whether this can be coming from the Catholic Church or you go to the program’s direct site. But know that you will be looking at explicit and dangerous pictures

But surely it is coming from the Church of Mortal Sin, the Novus Ordo religion and promoted by its head, Francis!

There is no doubt that Novus Ordo religion knows that human weaknesses lies especially in the sin of “illicit sex” and fanning the concupiscence. So it has invested great deal of time in promoting it.

When the French X-rated movies ‘Blue is the warmest Color”, Vatican radio endorsed it and asked people to go watch. read more on this here

Now, this is the Vatican that says it is the Catholic Church and is asking people to swim in sin and go watch an explicit sex film.

Now this latest release of this sex material for youths has already drawn ire from within the Novus Ordo religion itself from those deceived foot soldiers who thinks they are in the Catholic Church. They are not able to see beyond their nose to know that they are in the Church of mortal sin!

The American pro life site Life News immediately wrote an article against it. See it here. But can the Vatican bulge from its mission? No! They are running out of time and so they must send in more millions of soul to the devil.

The entire project did not even mention the word “Mortal sin” once or suggest that the parents have a hand in training this children, educating them about the sinful nature of illicit sex. No! The program wants to teach teenagers about sex. Full stop.

The material did speak of chastity and dignity but at the same time, it promotes young people dressed up as harlots and in perpetual need for provocation.

That is the usual double-speak of modernists! They pretend to speak the truth and yet the entire thing is rotten with the Devil’s finger!

But what is the true Catholic Church teaching about education of youth on the matter of sin of the flesh?

This is what Pope Pius XI Wrote about the Church’s position:

Another very grave danger is that naturalism which nowadays invades the field of education in that most delicate matter of purity of morals. Far too common is the error of those who with dangerous assurance and under an ugly term propagate a so-called sex-education, falsely imagining they can forearm youths against the dangers of sensuality by means purely natural, such as a foolhardy initiation and precautionary instruction for all indiscriminately, even in public; and, worse still, by exposing them at an early age to the occasions, in order to accustom them, so it is argued, and as it were to harden them against such dangers.

Such persons grievously err in refusing to recognize the inborn weakness of human nature, and the law of which the Apostle speaks, fighting against the law of the mind [Rom 7:23]; and also in ignoring the experience of facts, from which it is clear that, particularly in young people, evil practices are the effect not so much of ignorance of intellect as of weakness of a will exposed to dangerous occasions, and unsupported by the means of grace.

In this extremely delicate matter, if, all things considered, some private instruction is found necessary and opportune, from those who hold from God the commission to teach and who have the grace of state, every precaution must be taken. Such precautions are well known in traditional Christian education….

(Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri, nn. 65-67)

From this we see a clear understanding of what must be done to defeat the flesh. But The Novus Ordo religion extending the heretical teachings of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” tries to free the young people and allow them to have sex any time they want while pretending to promote chastity! That is the deceit of Satan!

Look at what Pope Pius XII told Catholic Women Action:

Finally, with the discretion of a mother and a teacher, and thanks to the openhearted confidence with which you have been able to inspire your children, you will not fail to watch for and to discern the moment in which certain unspoken questions have occurred to their minds and are troubling their senses. It will then be your duty to your daughters, the father's duty to your sons, carefully and delicately to unveil the truth as far as it appears necessary; to give a prudent, true and Christian answer to those questions, and set their minds at rest. If imparted by the lips of Christian parents at the proper time, in the proper measure, and with the proper precautions, the revelation of the mysterious and marvelous laws of life will be received by them with reverence and gratitude, and will enlighten their minds with far less danger than if they learned them haphazard, from some unpleasant shock, from secret conversations, through information received from over-sophisticated companions, or from clandestine reading, the more dangerous and pernicious as secrecy inflames the imagination and troubles the senses. Your words if they are wise and discreet, will prove a safeguard and a warning in the midst of the temptations and the corruption which surround them….

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Women of Catholic Action, Oct. 26, 1941)

Again Pope Pius XII Addressed Midwives on this same issue and said:

Banish from your heart that cult of pleasure, and do your best to prevent the spreading of a literature which considers as its duty the description in full of the intimacies of married life under the pretext of instructing, guiding and reassuring. In general, common sense, natural instinct and a brief instruction on the clear and simple maxims of Christian moral law, are sufficient to give peace to the tender conscience of married people. If, in certain circumstances, a fiancée or a young married woman were in need of further enlightenment on some particular point, it is your duty to give them tactfully an explanation in conformity with natural law and with a healthy Christian conscience.
This teaching of Ours has nothing to do with Manichaeism and Jansenism, as some would have people believe in order to justify themselves. It is only a defense of the honor of Christian matrimony and of the personal dignity of the married couple.

(Pope Pius XII, Address to Midwives on the Nature of their Profession, Oct. 29, 1951)

While it is possible to look at the Novus Ordo religion at face value and conclude that it is of Satan, many millions of people are still there trapped in the errors and yet claim to be Catholics!

Our duty for these is to constantly admonish them and pray for them so that they leave that path of hell.

In 1950, Fr. Leslie Rumble published a little guide for parents on how to instruct their children in sexual matters without offending their tender ears or endangering their innocence while keeping it age-appropriate. The text is available online in full and free of charge:

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast day of Sts. Nazarius and Celsius, 28th July 2016

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Stop Praying the Vatican's and John Paul II Rosary! It is evil!

Stop Praying the Illuminati Mysteries of the Rosary called “The Mystery of Light”

For years now, I have told friends and family to stop risking their souls and stop reciting the Masonic Rosary of John Paul II of unfortunate memory!

John Paul II added one more mystery to the Rosary called the Luminous Mysteries.

Some people praised him to high heavens for this. But none of these praising this heretic paused to notice that adding this new mystery is a ploy to end the rosary!

The following article is from the blog Introibo Ad Altare Dei, once again showing us clearly the ploy by John Paul II, of unfortunate memory, to end the rosary! You may say it is impossible to end the rosary this way. But you have no idea!

Just read!

The Illuminati Mysteries

 The Vatican II sect isn't un-Catholic, it's decidedly anti-Catholic. This sentiment goes back to the Great Apostasy at the Second Vatican Council which repudiated Catholicism for Modernism. While Mr. Bergoglio ("Pope" Francis) might be the Modernist par excellence, he's just finishing the demolition job begun by his (equally false) predecessors. There is nothing more pleasing to God, after the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, than a filial devotion to His Immaculate Virgin Mother. That's why after turning the Holy Sacrifice into the Novus Bogus bread and wine service, the Modernists waited for the dust to settle before attacking the greatest devotion to Our Heavenly Mother; her Rosary. As this post will show, they succeeded in destroying the Rosary and replacing it with one that is as bogus as their new "mass."

What is the Rosary?

·                       The Rosary was instituted circa 1206 by St. Dominic, who was under Divine Inspiration. He had prayed to the Blessed Mother for help in defeating the Albigensian heresy. (See Encyclical Supremi Apostalatus Officio of Pope Leo XIII, para. # 2, 3, and 4). 
·                     The supernatural origin of the Rosary has been specifically affirmed in the official teaching of no less than eleven popes, to wit: Leo X , St. Pius V, Gregory XIII, Sixtus V, Clement VIII, Alexander VII, Blessed Innocent XI, Clement XI, Innocent XIII , Benedict XIV, and Leo XIII (who wrote an incredible ten encyclicals on the Rosary).
·                     The purpose of the Rosary is to crush heresy, rout the enemies of the Church, convert souls, and appease the wrath of God justly provoked by the sins of humanity. (Notice how the Modernists made it impossible to pray the Rosary at the Novus Bogus with all the bantering back and forth, shaking hands, and singing such deep spiritual classics as Michael Row The Boat Ashore). 
·                     The power of the Rosary is attributable to Mary's unique role as Mediatrix of All Grace. (This prerogative was set to be defined by Pope Pius XII, and many bishops at Vatican II wanted it defined, but Roncalli ["Pope" John XXIII] and the Modernists made sure that never happened). 
·                     It is composed of The Lord's Prayer, The Gloria, The Apostle's Creed, and 150 Angelic Salutations (The Hail Mary) which correspond to the 150 Psalms in the Bible. For this reason, the Rosary has sometimes been referred to as "Mary's Psalter."  

The Modernists Plot To End The Rosary

In his book, The Reform of the Liturgy, arch-Modernist and Mason Annibale Bugnini relates that in 1972 he drew up a schema to "reform" Marian devotion and submitted it for approval to the Congregation for Divine Worship. In his diabolic schema, he proposed changing the Rosary so the Lord's Prayer is said only once at the beginning, and the Hail Mary truncated to include only the "biblical portion." The part "Holy Mary Mother of God..." would be said only once at the end of each tenth Ave. He even wanted a "public rosary" consisting of songs, "readings," "homilies," and "a series of Hail Marys,but limited to one decade." Montini ("Pope" Paul VI), still busy destroying the Mass and sacraments, declined to approve the change. 

 Ironically, it would be left to the "Marian Pope"---Karol Wotyla, aka John Paul II---to finish what Montini and Bugnini didn't get around to doing; "reform", or rather "deform" the Rosary. On October 16, 2002, Wotyla issued his "apostolic letter" Rosarium Virginis Mariae ("RVM"). The wretched false pontiff overturned the traditional form of the Rosary as set forth in the bull Consueverunt of Pope St. Pius V. He added five "Luminous Mysteries" in addition to the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries. Furthermore, RVM tells us why Wotyla made the changes; to bring the Rosary in line with the new and heretical ecclesiology of Vatican II. The Rosary shall no more be about the crushing of heresy and conversion of those outside The One True Church. It is for world peace and family unity. There's nothing, in and of itself, wrong with either intention. However, it omits the main focus of the Rosary, and presents us with two intentions that wouldn't disturb a Protestant, or even a member of the Ethical Humanist Society. It seeks "unity" without "offending anyone" and 11 years before Bergoglio, reminds us that "proselytism is nonsense."

Let's turn our attention to the two worst aspects of the deformed Rosary (1) the purpose, as per Wotyla in RVM, and (2) the Luminous Mysteries. 

RMV and Naturalism

 RVM was spawned by the same error which drives both Modernism and Masonry: Naturalism, i.e., the belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes; supernatural/spiritual explanations are rejected as false. In RVM, there is no mention of how praying the Rosary is to save, namely that it might give divine grace, inspire mortification and sacrifice, elevate souls to supernatural and eternal truths and to a supernatural love of God. This elimination of the clear distinction between the natural and supernatural orders, was condemned by Pope Pius XII in his 1950 encyclical Humani Generis.

In paragraph #11 we are told, "In the recitation of the Rosary, the Christian community enters into contact with the memories and the contemplative gaze of Mary." Meditation is not simply remembering, there is supernatural grace which enables the True Catholic to love and sacrifice for God. Paragraph #12 tells us "By its nature the recitation of the Rosary calls for a quiet rhythm and a lingering pace, helping the individual to meditate on the mysteries of the Lord's life as seen through the eyes of her who was closest to the Lord." The "quiet and lingering pace" has nothing to do with Catholic meditation, as if it were some mantra repeated by a pagan during Yoga.

In paragraph #28 we read, "while the latter (non-Christian forms of prayer) contain many elements which are positive (this is the false ecclesiology in Lumen Gentium, whereby the Church of Christ subsists in false sects according to how many "elements" of truth they have. To have all the elements is best, but just having some is equally good) and at times compatible with Christian experience, they are often based on ultimately unacceptable premises. Much in vogue among these approaches are methods aimed at attaining a high level of spiritual concentration by using techniques of a psycho-physical, repetitive and symbolic nature. The Rosary is situated within this broad gamut of religious phenomena" (Emphasis mine) The Rosary is situated within the broad gamut of religious experience in the same way the Eucharist is related to the Buddha, so John Paul II allowed the pagan statue to be placed on top of a tabernacle at the Assisi ecumenical gathering. (Thank God, their "Eucharist" is invalid!).

Also the heretical ecumenism is seen because:
·                     Throughout the document, the word "Catholic" is never used except in one footnote referencing the hereticalCatechism of the Catholic Church (1992).  
·                     There is no mention of its supernatural origin.
·                     There is no mention of the Our Lady of Fatima with the First Five Saturdays devotion (that includes the Rosary) and the Fatima prayer to be recited at the end of each decade, "O My Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those most in need of Thy Mercy."
·                     There is no mention of Mary as "Mediatrix of All Grace." 
·                     There is no mention of the 15 promises to those whom recite the Rosary.
·                     There is no mention of its power to convert people, save souls, and destroy heresy.
·                     There is no mention of the miraculous power of the Rosary to save the Church as was the case during the great Battle of Lepanto in defeating the satanic Mohammedans. 

The "Luminous Mysteries"

In paragraph #21, RVM institutes the new "Luminous Mysteries." They are "significant" or "luminous" moments: "(1) Christ’s baptism in the Jordan, (2) his (sic) self-manifestation at Cana, (3) his (sic) proclamation of the Kingdom of God and call to conversion, (4) his (sic)Transfiguration and (5) his (sic, again) institution of the Blessed Eucharist." (Numbering mine). You might wonder what it is that these events have in common to be called "mysteries of light." It is not anything to do with the Blessed Mother, or even with the Redemption. They express the new theology whereby propitiatory sacrifice is eliminated, as was the case in replacing the Mass with a neo-Protestant bread and wine service. The new "Pascal Theology" tells us Redemption is a work of God's mercy and love which He shows to all humanity.There is no need for the Cross except insofar as it is a manifestation of God's Mercy. 

The baptism at the Jordan River was a manifestation of the Triune God. The first miracle of Christ at Cana shows His power over the laws of nature, and RVM denigrates Mary as "first among believers." She might be, in some sense, the first to believe at the Incarnation, but She is not merely some "first among equals," as if her Faith were on par with everyone else. The "proclamation of the Kingdom of God" is nebulous and does not clearly teach the Foundation of One True Church, and no one is called to enter it or be damned. It demonstrates Christ's forgiveness and love in some vague way. The Transfiguration shows forth Christ's Divinity (but RVM simply says "the glory of the Godhead" --we wouldn't want to offend someone with a bold statement of Christ's Divinity now, would we?). 

The fifth and last Luminous Mystery is the most disturbing to me. The Eucharist is called that "in which Christ offers his body and blood as food under the signs of bread and wine, and testifies 'to the end' his love for humanity (Jn 13:1)" (RVM, para. #21). First, there is no mention of the Eucharist as one of the seven sacraments, and no mention of the Most Holy Sacrifice necessary to produce It and which perpetuates the sacrifice of the Cross in an unbloody manner.  Second, the Real Presence is not clearly and unambiguously stated as Transubstantiation. Third, St. John 13:1, is misrepresented. Christ said He loves "His own" until the end, referring to the efficacy of His sacrifice (those who accept and work with grace unto salvation), not all humanity (which has grace sufficient to save all, but not all are saved due to the misuse of free will by those who will be damned). The bottom line in all this is that everyone is saved, because all believe (in some way)  in a type of "manifestation of God's love," and that's all that matters. [One final note of interest to which I owe Mr. Michael Cain of (a website I highly recommend) for the info. If you divide the 150 Hail Marys of the Rosary by the three sets of mysteries (a Trinitarian number), that's 50 Haily Marys. Divide the 200 Hail Marys of the Modernist Rosary by the Trinitarian number 3 and you get 66.6!] 


 These "Luminous Mysteries" are "Illuminati Mysteries" conceived in Hell, and planned out by the Modernists and Masons. The Vatican II sect has given us a non-Catholic bread and wine service to replace the Mass, non-Catholic, invalid sacraments (excepting some baptisms and marriages), non-Catholic theology, and since 2002, a non-Catholic Rosary denigrating the Immaculate Mother of God. Inthis light it makes a perverted kind of sense when "Pope" Francis tells us, "There is no Catholic God." At least not in his sect. 

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast day of St. Anne, the Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 26th July 2016

Sunday, 24 July 2016

John Paul II Loved Luther, the apostate, fondly!

Image result for John Paul II

As we wonder what the man who claimed to be Pope but who is the head of the Novus Ordo religion occupying the Vatican and Catholic parishes worldwide will be doing celebrating Luther, the apostate, we must remember always that whatever Francis does in the name of the Catholic Church, he is standing on the shoulders of giants!

The problem with Novus Ordo religion is that it claims to be Catholic and uses Catholic name everywhere deceiving the world! Indeed the world is deceived!

There is really nothing surprising for a heretic as Francis celebrating another heretic like Luther! The problem is that he pretends to the whole world that he is the head of the Catholic Church, but nothing could be further from the truth.

John Paul II, of unfortunate memory, did exact same thing but far more worse! John Paul II did exact same thing for 27 years all the while pretending to be a Catholic and the “visible head” of the Catholic Church!

If John Paul II were to be alive today, he would be going to Sweden next year to celebrate Luther just as Francis will be going.

He will present an astounding speech demolishing Catholic teachings in full hearing of those who falsely call themselves Catholics! He will say that Luther was a reformer, a great saint! A great lover of Jesus! But nothing could be farther from the truth!

As we have already showed in this blog the devilish teachings of Luther, which Francis loves and will celebrate next year, we have to look at the various comments by John Paul II to show he loved Luther too and that is part of what made him an apostate!

According to John Paul II in his “encyclical” Ut Unum Sint, number 42:

“The ‘universal brotherhood” of Christians has become a firm ecumenical conviction. Consigning to oblivion the excommunications of the past communities which were once rivals are now in many cases helping one another: places of worship are sometimes lent out…..”

We see here that John Paul II has gone against ALL of the Catholic teachings of the past centuries concerning non-Catholic religions! He said we have cast aside excommunications!
He showed in this “Consigning to Oblivion” his Love for Luther when he said:

“In fact, the scientific researches of Evangelical and catholic scholars, researches whose results have already reached notable points of convergence have……. Clearly outlined the deep religious feeling of Luther who was driven with burning passion by the question of eternal salvation” (John Paul II, Letter on 50th centenary of the birth of Luther, to “Cardinal” Willebrands, president of the Secretariat for promoting Christian unity).

Here we see John Paul II suggesting that Luther had deep religious feelings and driven by the passion for eternal salvation outside the Body of Christ!
You see it there! If john Paul II were to be alive today, he will be the one travelling to Sweden next year!

John Paul II did not stop there! He endorsed the signing of a document which denied the Catholic teachings on Justification and adopted the position of the Lutheran Church of Luther!

“I wish to express my gratitude for the ecumenical progress made between Catholics and Lutherans in the five years since the signing of the Joint Declaration on the doctrine of Justification… is my hope that Catholics and Lutherans will increasingly practice spirituality of communion” (John Paul II, at a meeting with Lutherans from Finland, January 19th 2004)

So we see that John Paul II did not just love Luther, he loved his false religion and abandoned a cardinal Catholic teaching on Justification and adopted that of the “Church of Luther”!
So, those who called John Paul II “great” should now know what he is great about. He is great in loving Luther and spreading his heresies with full hands!


Malachy Mary Igwilo, on the feast of St. Christian, 24th July 2016