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Monday, 13 March 2017

Praying to the Damned: ‘Pope’ Francis beatified a Child Sex Offender!

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Yes. As we have always warned people that the religion that is occupying the Vatican and Catholic parishes worldwide is NOT the Catholic Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

This religion now headed by Mr. Jorg Bergoglio aka Francis is riddled with apostasy, heresies and scandals. Now, they are asking the deceived people to pray to and imitate a sex offender who they have beatified!

How is this possible? It is possible because the Catholic rigor, applied in the selection of those elevated to the altar was systematically destroyed by the great Apostate, John Paul II.

John Paul II ‘abrogated’ many critical canons needed to, infallibly elevate a soul to the altar, from his false religion. He did this to make way for his own rogue ‘canonization’ and also to elevated heretics, apostates and modernists to the altar to further his mission to obliterate the Catholic Church and with it Catholic piety or at least corrupt it.

Under John Paul II thousands of people not in the least qualified were either ‘canonized’ or ‘beatified’. But as we all knows by now, these canonizations and beatifications hold no water because John Paul II was not a pope and so was not in the position to canonize or beatify anyone.

Francis, the current pretender at the Vatican is following this un-holy line of falsely elevating people of unholy character to the altar. We are sure that Francis has no power whatsoever to elevate anybody to the altar. But we have to speak out since millions think him ‘pope’!

The case of Bishop Giuseppe Carraro, ‘Bishop of Verona’ from 1958 and 1977. This man was validly consecrated a Bishop by Cardinal Antonio Mantiero in 1952. but went with the apostasy therefore losing his bishopric. He lay hidden at Verona and pretended to be a ‘holy person’. When he died in 1980.

The introduction of the cause for sainthood, for Bishop Carraro took place on a local level on 30 December 2005 despite the fact that the rogue Nous Ordo Congregation for the Causes of Saints didn't approve the cause to begin until 5 June 2006. The process closed on 18 October 2008 and was validated in 2010. The Positio - documentation on his life of heroic virtue - was submitted in 2012.

He was declared to be Venerable on 16 July 2015 after ‘Pope’ Francis had confirmed that he lived a life of heroic virtue!

Clearly the people that prepared the ‘position’ document did not tell the world that Carraro was a serial Child sex offender, carefully protected by his cohorts to the extent that he is now being put us as someone to be imitated!

However, in an investigation of a ‘priest’ who worked under Carraro, a certain ‘Fr’ Nicola Corrati, who worked at Provolo Institute for the deaf and Dumb Children, one of those serially abused by Corrati, Mr. Gianni Bisolli, confessed under oath and in writing, that ‘Blessed’ Bishop Carraro also abused and sodomized him.

We have already treated this ‘priest’s’ investigation as another sign that indeed Francis is secretly in support of sexually abusing Children, at least through his actions. Find our analysis here.

According to Bisolli:

  “three months after I entered the Institute until I was 15 years-old, I was the object of sexual solicitations, I was sodomized and obliged to practice oral sex and masturbations by the following priests and religious men.”

Bisolli listed 16 persons one of which was Giuseppe Carraro, Bishop of Verona from 1958 and 1977 who sodomized him .Bisolli continued in writing and stated: 

“I missed my exams the last year because they took me to the quarters of the Bishop (Carraro), who loved pre-adolescents. This happened five times. He touched me, took off my pants and made me seat at his lap and “ride the little horse” [move back and forth as if I were riding a horse]. Afterwards, they falsified my records to invalidate my accusations.”

These statements is confirmed by Italian authorities and is being used in the trial of 'Fr.' Corrati. 

So we are looking at an interesting case of Francis asking his members to ‘pray to the dammed’.

Of course we are not certain that this man is in hell. But surely, no person in his or her right senses can imitate such a character as this Bishop Carraro.

Presented by Malachy Mary Igwilo, 13th March, 2017.

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