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Sunday, 12 November 2017

“Pope” Francis: From Apostasy to Dictatorship

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We all know that Francis is an apostate! He is a Non-Catholic Apostate. Those who call him ‘pope’ are in ignorance of the Catholic faith. Others who call him pope are enemies of the Catholic Church who knows that the man cannot by any chance be a pope in the Catholic Church! Such a scenario will never occur!

However, the man is the head of the false religion called Novus Ordo Vatican II religion which runs an institutionalized apostasy worldwide using Catholic symbols and names.

Many millions of people out of ignorance think that this institutionalized apostasy is the Catholic Church! Thankfully, it is not and cannot be the Catholic Church!

Right now Francis has continued in the footsteps of previous apostates like John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. But his own apostasy is feverish since he wants to be the one that will finally remove all things Catholic from Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion!

He has started using dictatorial means to silence all oppositions! All his people are ignorant but they want the remaining vestiges of Catholicism in Novus Ordo to be obliterated gradually and the patron saint of this movement is the rattle snake, Josef Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI. But Francis knows no caution!

Surprisingly, there is silence in the whole of Rome about this bully of a person!

But still some people have remained brave! A Novus Ordo invalid priest “Fr” Alessandro Minutella is going to be excommunicated by tomorrow, 13th November 2017.

The reason behind this coming excommunication is because this priests is not as silence as all the Novus Ordo false cardinals and bishops! He has spoken out against Francis, publicly!

“Fr” Alessandro Minutella is ignorant but he is a follower of Benedict XVI who is against swift demolition of what has remained Catholic in Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion and so he has spoken out against the Francis’ killer ‘encyclical’ Amoris Laetitie which suggested that adultery is good sometimes!

This man spoke out and called Francis a false prophet publicly!

In late March of this year, Minutella had made an open appeal to Francis from the pulpit in his parish regarding the confusion caused by Amoris Laetitia.

When “Fr” Minutella called for a conference of “Catholic resistance”, his “Archbishop”, Mr. Corrado Lorefice, stepped in as a stooge of Francis and removed him from his post as pastor of St. John Bosco church in Palermo, Sicily.

The invalid bishop also forbade him from speaking against the “Catholic” hierarchy in any way, and threatened him with suspension. Minutella obeyed, called off the conference, and remained mostly silent. Although he was not suspended, he was still removed as pastor, which did not take place until June, however. By that time, the Vatican was aware of the situation.

To make a long story short on Nov. 9, it was revealed on the Facebook page of Minutella’s Radio Domina Nostra (“Our Lady’s Radio”) that the Vatican had released a decree ordering him to make a public profession of loyalty to Francis within 48 hours, else he would be excommunicated (the text of the decree was reportedly read to him by “Abp.” Lorefice). The text of the Facebook post reads verbatim:

Urgent notice!

Within 48 hours don minutella will have to express himself, at the request of the holy see, public to papa bergoglio.
Otherwise he will be excommunicated by the congregation for the faith and the congregation of the clergy…
What will our don do now? He’ll be on the air at 22 on the radio.

The reason Minutella gives for rebuffing the Vatican’s order is bizarre: It is not the case that he refuses loyalty to Francis, he says, but that such a declaration should not be necessary since he had already declared his loyalty to the Roman Pontiff and the Magisterium back on Sep. 21, without, however, specifically identifying Francis as the currently-reigning Roman Pontiff. It’s nice to know that there are still some ambiguities the Vatican is not willing to tolerate!

Although we do not have a full transcript of the video available, we can provide the following highlights in a loose English translation (via German), discussing the ‘priest’s’ response to the Vatican!

I will not commit this hypocritical act [of making a profession of loyalty], for this would not be a profession but an unacceptable subjugation. This has the flavor of a regime, not of the Catholic Church… I am not afraid of any such baseless condemnations. From tomorrow on, I will be excommunicated…
These strange hierarchs of the so-called Church of Mercy, which opposes anyone who does not adjust to its criteria, this Church of Mercy, which runs out into all the harbors of Italy to welcome poor migrants and yet condemns anyone to the guillotine who will not subject himself to its uniform and almost dictatorial way of thinking; they are not afraid of me, for I have no bodyguards and am easy to eliminate; they are afraid of her, of [the Blessed Virgin] Mary. …Holy Mother Church is under siege — for a siege is truly what this is — with the goal of destroying the healthy, two-thousand-year-old spirit of the Church. …Let us liberate the Church by means of the Holy Rosary.

So “Fr” Minutella has gone on the record accusing Bergoglio’s club of being a false church. In this assessment he is entirely correct, of course. Unfortunately, he does not seem to understand that by recognizing Francis as a true Pope, he himself is part of this false church, and it did not just come into being in 2013 but has existed, at least in an inchoate manner, since Antipope John XXIII falsely acquired the Chair of Peter on Oct. 28, 1958. In addition, Minutella — regardless of his intentions, which may be very noble indeed — is himself a false priest, since his orders were conferred in the invalid 1968 ordination rite of Antipope Paul VI.

We recall here that another outspoken critic of “Pope” Francis was recently “excommunicated” by the Novus Ordo pseudo-authority: the Colombian Prof. José Galat. In contradistinction to Minutella, however, Galat takes the position that Francis is not a valid Pope (he believes Benedict XVI is), so it makes sense that Galat would pay no attention to any bogus “excommunication” by members of Francis’ false hierarchy.

Minutella’s position, however, makes no sense whatsoever. If Francis is the Pope of the Catholic Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ, then he cannot also be the head of the mystical body of the antichrist. This much should stand to reason. If Bergoglio is Pope, then it is Minutella’s duty to submit to him and not to argue about whether or not he should have to give more than one declaration of submission.
It is a grave error, condemned by the Church, to think that an excommunication by the true Catholic authority is not to be feared so long as it is unjust (in which case it is void).

On Sep. 8, 1713, Pope Clement XI issued the Apostolic Constitution Unigenitus, in which he condemned the errors of Pascal Quesnel, among which are the following:

CONDEMNED: The fear of an unjust excommunication should never hinder us from fulfilling our duty; never are we separated from the Church, even when by the wickedness of men we seem to be expelled from it, as long as we are attached to God, to Jesus Christ, and to the Church herself by charity.
CONDEMNED: To suffer in peace an excommunication and an unjust anathema rather than betray truth, is to imitate St. Paul; far be it from rebelling against authority or of destroying unity.

(Pope Clement XI, Apostolic Constitution Unigenitus, nn. 91-92; Denz. 1441-1442)

So from this, we have seen that IF you oppose the Dictator of Rome, you will be punished, that is IF you remain alive!

Francis has moved from not just being an apostate but into being a dictator sinking Rome into a huge and deafening silence! So Each of those who work with Francis but who prefare the other apostate, Benedict XVI because of his ‘gradualism’ are bunch of cowards!

Let see where this Vatican dictatorship leads to!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, 12th November 2017, Feast of Pope St. Martin 1.

Friday, 3 November 2017

“Pope” Francis, the Gates of Hell and Sedevacantism

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The single most common argument used by Novus Ordo/Vatican 2 religionists against sedevacantism is:

“it is impossible to go 50 plus years without a pope because Christ promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church.”

The typical Novus Ordo member will accept this argument without any thought as to how anyone calling himself a Catholic could hold to sedevacantism.
Francis continues to demolish anything remaining Catholic in Novus Ordo and people continue to call him ‘pope’ and claiming that no matter what he does, ‘the gates of hell will never prevail’.

This is a statement made out of ignorance. The conclusion of sedevacantists is that since the impostors who has been elected to the papacy lack the Catholic faith, they cannot be Catholic popes hence the Church has remained in the state of sede vacante since 1958 at the death of the last true pope, Pope Pius XII!
Does it mean that the gates of hell have prevailed against the Catholic Church? Is these false popes have been posing as popes?

One would think that sedevacantists must have thought about this before coming to this conclusion, right? Why on earth would sedevacantists not believe in Christ’s promise?

This argument is used in three ways:

a. The Church failed by the Vatican I declaration of perpetual successors.
b. The Church failed by not having a visible church with a visible head and apostolic authority.
c. True popes taught heresy and are heretics therefore the gates of hell prevailed because error is now in, through, and part of the Church.

However, this argument is a misunderstanding of Vatican I, the nature of the Church, and specifically indefectibility.

What are the gates of hell?

Pope Vigilius at the Second Council of Constantinople, in 553 called “the tongues of heretics” the “gates of hell.” Pope St. Leo IX, In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053, said to Michael Cerularius the founder of the “orthodox” that “the gates of Hell” are the “disputations of heretics.”

Based on Christ’s promise that the gates of hell will not prevail, Popes Vigilius and St. Leo statements imply that heretics and their heresies will never overcome the Church. The Church will always exist without error. This is the meaning of ‘the gates of hell will never prevail”

The very Scripture verse of Christ’s promise, used as the most common argument against sedevacantism, is precisely the verse on which sedevacantism rests.

Since the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church had to go underground because the last 5 claimants to the papacy have been those heretics with death-dealing tongues as they have led astray many of the faithful with their heresies and acts of apostasy.

The gates of hell have not prevailed against the Church but it has prevailed against particular churches such as Rome today as it did with England in the 16th century.

Rome is not “the” Church as the Novus Ordo people would like to have us believe. It is only one part of the Church. No doubt, the pope is the head of the Church on earth, but Christ is always the Head of the Church. Every time a pope dies, the visible head is absent but Christ (the invisible Head) remains.

If the papacy could be filled with a death-dealing tongue of a heretic, then the head of the church would be counted along with the devil, the father of lies.

This is impossible since Christ with the pope is the Head of the Church. Christ is not in union with the devil, but a heretic is. Therefore, the pope cannot be a heretic nor formally teach heresy. This is what Christ meant when He said the gates of hell will not prevail.

Pope Leo XIII called the Roman Pontiffs “the Gates of the Church” in his 1894 encyclical letter Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae.

Therefore, the gates of the Church cannot be one and the same as the gates of hell.

By claiming that popes can be formal heretics, Vatican 2 apologists are actually claiming the Gates of Hell have indeed prevailed without realizing it. This also means they are calling Christ a liar and worse, they are saying this is the law of the Church given by the Holy Ghost.

Cardinal Manning of Rome said in 1861 that it is the universal testimony of the Church fathers that Rome will lose the faith in the end. He was speaking about the Great Apostasy, and we sedevacantists are following this universal testimony. If we sedevacantists don’t believe in Christ’s promise then neither did all the Church fathers. However, they knew what Christ meant when He said the gates of hell would not prevail.

As long as one person holds the faith, the church exists in that one person.

We know that the Church does not exist for the sake of the papacy or the rest of the hierarchy, but rather, it is the hierarchy that exists for the sake of the Church.

We have seen in history Catholics living for centuries without any hierarchy. Japan is a prime example. The Church can and will survive till the very end. This is the promise.

The Great Apostasy foretold in Scripture will surely be disastrous, and it happens around the time of the final antichrist just before the Second Coming.

Christ said, “I tell you that he will avenge them quickly. Yet when the Son of Man comes, will he find, do you think, faith on the earth?”

We know He was using hyperbole, but He was clearly emphasizing that it will be so bad that very few will actually profess the true faith. Christ never promised a pope in every generation. When He built the Church on Peter, it was on him and his faith, not necessarily his office. The Church has never stated otherwise. All of Peter’s successors must be in union with Christ, Peter, and Peter’s Faith to be part of the Church.
There have been over 40 antipopes in history, and never were Catholics expected to be union with them just because these men claimed to be popes. Catholics had to make a judgment call whether or not these men were true popes or not. Some made the right call, some didn’t.

St. Vincent Ferrer made the wrong call if Benedict XIII were not a true pope. He even declared the papacy vacant because things were so confusing, it didn’t matter whether there was a true pope or not.

Today, it is not as confusing as in St. Vincent’s time. Never before in history has it been clearer than now. The last 5 claimants to the papacy(John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and now Francis) are not true popes because of their extreme modernism and anti-Catholic practices.

They reject over 5 dogmas found right in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. Benedict XVI has even criticized the Creed, but that should not come to any surprise since he doesn’t believe it, as it has historically been understood. Being an extreme modernist, he, like his 4 predecessors, understands the Creed precisely as the Protestants who profess the same Creed.

Anyway, the point is made that Christ’s promise is the reason for sedevacantism, not the proof against it.

I suspect there is two reasons psuedo-catholics keep using this straw-man argument.

The first reason is the belief in the nonexistent dogma that there must always be a pope in every generation.
Just like the nonexistent Scripture teaching that the Scriptures alone are the sole authority for Christians, the psuedo-catholic rejects the historic Catholic Faith by ignoring clear and unambiguous papal teachings on what constitutes Catholicism and the gates of hell.

Just as the Protestant will, in vain, give his personal interpretation of this and that Bible verse to demonstrate why Sola Scriptura is biblical, the psuedo-Catholic will, in vain, give his personal interpretation of this or that council and canon law to demonstrate how a papal interregnum cannot last more than a generation.

In the end, it always comes back to Christ’s promise.

The second reason is the good-ole-fashion bearing false witness against thy neighbor, because of the intense hatred of us Catholics who hold fast to the Catholic Faith.

Notice how Novus Ordo people are so very kind, considerate and understanding with the Muslims, Jews, and Protestants, but when it comes to traditional Catholics, watch-out!

Those Novus Ordo people are not so kind, considerate and understanding. They get downright nasty and look downward on the traditionalists.

It is not hard to figure out. After all, holding fast to Catholic Tradition means being more orthodox and conservative than those who like to call themselves “the orthodox and conservative Catholics” accepting every modernist novelty that comes down from apostate Rome under Francis and his 5 predecessors.

My opinion is envy and sloth is the root cause of this hatred. Envy because their lack in holiness compared to sedevacantists. For instance, the traditional Roman Mass is infinitely more beautiful than the Protestant look-alike novus ordo mass.

Also, sedevacantists follow the much more stricter 1917 Code of Law, with over 50 days of fasting throughout the year compared to 2 days in the Vatican 2 Novus Ordo religion.

This is where the sloth comes in because the suffering that comes with changing to a much holier religion. Not to mention, there are very long travels for mass and the loss of family or friends comes with holding fast to traditional Catholicism.

We sedevacantists are just viewed as weird or loony because we are so completely counter-cultural.

Lastly, it would appear, contrary to their claim, psuedo-catholics don’t really believe in a Great Apostasy, antichrist, and Christ’s return.

Whenever that time should happen, there surely will be men warning the faithful about the antichrist and the Great Apostasy, as we sedevacantists are doing now and being ridiculed and persecuted for it.

However, pseudo-Catholics will keep disregarding the warning for it means the Second Coming would be imminent. The psuedo-catholic will take the Bible out of context and say, “no one knows the day or hour.”

The problem with this position is how can anyone be told and warned about the appearance of antichrist or the Great Apostasy? The psuedo-catholic position is illogical.

Sedevacantists don’t claim to know the hour or day of Christ’s return, but we do know that it must be imminent because we are now in that period of the Great Apostasy. We also know that whatever antichrist is reigning at the time of the Second Coming will be the one.

Right now, the current claimant to the papacy fulfills the prophecy of the final antichrist whether or not he is actually the one.

If not he, perhaps the next imposter pope will be the one.

Why would any Catholic think the antichrist would pose as a pope? It is precisely because the antichrist would need to deceive Catholics, since non-Catholics are already deceived in erroneous beliefs. Holy Scripture also seems to point in that direction.

2 Thessalonians 1:3-4,

“Let no one deceive you in any way; for that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.”

Some have argued that the temple of God will be the old Jewish temple rebuilt, but a Jewish temple that rejects Christ would not be the temple of God.

So watch out and become a Catholic today!

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, Feast of Blessed Martin de Pores, 3rd November 2017

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

"Pope" Francis: From Apostasy to Hypocrisy! Francis warns of Islamization!

Any critical observer of Europe will see clearly that Europe is gradually becoming an Islamic continent! The gains of the Battle of Lepanto is gradually being lost due to apostasy!

At Lepanto, through the help of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the Catholic Army rooted out the Islamic forces as they attempted to overrun Europe just as the have overran the whole of Arabia and North Africa!

Today due to idiotic rejection of one’s root, Islam is resurgent in Europe! The liberal nature of European Government allows lots of immigration from the Middle East at a time when Europeans foolishly refuse to bear children!

The average European Family is 2.1 and the average Muslim family is 5.6! You do not need to be a guru in sociology or statistics to see where Europe is going in these statistics!

Indeed many are now talking about a post-white Europe since more millions of Muslims enter Europe every year, thanks to the “generosity” of Angela Merkel, The Chancellor of Germany “Pope” Francis and the European Union itself!

Now a prominent Novus Ordo false cardinal, Christoph Schönborn of Austria has been at the fore front of promoting Islamic immigration to Europe dismissing ‘doomsayers’ who say Islam will over run Europe, soon!

In a funny twist, the Chief promoter of Islamic immigration Francis himself says he is now against his own man, “Cardinal” Schönborn!

Francis warns of Islamization! This is really unbelievable! It sounds unreal!

How can the person who promotes Islamic immigration under the pretext of a fake mercy be crying blue murder now after his activities has helped to entrench Islam in Europe?

There is only one explanation! Francis is a full time apostate and now a public hypocrite!

He is trying to appease those who hate him for all his promotion of Islam against Christianity!

Here is the news about this great hypocritical occasion:

Francis warns of Islamization — sees “indifferent attitude” in Catholics towards their own faith

As Profil reports in its current issue, Pope Francis has criticized Cardinal [Christoph] Schönborn [of Vienna]. “I have a different attitude to Islamization than your cardinal does”, he stated shortly before the national elections [of Oct. 15] during a private audience for a small group of Catholics from Austria. He said he does “not care for mistaken tolerance” and that he misses “the missionary [element] in this debate”. His biggest worry is not so much the spread of Islam itself as the “indifferent attitude” Catholics have towards their own faith, which leads to this mistaken [notion of] tolerance, the Pope explained during the audience [given] in the German language, which he learned when he was a student in Germany.
(“Pope criticizes Cardinal Schönborn”Profil, Oct. 21, 2017; our translation.)

It is important that we showcase some of Francis ideas that have helped entrench Islam in Europe!

Here is what Francis said about Ramadan:

“I also think with affection of those Muslim immigrants who this evening begin the fast of Ramadan, which I trust will bear abundant spiritual fruit. The Church is at your side as you seek a more dignified life for yourselves and your families. To all of you: o’scià!”

Here Francis says that the Church is on the side of infidels as the practice their false religion! IS this not a promotion of Islam?

Also Francis on June 24th 2014 invited many non-Christian religions to the Vatican gardens to “pray for peace” thereby endorsing Islam and other religions! This is apostasy! Is this not also a promotion of Islam?

The picture below show where Francis was “praying” with an Imam at Istanbul Blue Mosque. This is apostasy condemned by the Catholic Church. Francis in acting this ways tell people that Islam is okay and a good religion and that people can indeed become Muslim! This is apostasy! It is also a way of endorsing Islam everywhere!


When Francis was addressing Muslim refugees in Italy, he told them that 

“your faith will help you to move on”. 

So the refugees should stick to their faith? In Europe? This is apostasy! Francis was clearly endorsing Islam!

In his abominable “encyclical” Gadium Evangelium, Francis celebrated Islam following his religion which endorses Islam in Vatican II! 

A certain Novus Ordo priest, Fr. Samir had to openly rebuked Francis for praising Islam, lying about this false religion and praising the Koran!

Here is synthesis of Fr. Samir’s catalogue of Bergoglian howlers on the subject of Islam, Moslems and the Koran, taken from Nos. 250-253 of Francis' Evangelii Gaudium.

1. Muslims “together with us adore the One, merciful God” (No. 252)

Sure, any traditional Catholic knows this is utterly false, just the sort of ecumenical garbage that the Conciliar Church has been putting out for decades. But what is significant is that Fr. Samir recognizes that Begoglio’s declaration is false, because “it suggests that the two conceptions of God are equal” — and does not hesitate to say so.

2. “Jesus and Mary receive profound veneration” in Islam (No. 252)

While Muslim women may indeed venerate the Blessed Virgin, says Fr. Samir, Our Lord “is not an object of veneration.” In fact, “all that is said of Jesus in the Koran is the exact opposite of Christian teaching. He is not the Son of God, but a prophet, and that’s it.”

3. “The sacred writings of Islam have retained some Christian teachings” (No. 252)
Fr. Samir says Mohammedans retain “words or facts” from the four Gospels and “pious tales” from the apocryphal gospels, but “do not draw from them the theological sense they contain, and so do not give these facts or words the meaning that they actually have…”

Moreover, Fr. Samir points out, the Koran is opposed to all the fundamental Christian dogmas:

It explicitly condemns the notion that Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity.
It condemns the doctrine of the Trinity.
It denies the divinity of Christ.
It denies the Redemption, claiming that Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross.
In short, Fr. Samir says, the Koran and Muslims deny the essential dogmas of Christianity. “One cannot then say that ‘the sacred writings of Islam regain part of Christian teachings.’” The Jesus of the Koran “has nothing to do with the Jesus of the Gospels.”

4. Muslims “acknowledge the need to respond to God with an ethical commitment” (No. 252)

Bergoglio tries to draw a parallel between Christians and Muslims on this point, and Fr. Samir demonstrates that this, too, is false.

While for Christians, all men in need are supposed to be objects of their charity, among Muslims fellow Muslims are aided as a means of promoting “solidarity within the Islamic community,” as can be seen from the response of rich Arab countries to natural disasters.

While for Christians, the discomfort of fasting aims to bring us closer to Christ’s own sacrifice, the farcical Ramadan “fast” allows you to eat as much as you want of the best food you want from dusk to dawn, as long as you eat nothing during the day. Ramadan is a time to stuff yourself with delicacies all night.

While the Christian is supposed to forgive, as long as a Moslem observes Islamic law, everything is in order, and there is no obligation in the Koran to forgive.

While Christian marriage raised the dignity of the woman through its indissolubility and through the obligations it imposed upon the husband, the Koran permits polygamy, allowing up to four wives; and as if this were not degrading enough, it even allows the husband to divorce and replace these, as long as the number remains at four.

5. “Obstacles and difficulties” from “fundamentalism on both sides” (No. 250, 253)
Of this particularly ripe bit of idiocy, Fr. Samir observed:

“Christian fundamentalists do not carry weapons… [But among Muslims,] armed fundamentalism seeks to replicate the Mohammedan example. In his life, Mohammed waged more that sixty wars, and if Mohammed is the supreme exemplar (as the Koran claims in 33:21), it is now not surprising that some Muslims also employ violence in imitation of the founder of Islam.”

6. “True Islam and the proper interpretation of the Koran oppose all violence.” (No. 253)

Fr. Samir really has to bite his tongue on this one to keep from calling Bergoglio either an idiot or a liar. Of the notion that “true Islam” opposes all violence, Fr. Samir says, “this does not seem to true,” and “needs a lot of explaining. It is enough to cite Chapter 2 and 9 of the Koran.”

“Here in the East,” Fr. Samir adds, “we understand very well that Islamic terrorism is religiously motivated.” Moreover, the question of giving a proper interpretation to the Koran, says Fr. Samir, is “the most heated — indeed, the most forbidden — debate in the Muslim world.”

*    *    *    *    *
THE VERDICT on Bergoglio’s treatment of Islam in Evangelii Gaudium, then, is obvious: Just about everything he says is false. It is a fatal combination of theological stupidity, ignorance of even basic facts about Islam, ecumenical wishful thinking and stale ’60s obsessions, spiced with a dash of anti-traditionalist rhetoric (“fundamentalists on both sides” — that’s you and me, folks). 

And the proof for these conclusions comes not from some dreaded sedevacantist (like me), but from a thoroughly “mainstream” Novus Ordo source, Fr. Samir, a former adviser to the Vatican on Islamic affairs and, like Bergoglio, a Jesuit to boot.

Bergoglio’s doctrinal errors and idiocies in Evangelii Gaudium are not limited to his four paragraphs on Islam. One could devote several weeks’ worth of blogs to dissecting the rest of the document and still not run out of material. It is loaded with errors and — there’s no other way to put it  — idiocies.

In the face of this, Francis now saying that there is a threat of Islamization!

This surely proves that Francis is not just an apostate, but a hypocrite! Those who follow Francis calling him “pope” Should indeed have a rethink.

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, 24th October 2017, Feast of St. Raphael

Saturday, 23 September 2017

"Pope'Francis again corrected as a heretic by his own people. But.....

Image result for angry Francis

It is indeed astounding that some 60 'clergy of Novus Ordo/Vatican II religion, including the head of the conservative branch of Novus Ordo the SSPX, Bishop Bernard Fellay have send a formal and public correction of Francis!

This correction was signed by 62 clergy with some lay people. This will be a second time when Francis will be so publicly condemed by his own people as we have reported here

They have itemized 7 heresies that have arisen from Francis last 'encyclical' Amoris Latitae. This document is classic Francis and is riddled with heresies from top to bottom. 

This document by Francis is indeed a tome of sin! Yet people say the man is pope! Right now, his own people outraged by his many heresies in particular in this work have publicly written a formal correction to him. To view the correction document click here to see how evil Amoris Laetiea is as admitted by Francis’ own people!

We must remember that certain Novus Ordo false cardinals had earlier demanded that Francis answer a yes or no to the question: Is it okay to give ‘communion’ to divorced and remarried members of Novus Ordo?

Till date, Francis has avoided to answer directly even though he said in one of his funny homilies that these people questioning are little minded since they fail to understand that life is not in black and white. In other words, for Francis, there are no certain moral principles or means of judging what is moral or immoral surely since nothing is certain, all things are in shades!

Francis had replied to Argentine NovusOrdo conference of false bishops telling them indeed that Amoris Latitae says that communion should be given to divorced and remarried! He also answered yet in a congress in Rome allowing adultery to continue as we reported here

Also Francis has again answered while he was in Columbia when he blessed the adulterous union of the Colombian President and his mistress! What else is needed to know that Francis is of the devil and he is just continuing in the Freemasonic push to send people to hell?

Despite these disagreements with Francis among his own people, especially when his own people agree that Francis has preached, in this case at least 7 heresies, they still say he is pope!

The fact that they admit that the man Francis is a heretic and yet they call him pope shows that these people are NOT Catholics! They are a bunch of foolish and blind men trying to lead other blind people!

IF they were Catholics, they would know that a heretic ipso facto loses membership of the Church as was taught by Second Council of Constantinople, the 1917 Canon Law and the teachings of various popes!

Although we should read what they have written, we must not consider them as serious! They are just so annoying and they are playing Russian Roulette with people’s souls!

By Malachy Mary Igwilo, 24th September 2017, Feast of Our Lady of Ransom